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When buying interior doors, we often do not pay enough attention to the choice of a door handle. Many people simply grab the first pen that comes with an acceptable price from the store shelf. But this approach is fundamentally wrong, because the door will have to be opened with the help of this element, so it is important that it be functional, durable and ergonomic. Do not forget that the doorknob is a kind of accessory, so no less attention should be paid to its appearance. It is very difficult to get lost in the modern range of door handles: they differ in material, type, color, size, etc. But if you clearly know what characteristics the handle should have on a particular interior door, then choosing the right option is easy, weighing all the pros and cons of different options.

handle for interiorEach of the pens that you consider as a potential purchase must be evaluated against a number of criteria:

  • how well it is made, whether the color is disturbed upon contact with the product, whether there are scratches, chips, etc .;
  • how pleasant the handle is to the touch and ergonomic, because you will have to contact with it constantly, several times a day;
  • how the handle matches the door and the interior. Now we are talking not only about style and color, but also about size: on a massive door, a flimsy little handle will look ridiculous. When choosing a model, it is also better to take into account the color of the door, the style of the interior, and for neighboring rooms it is better to select handles in the same style;
  • too pretentious and original models will not look quite appropriate in small standard rooms.

Construction type

By the type of construction, door handles can be stationary and push, there are also knob handles. Each is irreplaceable in a specific situation.

Stationary handles

These are the simplest handles, since they are not associated with any locking mechanisms, but are intended only to pull the door. Stationary handles are often ball-shaped, U-shaped models are also found. Nowadays they approach the design of such products with imagination, so you can find real works of art in stores, so lever handles can truly decorate and diversify the interior. Since they are not connected with the lock, they are often used in a set with latches, a pressure roller. They are also great in places where you can do without a lock on the doors.
Stationary handles

Lever handles

We meet lever handles most often, but they work elementary. Each such handle consists of two L-shaped parts connected by a rod. When you press the handle, the latch-tongue hides, and the door can easily open, and when you release the handle, the tongue latch reliably holds the door. It is a simple and reliable mechanism that closes doors tightly.

Depending on some of the nuances of work, push door handles are divided into two types:

  • handles-latches on the socket combine functionality and a pleasant appearance. The mechanism of their work is as simple as possible, they take up little space on the door, and the main advantage is that any locking mechanism can be inserted here;
    Lever handles on socket

  • the handles on the bar do not differ in such wide possibilities, and buying a locking mechanism separately from the fittings is undesirable – there will be many problems. Such handles are often equipped with an additional lock, i.e. play a protective function, but in fact such a lock can only scare a pensioner or a child away. Now the handles on the bar are losing their former popularity, and only semi-antique products are still in demand.
    Lever handles on the bar


Knob handles have a lot in common with push handles, and the opening / closing mechanism itself is already built into the handle. In order to open the door, just twist the handle to the side. Such products have an attractive appearance, they can become a real decoration of the door and, as a rule, are made round or oval. As a result, the handle is more compact, but not in all cases it is comfortable. So, the lever handle is easy to open even with busy hands – an elbow, leg, chin will come to the rescue, but you cannot turn the ball in the same way. But for families with children, the choice of a knob is still quite explainable by the desire to increase safety, since it is almost impossible to get injured on such a handle, and the risk of scratching, hitting or catching is reduced in comparison with push counterparts. Another advantage of knobs is their low price, but there are also some disadvantages.

Such mechanisms often break and jam, and then you have to disassemble and repair them, and there is no guarantee that the breakdown will not happen again. Only the highest quality, respectively, the most expensive pens are devoid of such problems. When you get tired of fiddling with repairs, and you want to put a different type of handle, you will find that a hole with a diameter of about 5 cm is gaping in the door, which cannot be covered with another mechanism.

Which handle to choose is up to you based on your own requirements. If you want a stylish and original one, then it is better to look among the stationary ones, if you are a fan of minimalism, and the interior of the room meets your morals, then the rotary knobs are the very thing. The classic interior can be decorated with a lever handle on a bar, and lever handles for rosettes are a completely universal option.

