Which sink (sink) to choose for the kitchen: material, design

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When choosing a sink for the kitchen, you need to take into account a lot of various factors. Firstly, you need to take into account the interior and area of ​​the kitchen, and, secondly, take into account that the sink must be durable and durable, of high quality, functional and easy to use. In addition, the sink should perfectly withstand temperature extremes, not be afraid of mechanical damage and exposure to detergents, and be as easy to clean as possible. How to combine all this in one device and not make the wrong choice? You need to deal with all the variety in order.

Form and construction

Today, the choice of sinks is so huge that you can easily find an option that will meet all your requirements. Sinks are square and rectangular in shape – those that are installed in most domestic kitchens. There are also round and oval options. In principle, in terms of convenience, they are all the same, and in this case, your choice should be based on the design of the kitchen and your own preferences.

kitchen sink rectangular

If the kitchen is miniature, then the designers recommend opting for round sinks, because they take up less space, but at the same time they are spacious enough. But the best option for small kitchens is a corner sink, with which the space can be used as efficiently as possible.

round kitchen sink

If you want to create a unique interior in the kitchen, have sufficient funds and square meters, then you can order a sink of any irregular or non-standard shape, but the main thing to remember is that functionality is important in this regard, so it should not be lost.

corner kitchen sink

Sink size and depth

Naturally, the size of the sink directly depends on the size of the kitchen area. In a small kitchen, a sink 100 cm long will look stupid and inappropriate, for example, so you need to find a middle ground.

Not only the size is important, but also the depth of the bowl, because ease of use directly depends on this. A sink that is too shallow will prevent you from stacking dishes and washing large pots or pans normally. But a very deep one will be uncomfortable, because you have to constantly bend over, which, with frequent use of such a sink, will lead to back pain. According to modern standards, the optimal sink depth is 15-18 cm, and it is from these parameters that you should build on when choosing a sink for your kitchen.

kitchen sink depth

The number of cups

The sink can have a different number of bowls: from one to five. The most popular today are double sinks, as well as one and a half, where there is one large bowl and one small one. The presence of several bowls is very convenient for separate washing of dishes, fruits and vegetables. Naturally, to use them, it is necessary that the mixer rotates perfectly. Keep in mind that if the sink has three or more bowls, and they are located far from each other, then you will have to choose a mixer with a pull-out shower in order to reach all corners.

sink in the kitchen two bowls

Sink material

The material from which the kitchen sink is made is one of the most important parameters that affects the durability of the product and the ease of maintenance. Today sinks made of stainless steel, ceramics and composite materials are considered the most popular, but there are also more exotic and expensive options.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel sinks are the most popular option, and this is explained not only by a fairly affordable price, but also by their performance. Such sinks perfectly tolerate all influences that can affect them: temperature drops, shocks, washing with abrasive materials, etc. With all this, modern manufacturers produce very pretty products that fit perfectly into any style of kitchen.

sink in the kitchen stainless steel

High quality stainless steel sinks contain nickel and chromium, which give the product a beautiful shine and prevent corrosion. However, the surface can also be matte, or even decorated with a textured pattern. The only drawback of such sinks is their noise: when drops of water drip on them, you will hear throughout the apartment that you are washing the dishes. But manufacturers have found a way out of this situation: they make sinks thicker or fix a layer of sound-absorbing material, which solves the problem.

Composite materials

If your goal is to create an exclusive kitchen interior, then it is better to opt for a composite sink. Such products are made from stone chips and acrylic, and each manufacturer, interestingly, calls its material differently: kerasil, fragranite, silgranite, acrylic, corian, tegranite, etc. Qualitative characteristics do not change from this. The shape of such sinks can be whatever, they perfectly imitate the surface of any material, but most often they are given the texture of some kind of stone.

kitchen sink composite

The advantages of composite sinks, in addition to their impressive appearance, include excellent performance: of course, because natural stone is used for production. Such sinks can withstand temperatures up to 2800C, are easy to clean, environmentally friendly, absorb noise, and are not afraid of any detergents. There is only one drawback – the high price.


