What to do with the old TV set?

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Have you bought a new TV and now want to dispose of the old TV? The old box must by no means be thrown away in the household rubbish. In this guide, we explain how you can dispose of your old TV set properly and properly.

Many buyers ask themselves the question before buying a new TV: Where to dispose of the old TV? Regardless of whether it is an age-old tube TV or a high-resolution flat screen – the electronic devices do not belong in the household waste. This is not only forbidden, but in most cases should fail due to the size alone.

However, it’s not that difficult to get rid of your old TV. We’ll now reveal what options you have for this.

Dispose of Smart TV? Delete personal data!

Regardless of which option you choose to dispose of the television, if it is a smart TV, we strongly recommend that you delete your personal data and, as a precaution, reset the television to its factory condition. This way you don’t risk that sensitive data falls into the wrong hands.

Dispose of televisions: recycling center or return to the dealer

If you want to get rid of a broken or outdated TV set, the recycling center is a good option. You can hand in televisions and other electronic devices free of charge at recycling centers. A quick internet search is usually enough to find a recycling center near you.

The collection points then ensure that the devices are dismantled, valuable precious metals are returned to the raw material cycle and that substances harmful to the environment are properly disposed of. In this way, you also make a contribution to sustainability and environmental protection.


Recycling centers take care of the professional disposal of old televisions.

If you have no way of transporting your television to a recycling or recycling center, you can contact your city or municipality to find out whether old electrical devices can be picked up directly from you, for example on hazardous waste days. But it is important that you find out about the garbage you have taken with you before you simply put your TV on the street.

Alternatively, you can also return your old device to electrical retailers. Since 2015, retailers have had to take back old electrical appliances free of charge and recycle them professionally on their own responsibility. Incidentally, this also applies to electrical devices that you have not bought from the respective dealer. With this variant, too, the electrical devices are dismantled and valuable resources are then returned to the raw material cycle for the construction of new devices.

Sell, give away or donate TV sets

If your television set is still a newer model that is still running flawlessly, it would be a shame if the device ended up in the electronic scrap. Instead, you can also try to find a new owner for the device.

At used goods dealers, at flea markets or online sales platforms, you are sure to find people interested in your old television. Both sides even benefit from wanting to get rid of your old television: The buyer receives a new device and you earn a few more euros from the deal.

Little boy watches TV, television

Is your old TV still in good shape? Then the children of friends or family are sure to be happy about a new TV set.

Alternatively, you can ask around in your circle of friends and acquaintances whether someone is currently looking for a television. Maybe a friend’s TV set broke recently or the children in the family are now big enough to have their own TV in their room. In such cases, you can quickly get rid of your old TV set as a gift.

Finally, you still have the option of donating the old device to a non-profit organization. They are often very happy about it and some of them pick up the TV at your home.

Haven’t bought a new TV yet? Book old devices with you when ordering

If you are just planning to buy a new TV set and replace your old one with it, you have a third, extremely convenient option to dispose of your TV set. If you order the television online and have it delivered to your home via a forwarding company, many dealers also offer you to take old devices with you during the ordering process. Incidentally, this does not only apply to televisions, but also to many other electrical devices and is often even free of charge.

When your new TV is delivered, the shipping company packs your old TV in their truck and then brings the device back to the dealer, where it is professionally recycled. The only important thing here is that your old television is ready to be picked up when the new device is delivered.


  1. Old TV sets are electronic waste and must not be disposed of with household waste
  2. You can often hand in televisions free of charge at recycling and waste disposal centers
  3. Dealers are also obliged to take back old electrical appliances, even if they were not bought from them
  4. Alternatively, you can sell, give away or donate your old TV set
  5. If you order your new television online and have it delivered to your home, you can often order a free old device to be taken along with your order.


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