Door handle material

Metal handles

This is a reliable, durable option, and some models are quite affordable. Products, as a rule, are made of aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, steel, less often – using precious metals. Metal handles can shine distinctly, or they can only give off a slight metallic color – it all depends on the metal used and its processing. High-quality samples will serve faithfully for several decades, but not the most solid ones, for example, hollow aluminum ones, can quickly break, bend or even break off. Well, and the fact that the metal handles are cold to the touch will have to be reconciled.
Metal handles

Wooden handles

Such products are perfect for doors made of the same material: solid wood doors, veneered doors will look great with similar handles. They can be made from any type of wood: from the simplest to the most valuable. But keep in mind that soft breeds, such as spruce, will not be the most wear-resistant, therefore, they can be installed without damaging the appearance only on doors that are not used very intensively. Wooden handles can have both the most modest and original look, if they are decorated with carvings, inserts of stones, metal, etc. These pens are eco-friendly, durable, not cold, but it is still not recommended to use them in rooms with high humidity.
Wooden handles

Plastic handles

They differ in the most affordable price, but are rarely used. It’s all because of their not the most successful appearance, as well as performance: after a short time, the product can break, lose its shape, even bend in places. In fairness, it is worth noting that modern manufacturers have learned to skillfully give plastic a noble appearance of metal, wood or glass, but at the first touch, everything falls into place. Most often, such products are used in utility rooms, and where the appearance of the handle is not so important.
Plastic handles

Glass handles

This is a real work of art, similar to Christmas balls, they are able to decorate a room and complement the interior. You can choose the brightest and most unusual design, organize the backlight in the pen – there are a lot of options to stand out. But such a luxury will need to be paid dearly, and you will need to use such a handle as carefully as possible, since glass remains a fragile thing during any processing.
Glass handles

Price and manufacturer

The price when buying any thing worries us first of all. It depends on the quality of the product itself, its decorative features and the name of the manufacturer. As you might guess, plastic, simple wooden, aluminum handles are the most affordable, while options in brass, stainless steel or even bronze are more expensive.

The name of the manufacturer also says a lot: if you want to buy a really high-quality product, then first of all pay attention to well-known and reputable companies. It just so happened that the most refined and original pens are found in the collections of Spanish and Italian manufacturers, simpler, minimalistic, but equally high quality pens – in the collections of firms from England, Germany, Finland, Russia.

If you see pens from one of the following manufacturers, feel free to choose them:

  • Morelli. The pens of this Italian company are distinguished by an affordable price, interesting design and high quality. The whole point is what material is used for their manufacture: it is an alloy of zinc, copper, aluminum with the addition of magnesium. At the molecular level, it is similar to brass, but in comparison with it, it does not oxidize, it is more malleable during processing;

  • doorknobsArchi is a world-renowned manufacturer of pens. He also developed his own alloy, which has already been tested by time: the products are durable, decorative, reliable, and the special coating remains in its original form for a long time;

  • Palladium is another well-known Italian company that stands out for its high quality and varied door handle designs;

  • Mandelli is a true veteran in the door handle market, and it is this company that owns the spring-return lever system. Now the company regularly expands its product range and is constantly looking for new, more convenient solutions;

  • Colombo produces mainly brass handles, plated with chrome or aluminum;

  • Linea Cali – a firm that will appeal to those looking for an original pen or even one that will be made in a single copy;

  • Enrico Cassina is another manufacturer of original door handles that very faithfully copies styles from different eras. If desired, it is easy to find a pen, as from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, or the late 19th century;

  • Arecs is a brand known for the affordability and quality of pens, which for the most part are made in the simplest minimalist design possible.

If the brand is unknown to you, then check the product according to the points that were mentioned at the beginning of the article. The product should be of high quality, comfortable, the coating should not be easily damaged when touched and pressed, the presence of chips and scratches is unacceptable. A too low price should not attract, but rather scare away: such pens are unlikely to be able to last more than 1-2 years with stable loads on them.


While carefully considering the quality, functionality and features of the mechanism, do not forget about one of the most key parameters – appearance. The overall impression is made up of many details, so even a door handle should emphasize taste, fit into the interior and be appropriate in a particular room. Therefore, think over what color, type and shape of the handle is most suitable for your bedroom, study or bathroom, and only then make your choice.

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