Ceramic sinks are not as common in the kitchen as they are in bathrooms, but many manufacturers have an entire series of products designed specifically for use in the kitchen. They boast a lot of advantages: stylish design and simply stunning appearance, the ability to withstand exposure to low and high temperatures, scratch resistance, ease of care, because you can use any detergent. But ceramics is ceramics: it is quite heavy, and if a large object falls on it, it can crack. That is why this seemingly such material suitable for the kitchen is better not to be used in this room.

kitchen sink ceramics

Enamelled sinks

Enamel sinks were a classic attribute of kitchen facilities several decades ago, but even now they are still in demand. If a metal shell is covered with enamel, then it receives additional protection against corrosion, strength and a more attractive appearance. Such products can serve faithfully for decades. They are resistant to high and low temperatures, abrasion resistant, easy to clean. But the enamelled surface can chip over time, because its mechanical strength is not very high.

enamelled kitchen sink

Expensive options

Products made from natural materials are always distinguished by a high price, and sinks are no exception. Wooden and stone sinks are the ultimate dream, they bring a special spirit to the kitchen interior, they can make it unique and luxurious. Stone sinks show themselves well in operation, as they withstand the effects of high temperatures, are resistant to abrasion, and are not afraid of heavy objects falling. But caring for them should be specific, not to mention wooden sinks, which, rather, serve as a decor in the kitchen, where cooking is extremely rare.

stone sink in the kitchen

Washing installation method

Today you can find different types of sinks depending on the installation method:

  • mortise;
  • waybills;
  • integrated.

Inset sinks are installed in a cut-out hole in the kitchen worktop, resulting in a solid surface that is comfortable and functional. Overhead sinks are usually sold with their own cabinet, so they are great for those kitchens where not a single set of furniture is used. Integrated sinks are already built into the kitchen worktop: there are no joints, everything is monolithic and beautiful.

kitchen sink installation

Sink height

Today, many manufacturers offer standard options with a sink height of 83-84 cm, but sometimes this option may not be very convenient. So, it is believed that the optimal height of the sink will be one that is 10 cm higher than the elbows. It is better to build on the parameters of the one who will use the sink more often.

What else do you need to consider?

Many sinks are equipped with devices that facilitate the process of washing and drying dishes and vegetables. These are wings where you can put clean dishes, all kinds of grates, boards, colanders, baskets, etc. Some sinks are sold complete with graters, waste grinders, soap dispensaries, cutting boards that follow the shape of the sink, turning it into an additional workspace. All of these numerous tools can simplify kitchen workflows and save a lot of time. When choosing a sink with such additional functions, think carefully about whether all this will fit in your kitchen, and whether it really comes in handy.

Also, when choosing a sink, consider the general style of the kitchen, because everything in it should be harmonious. An ordinary enamel sink will be out of place in a high-tech interior, for example.

To buy a sink together with the kitchen or separately?

There is no definite answer to this question. On the one hand, if you choose a sink in the same store where you buy kitchen furniture, then you will be insured against the risk that the sink will not fit in size, installation method, depth, shape, etc. As a rule, experts in stores advise which sink is better to choose for this or that furniture, but, on the other hand, you will be limited in assortment, and the price of a sink in furniture stores increases. However, if you are satisfied with the most ordinary sink, and there is no time to run around the shops and choose for a long time, then you can buy everything together.

If you want to find something exclusive, something that best suits your ideas, or just save a little, then it is better to buy a sink in a specialized store. It’s better to take all measurements right away, decide on the installation method, with the required form, and go shopping, comparing the proposed options with your ideal one.

kitchen sink with furniture

As for the manufacturers, sinks made in Europe can boast of the best quality. The most popular companies, whose products are widely represented on the domestic market, are: TEKA, Reginox, Franke, Ukinox, Longran, Polygran, Foster, Schock and many others.


For a kitchen to be functional, comfortable and beautiful, you need to pay great attention to the choice of each of its elements, and the sink is no exception, because we use it very often. The sink in the kitchen should combine a number of properties: beautiful appearance and durability, ease of use and ease of care, strength, resistance to temperature extremes, abrasion, and mechanical stress. You also need to take into account the name of the manufacturer to be sure that the product is of high quality. If you take into account all the tips described above, then you can easily choose the most suitable sink for the kitchen.

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