What furniture to choose for the hallway: 8 tips

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The hallway is the face of the house, the room that everyone who enters first sees, so it should only make a positive impression. Furniture and all accessories for the hallway must be chosen (we recommend looking [прихожие тут]) wisely, taking into account the style of the interior, your own tastes, the size of the room, convenience and functionality. In addition to the fact that all pieces of furniture should be in harmony with each other and look attractive, they should be resistant to all kinds of influences. It is not difficult to choose furniture for the hallway, but it is better to take into account some of the nuances that will help you not to get lost in a huge assortment.

# 1. We take into account the size of the room

When choosing furniture, it is important to correctly determine its size, which depends on the parameters of the room itself. Unfortunately, most of the hallways in domestic apartments are completely miniature, and you can put only a small cabinet there, fit a shoe rack and somehow hang a mirror. It happens that this modest set does not fit, and then you have to do with a coat hanger or a set of hooks, a small shelf and a mirror. If the hallway is medium in size, then you can fit the top and pay attention to modular furniture, which can be modified at your discretion. A good option would be a wardrobe, which can decorate a medium and large hallway. In any case, before buying anything, you need to measure all the parameters of the room, or even better, sketch out a small sketch indicating where and what will be located.

hallway furniture size

hallway furniture size 2

# 2. Choosing a style

In terms of interior style, it is pointless to advise anything, since everyone chooses what he likes. It is important that the hallway does not break away in style from the rest of the premises in the apartment: it is allowed to use a different color scheme, but it is better to leave the general principles the same. By the way, as for the color, light furniture is perfect for small hallways, which will not constrain the space and visually reduce it. For miniature hallways, you can choose minimalism or high-tech as the main direction.

Modern designers claim that different rooms in an apartment can be decorated in different styles, but at the same time they should have something in common, and the chosen styles should be combined with each other.

hallway furniture style 2

hallway furniture style 3

№3. Furniture material

Hallway furniture, as a rule, is made from MDF or chipboard, and sets made of natural wood are much more expensive, and they look appropriate in more or less spacious rooms. Plastic elements of furniture will forgive the interior very much and are more suitable for country houses, but if this is the only possible option, then even the simplest plastic shoe stand can be successfully beaten.

hallway furniture material

As with the choice of any other furniture, you need to pay attention to the build quality, to the reliability of the fittings, to the strength of fastening of individual parts. It is important that all doors and shelves open and slide freely and that the hooks can support the appropriate weight. Inserts made of plastic, glass or metal may be present as a decor, and depending on this, the quality of the fittings and the material itself, the price will differ. By the way, pay attention to the ready-made hallways, which are made of any size and configuration: they perfectly fit both near the wall and in the corner, have a different number of shelves, hooks, doors, accommodate compartments for shoes, outerwear, hats, every little thing, etc. of course, you can’t do without a mirror.

hallway furniture material 2

Now on sale modular furniture for hallways is widely represented: these are several important blocks made in the same style, which can be interchanged depending on the configuration of a particular room. This is a versatile and very convenient option that has saved more than one miniature hallway, and even when moving, it will be unnecessary to look for new furniture, but simply adapt the existing one.

No. 4. The wardrobe is the main item in the hallway

It is quite difficult to imagine a hallway without a closet, since it is he who stores such necessary things as jackets, hats, scarves, gloves and other accessories. Of course, the ideal option is a wardrobe, especially since now you can find or, in extreme cases, make a custom-made model of almost any size. It is also suitable for not the most spacious hallways, since it is spacious, but at the same time the door opening system in it is sliding, which means that they will not interfere with movement and completely block the exit from the apartment, like swing doors.

hallway furniture wardrobe

If the hallway is so compact that the wardrobe will not fit in there, or if it has a square shape, then it is better to use a small wardrobe combined with a mezzanine and a shoe cabinet, a seating area, a hook system and a mirror. All this multifunctional system takes up very little space, but provides the ability to store the most necessary things. By the way, in some sets, the swing doors of such a cabinet are equipped with compartments for storing small things, such as gloves and umbrellas.

