Which patio cover is best for my patio?

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A patio roof is one of the first building measures in Germany that homeowners tackle when optimizing the existing patio. But even when creating a new terrace, planning is often reversed the right roofing. Regardless of whether you buy and assemble the patio cover as a kit or build it completely yourself, there are a few important points to consider. That includes choosing the right material. Whether you use wood, glass or aluminum depends to a large extent on which functions your patio cover should take on.

As a link between garden and house, as a cozy retreat for reading and relaxing or for exciting barbecues with good friends, the terrace has many different functions. But it can do a lot more if the right patio cover is chosen.

More than just a roof: what a good patio roof can do

The advantages of a patio roof are obvious: First and foremost, it serves as protection against rain and snow. By keeping moisture away on the terrace slab, barbecues and outdoor parties are possible regardless of the weather.

That is why most patio coverings have a slight incline to allow rainwater to drain in the desired direction. Particularly high-quality patio roofs are even built with a suitable rain gutter in order to appropriately divert larger amounts of precipitation.

In regions with high amounts of snow, you should follow the manufacturer’s information on snow load and maximum load. Snow can reach an enormous weight and take a heavy toll on the statics.

Which patio cover protects against UV rays?

Depending on the type and construction, the terrace can have other functions: Sun protection and privacy protection would be an example of opaque roofing. Glass elements or transparent materials, on the other hand, enable good lighting conditions in the living room. If you want a high level of light transmission for the terrace, you should choose materials with UV protection. Many awnings offer a good ratio between UV protection and light transmission.

Important: UV radiation should not only be avoided when sunbathing on the terrace. The rays also fade furniture, carpets and floor coverings in the house. A patio roof with sun and UV protection is also a life-extending measure for your furnishings.

The combination of aluminum and glass is well suited for modern and open construction methods. There is also glass with a UV filter. However, the costs for a glass insert as UV protection are significantly higher than for a conventional glass roof without a UV filter.

Inexpensive and high quality: wood, but which one?

A good alternative to the expensive UV filter is the closed construction with wood. High-quality types of wood are durable and also exude a natural cosiness that modern glass roofs lack. But you can also go for an open Terrace roofing wood Select. With solid wooden posts, you can even build a sturdy, free-standing patio roof with a little more distance from the living space, in the form of a pavilion.

Terrace canopies made of wood are particularly popular because the material allows a natural terrace design. Whether Mediterranean flair or country house design: With wood, many ideas can be implemented cheaply.

For patio coverings made of wood, you have it Choice between solid wood (softwood) and glued wood. The natural types of wood that are used are primarily pine, spruce and Douglas fir. Glued wood canopies are very common. Because glued wood is significantly cheaper than materials such as solid wood or aluminum. Nevertheless, a natural look can be achieved with glued wood. In addition, the material is easy to care for.

The design with wood not only allows you a high degree of flexibility in the construction, the visual appearance is also individual through the choice of a suitable coating. For example, roofs made of wood can be painted white or dark or just treated with wood oil in order to bring out the natural grain of the wood. So you can design wooden roofing according to your ideas.

Conclusion: You should ask yourself these questions when planning

Of course, costs play a crucial role when planning a construction project, especially because they are worldwide great demand for building materials drives up prices. Which patio cover best suits your garden shouldn’t just be a question of price.

For a sensible terrace planning, some important questions have to be clarified before it comes to which material and which construction is the right one for your terrace. The terrace is not only a connection between the house and the garden, it also fulfills important functions:

  • It protects the furniture in the living room from UV rays,
  • provides shade on hot summer days,
  • keeps water out on rainy days.

When planning a terrace, you should therefore think carefully about the way in which the terrace will be used most often. To do this, all four seasons with their beautiful, but also unpleasant climatic requirements must be taken into account. After you have clarified these questions, your budget and craftsmanship will decide whether you will build your new patio cover yourself, assemble a ready-made kit or hire professional craftsmen to make a custom-made patio cover.

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