What wallpaper to choose for the living room: look, color, pattern, style

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While there are numerous ways to decorate living room walls, many of us still stick to wallpaper, and with good reason. Firstly, wallpaper is sold at a fairly affordable price, and secondly, the variety of colors and textures is just crazy, and, thirdly, pasting is easy to do with your own hands. But, first of all, everyone who has chosen a similar decoration of the living room walls for himself needs to figure out what kind of wallpaper will look best and fit into the interior of the room as much as possible.

Types of wallpaper

The first thing to decide on is the material of the wallpaper, because key characteristics, practicality and durability depend on this parameter. At the moment, the following types of wallpapers are presented in a huge variety of hardware stores:

  1. paper. These are the cheapest wallpapers, they are presented in a huge range of colors, they can even be embossed and glossy. They allow air to pass through perfectly, but they cannot be washed, and they do not tolerate the effects of moisture, so if the living room is combined with a kitchen or dining area, you will have to combine paper wallpaper with other wallpaper or other type of finish;
    paper wallpaper for living room

  2. vinyl wallpapers are not often used in the hall due to their airtightness, and the ability to wash them in this room is not so in demand. However, if there are children or animals in the apartment that can somehow stain the walls of the living room, then vinyl wallpaper is not the worst option;

  3. Non-woven wallpaper in terms of the combination of characteristics and their ratio with the price can be called an ideal option for decorating the walls of the living room. They allow air to pass through, do not fade in the sun, are presented in a huge variety, and are as convenient as possible during the gluing process;
    non-woven wallpaper for living room

  4. textile wallpaper is quite an expensive pleasure. The basis is paper or non-woven, and according to the production method, the wallpaper can be made of thread or made of a single piece. It turns out a completely natural material, which, moreover, has soundproofing qualities, but at the same time attracts dust;

  5. Photo wallpaper is a special kind of wallpaper, with the decorativeness of which no other can be compared. In addition, they are able to influence the perception of the living room space, correct some imperfections and bring a special shade into the room, becoming its highlight;
    mural wallpaper for living room

  6. liquid wallpaper is a very interesting material that can be called something in between ordinary wallpaper and plaster. They are diluted and applied in the same way as plaster, and as a result, a smooth seamless surface is formed that is not afraid of exposure to sunlight, has a high maintainability, and, moreover, has the property of hiding some imperfections in the surface of the walls;

  7. metallized wallpapers appeared as a result of attempts to protect themselves from the negative influence of electromagnetic radiation, and as a result, they turned into an interesting decor item. Such a pleasure is worth a lot, does not allow air to pass through, and due to the shiny surface it creates glare, so you need to use such wallpaper very carefully and it is better only for one of the walls;
    metallic wallpaper for living room

  8. fiberglass wallpaper is a real find for those whose walls in the living room are not without minor flaws. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly, fireproof material that does not attract dust and does not become a habitat for various microorganisms. As a disadvantage, a small selection of colors and textures can be considered, but for interior decoration in a modern style, the assortment will be enough with your head

  9. Cork wallpaper is another natural and sustainable type of wall covering that is perfect for one wall of the living room to highlight, for example, a relaxation area. They are made from the bark of the balsa tree, so their color range is limited – from yellow to brown. The complexity of installation and high price are more than offset by the unusual appearance and naturalness of the material;
    cork wallpaper for living room

  10. wallpaper based on wood veneer – a two-layer material consisting of a layer of paper and veneer. They really look like a tree, retaining all its qualities. This is a more budget-friendly alternative to cork wallpaper;

  11. wallpaper based on serpyanka is an excellent solution for those who want to get an environmentally friendly vapor-permeable coating, which can be repainted several times, changing its color. Such wallpapers are made by applying a layer of crushed cellulose to paper, which is given an original relief, while obtaining unique textures;

  12. Linkrust wallpaper is ideal for a classic-style living room. Such wallpapers are created by applying a three-dimensional pattern to a paper base. The drawing can be anything, but most often these are fancy curls that fully correspond to the classic interior style. If the living room is small, then it makes sense to give only one of the walls for such a decoration, thereby placing accents.
    linkrust wallpaper for living room

Wallpaper color and pattern

Some types of wallpaper, due to the peculiarities of production, cannot boast of a huge variety of colors: a vivid example is cork wallpaper. But still, most of those available to the buyer are presented in different colors and colors, so it is sometimes difficult to navigate among this variety.

You need to take into account a lot of factors: your own preferences, interior style, furniture color and even the effect of color on the subconscious. The latter parameter can be taken with skepticism at first, but no one will deny that the red color in a room intended for recreation will be inappropriate. All calm warm shades look good: yellow, peach and even pink. You can decorate the living room in shades of green, as this color tends to have a calming effect on the nervous system. Blue is also called the color of peace and tranquility, and all its shades, as well as gray and white, are perfect for the living room.

light wallpaper for living room

Do not discount the dependence of the choice of wallpaper color on the area of ​​the room and the location of the living room relative to the cardinal points. So, a small living room will become even smaller visually, if you use dark dark saturated shades in its design – it is better to use wallpaper of light shades. If the living room is spacious, then the choice of possible shades is limitless and is based only on the desire to achieve a specific effect. If you want to emphasize the area of ​​ u200b u200bthe room, then you need to choose light shades, and to make the living room cozier, it is better to dwell on saturated shades.

