What furniture to choose for the bedroom: 7 useful tips

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Although the interior of the bedroom includes a fairly small number of pieces of furniture, nevertheless, their choice should be approached with special care. The bedroom is where a person rests, and in a dream we spend about a third of our lives. And in order for the rest to be complete, and to fall asleep and wake up it was pleasant, maximum attention should be paid to the choice of furniture for the bedroom.

Scientists have proven that the interior of the bedroom directly affects the human psyche, even when he is with his eyes closed, and it is clearly not worth arguing that the quality of sleep and the health of the sleeper directly depend on the choice of bed. Therefore, when choosing each piece of furniture, you need to pay attention to a number of factors: convenience, color, size, functionality, environmental friendliness, etc.

To make it as easy as possible for you to choose the necessary bedroom furniture, we have collected all the most important tips.

Council number 1. Choosing a bed

The bed is the heart of the bedroom, and it would probably be superfluous to say that it should be comfortable and practical, as even a schoolboy understands this. It is better to take the necessary measurements before going to the store so that the bed will surely fit in the room. When choosing, it would be nice to make sure of the reliability, strength and safety of the bed. It is important that you completely fit on it, and to turn there you could safely fall on the floor, i.e. the bed should be as ergonomic and spacious as the area of ​​the room allows.

bedroom furniture bed

Depending on whether the bedroom is large or, conversely, miniature, the approach to choosing a bed will be slightly different. So, for a spacious room, you can consider any options, even with massive headboards, but in a small room, most likely, you will have to do without them. As for the material of the bed frame, the most durable are metal, wood, and, surprisingly, wicker. Pay attention to the base of the bed: it is best if it is made of flexible slats, and not of mesh or springs.

bedroom furniture bed 4

But the main part of comfort is still not on the frame, but on the mattress, therefore, it is better to consider its choice as thoughtfully as possible. The mattress should be moderately elastic and firm, and before buying it is better to lie down on it and try how ergonomic it is. For those who have any problems with the musculoskeletal system, it is better to purchase an orthopedic mattress. There are also expensive high mattresses on sale now, but when buying them, it is important to measure the capacity of the bed to withstand such a weight: if the bed is cheap, then there are chances that it may break and crack at one fine time.

bedroom furniture bed 2

Naturally, the appearance of the bed and its headboard is chosen depending on the created interior of the room, relying on your own taste, so there can be no universal advice. True, if you want to create additional storage space in the room, then it is better to choose a bed with disguised drawers, compartments for storing bed linen, etc.

bedroom furniture bed 3

There are beds to which bedside tables, trellises and other additional items are attached. Thus, when buying a bed, you immediately get almost all the necessary furniture in the bedroom. The advantage of this solution is that it is unnecessary to bother and select all this separately, but, on the other hand, when trying to rearrange or replace some part of this kit, there will be great difficulties.

Council number 2. What besides the bed?

Naturally, if there is only one bed in the bedroom, this will not add functionality and comfort to the room. That is why, when choosing a bed, you immediately need to purchase a so-called bedside set, consisting of a pair of bedside tables and a table. Many beds are sold complete with nightstands and other details, they are made in the same style, but not attached to each other.

If you like to select and combine different pieces of furniture with each other, if you want to create an exclusive interior, then you can safely recommend buying a bed and other pieces of furniture for the bedroom separately.

bedroom furniture dresser

Also appropriate in this room will be a chest of drawers, which has already become a kind of symbol of bedrooms. There will fit underwear, and some clothes, and all sorts of necessary little things. And above the chest of drawers you can place a mirror: firstly, it is functional, and, secondly, it expands the space.

If the area of ​​the room allows, then a wardrobe can also be accommodated here to store wardrobe items. But if the room is small, then you should not overload it with unnecessary details. Also, do not use too massive pieces of furniture or too pretentious in a small bedroom. If the wardrobe does not fit, you can put high racks near the bed, which are distinguished by their high capacity.

bedroom furniture dresser 2

Council number 3. Sustainability

Since we spend a lot of time in the bedroom, we have a rest, it becomes important what kind of air there will be in this room. So, some modern unscrupulous manufacturers use the cheapest materials for the production of furniture, which cause not only an unpleasant smell, but also the emission of toxic substances.