Trying to save space in the hallway, it is important not to overdo it: although the cabinet should be compact, if its depth is less than 40 cm, it will be completely incapable and non-functional. And once again it is worth noting that the quality of performance and reliability of the fittings determines the convenience of using such furniture in the future.

No. 5. If the cabinet does not fit

If the hallway is very compact, and even the smallest cabinet cannot fit in it, then you will have to select several of the most important items separately from each other and try to place them in the existing space.

But still, one cannot do without a hanger in the hallway: it can be either a small bar with several hooks, or a floor model. The second option, of course, is more convenient, prettier, but due to its volume, it is not successfully placed in every hallway. Wall hangers can be equipped with a different number of hooks, located at the same or at different heights, and a small shelf can be installed on top of them for storing hats or umbrellas. This is one of the most compact options that still remains functional.

In any case, the hanger is designed to store a small number of things that are currently in constant use. If there are down-padded coats, spring jackets, hats and caps hanging there, then the sight will not be the most aesthetic, and sooner or later this mountain of things will start to interfere with you.

No. 6. Where to put your shoes?

If in your hallway there is no problem with a wardrobe or a cabinet with a bedside table for storing shoes, then the question can be removed. But what to do in a number of other cases? An excellent option that is suitable even for the most compact hallways is the top. This is a narrow object as high as a chest of drawers, which has several sections for placing shoes: depending on the type of shoes and the width of the top of the top, the number of pairs that can easily fit in it can vary significantly. Compactness is achieved due to the fact that all the shoes are stored there virtually in an upright state.

hallway furniture shoe storage 3

There are tons of other options as well. The simplest is to store shoes on special plastic shelves: their choice is not very extensive, but they are roomy, but they also require a certain place from the hallway. Often, shoe cabinets are combined with a seating area, and as a result, the shoe process becomes as simple as possible, and even the issue of the presence of a shop, bench or ottoman in the hallway is solved, with which it is much more convenient to put on and take off shoes.

hallway furniture shoe storage 4

However, shoe cabinets may not be equipped with a seating area, but at the same time have a very original and attractive look, making the hallway stylish and unique. In this case, it is worth providing a stool, a separate bench or a small bench where you can sit down and put on your shoes.

No. 7. How without a mirror!

A mirror is as important an attribute of a hallway as a wardrobe, hangers and all kinds of shelves, because not everyone can leave the house without looking at their own reflection. Only owners of spacious hallways can afford to provide a separate place for it. A convenient and functional option is the location of the mirror above the chest of drawers.

hallway furniture mirror

hallway furniture mirror 2

If the hallway cannot boast of a huge number of square meters, then the best option is to combine the functions of a mirror and any other piece of furniture. So, mirrored doors of a wardrobe, a mirror on the door of a small cabinet look great. If these items did not fit in the hallway, then pay attention to compact models for hallways that combine a shelf, hooks and a mirror, for example. As a last resort, you can always choose a mirror with specific parameters separately, but do not rush to enclose it in a massive frame, which will be out of place in a small hallway.

hallway furniture hangers 3

No. 8. Useful little things

The hallway, like any other room, is not complete without accessories, only here they can also perform some specific function. So, if there is room left in the room, then you can put an umbrella stand near the front door, which will complement the existing interior design. You can place an elegant housekeeper on the wall, put a magazine rack on one of the shelves or just a small box for accumulating all sorts of little things, such as flyers, business cards, small money, etc.

hallway accessories

hallway accessories 2

hallway accessories 5

hallway accessories 9

hallway accessories 4

In addition, the interior of the hallway can be supplemented with other items: paintings, vases, clocks, photographs, but all this should be in moderation so as not to overload the room and not take away its proper functionality.

In conclusion

The ease of arranging a hallway is directly proportional to its size: the more spacious and roomy it is, the easier it is to pick up furniture, because you can put almost everything. If it comes to a modest in size and even a tiny hallway, then everything can turn into a real problem. For the smallest rooms, it is better not even to use ready-made kits, but to select the most necessary items separately, observing a single style. It is worth remembering that absolutely any hallway can be made functional, you only need an individual approach: a little imagination and imagination, calculations and maximum attention when choosing furniture – and your hallway turns into a cozy and comfortable place that can cope with all the tasks assigned.

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