In addition, if the living room windows face south, and in summer the sun floods the room, then you will feel much more comfortable if the walls are of a cold shade. Conversely, living rooms with north-facing windows need wallpaper in warm colors.

green wallpaper for living room

But you need to take into account such a factor as the combination of wallpaper color and furniture color.
When the furniture in the living room is light, you can choose whatever wallpaper you like, and experts advise paying attention to options with a large pattern, if appropriate: do not forget that the abundance of ornaments in the room is also useless, and if the curtains already have a large pattern, then it is better to choose the most neutral and monochromatic wallpaper.
For dark furniture, light wallpaper of discreet shades is more suitable, although it is allowed to use accents that are consonant with the color of the furniture.
Bright furniture will look better against the background of wallpaper in calm shades, but for two-tone furniture, you can choose neutral wallpaper or in the color of one of the shades of the furniture facade.
Often furniture in living rooms has three colors or more, and in this case, as many designers admit, it is better not to come up with a gray shade – it is neutral, creates a background for furniture, which will be the accent in the room.

living room wallpaper and furniture

The perception of the living room space is influenced not only by color, but also by the pattern. The main thing is to emphasize the merits and try to mask the flaws. For low rooms, it is advisable to use wallpaper with a vertical strip, and if the living room is disproportionately high, then a vertical strip will come to the rescue. It is better not to use an ornament that is too large for a small space, and in general it is necessary to combine ornaments in the living room carefully, taking into account the pattern on the curtains, furniture, and other elements, so as not to end up with a tasteless space in which it is impossible to be.

living room wallpaper and furniture 2

How to combine wallpapers?

Interesting effects can be achieved by using two types of wallpaper in the living room. Thus, you can not only create an accent on a wall, highlight zones, but also create an original interior. When combining different types of wallpaper, it is important to correctly combine them in color, ornament and place them accordingly.

different wallpaper for living room

As for the colors, shades of the same tonality or those close in spectrum, for example, beige and brown, blue and white, olive and orange, etc., harmonize most successfully with each other. As a rule, they combine with each other plain wallpaper and wallpaper with some kind of ornament, striped and floral wallpaper, wallpaper with abstract and geometric patterns. Sometimes they use a combination of wallpaper of the same color, but with a different ornament; the option of combining plain wallpaper and wallpaper with some pattern is also popular, and both types of canvas should be made in the same color. A combination of monochromatic wallpapers of similar shades looks good, but if you want to use two different colors, then it is better that one of them is neutral.

different wallpaper for living room 2

You can place different wallpapers in different ways relative to each other:

  • highlight one of the walls, putting emphasis on it;
  • vertical placement, when a strip of one type of wallpaper is less than the width of the wall and is intended to highlight, for example, an area near the sofa in the living room. Often, such a strip extends to the ceiling to visually increase the height of the ceiling. You can also alternate stripes of different wallpapers, thereby obtaining an interesting effect;
  • horizontal placement is used in many interior styles. Different wallpapers are combined in this way, but, as a rule, the lower part is more saturated, and the upper part is calm and restrained;
  • inserts help to create an interesting interior solution. Square, oval, polygonal inserts of other wallpapers against the background of the main ones, and even edged with a frame, will help to arrange some area in the living room.

different wallpaper for living room 3

Wallpaper and living room interior style

Wallpaper is a versatile type of finish that will successfully fit into almost any interior style. For example, a classic style in a living room, especially if it is small, is easiest to recreate with the help of wallpaper. Drawing monograms, royal lilies along with rich and golden hues is a great option for a classic-style living room.

wallpaper for living room in classic style

The Provence style requires the use of light wallpaper with a floral pattern, but dim, as if a little faded and passed through time. Wallpaper in small flowers is also suitable for country style, but here such ornaments as a cage, a strip or plain light wallpaper are often used, which will become the background for furniture and decor in the living room.

wallpaper for living room in provence style

For a living room in the Art Nouveau style, wallpaper of light shades with smooth lines on them is suitable. It is difficult to choose wallpaper for the loft style: in any case, they should be an imitation of a brick wall or plaster. Living room in Japanese style involves the use of wallpaper in soothing colors with typical ornaments for this country: cranes, sakura, hieroglyphs, dragons.

wallpaper for living room in modern style

In conclusion

When choosing wallpaper, you need to take into account a lot of factors, but if you approach this issue carefully and seriously, then you will be able to create a dream interior in the living room, give it the necessary shade and mood. With the right approach, you can use wallpaper to hide some room flaws, highlighting the advantages of the living room.

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