bedroom furniture wooden bed

It is better, of course, to choose furniture made from natural materials, and give preference to wood, or metal. But there is a category of people who are allergic to natural wood, and for the price it is not suitable for everyone, so most often you have to turn to furniture made of chipboard, MDF, veneer, etc. If you want to protect yourself from negative influences, then ask for the appropriate quality certificates, which must indicate the level of formaldehyde emission, as well as a conclusion on the possibility of using it in residential premises.

bedroom furniture eco-friendly

Council number 4. Functionality

The problem of many modern apartments is the lack of free space, and then you have to somehow be cunning and sophisticated. But manufacturers have long been meeting the owners of modest square meters and developing convenient, functional and practical solutions. Often one room performs not only the function of a bedroom, but also combines, for example, an office, a nursery, a living room, etc. And then you need to use transforming furniture, multifunctional pieces of furniture. Of course, now many have thought about sofas, but we will not only talk about them, because there are a lot of other solutions. So, you can equip a small podium in the room, under which you can hide the bed: during the day there will be a lot of free space, and on the podium you can even place a work area, put a wardrobe. At night, the bed is pulled out, forming a wonderful comfortable sleeping place. In addition, the bed can be hidden in a special closet and during the day it also does not take up space.

bedroom furniture transformer

bedroom furniture

Sometimes it is necessary to zone a room when a bedroom is combined with a living room, for example. An already small room during the construction of walls will become even more tiny, so you need to use pieces of furniture as partitions, for example, a wardrobe, through shelves, etc. You can use glass partitions, screens and other dividers that will not visually clutter up the space.

bedroom furniture zoning

bedroom furniture zoning 2

Council number 5. We arrange furniture correctly

The perception of the interior of the bedroom depends not only on what kind of furniture and what color is there, but also on how correctly it is placed. You need to proceed from the maximum functionality and the desire to make the room as spacious as possible in the presence of a certain number of items.

If the bedroom is small, then it is better to place the bed not in the middle of the room, but to move the headboard against the wall. So, by the way, there will be a feeling of greater comfort and security. But you should not place the headboard near heating radiators or a window: either way, the bed will clutter up the approach to important objects in the room, and the sleeping person will be in a not entirely correct microclimate. It is also not worth placing the bed right in front of the doors: otherwise, the sleeping person will be afraid of drafts, and feng shui says that the energy will not be distributed correctly. Try to arrange the double bed so that there is free space on both sides, and everyone can stand up freely.

bedroom furniture how to arrange

Council number 6. Color spectrum

Naturally, when choosing furniture, we pay attention not only to its configuration and parameters, but also to the color. As you might guess, flashy colors in the bedroom are inappropriate, except as accents, and then they need to be used very carefully. As a rule, calm tones are chosen for the bedroom interior: either light pastels, or deep soft and rich dark ones. Of course, a bedroom in beige, peach, light blue, green, blue or brown is not suitable for everyone, and there are some pretty good options in very bright colors. Still, the calm colors are the key to a pleasant stay.

bedroom furniture color 2

bedroom furniture color

bedroom furniture color 3

Council number 7. Appliances and accessories

Today, TV often becomes a companion not only in the living room, but also in almost any room in the house, and the kitchen and bedroom are no exception. This is certainly convenient, especially in some cases where the family has diverging preferences for television programming. But nevertheless, scientists do not stop advising, if possible, to abandon the presence of any technology in the rest room – the bedroom.

bedroom furniture tv

If you can’t do without a TV, then make sure that it is correctly installed and that watching it does not harm your vision. Its location is considered optimal at eye level, approximately at a height of 1-1.2 meters, and the distance from the screen to you depends on the diagonal of the display: multiply the diagonal by three and as a result you get the desired value.

bedroom furniture tv 2

bedroom furniture tv 3

As for accessories, they should be in any room, but it is also undesirable to overdo it with them. Firstly, you can decorate the room with mirrors: this way you can visually expand it, and give it some zest. Secondly, there may be room in the bedroom for one large painting or several family photos. Of course, you can use flowers, vases, candles, souvenirs, some items from your personal collection, etc., but, most importantly, do not cross the line.

bedroom furniture decor

bedroom furniture decor 2

If it fits into the existing interior, then the bedroom can be decorated with a small carpet with a long pile: it should not occupy the entire floor space, but only a small part of it, for example, by the bed, so that it would be more pleasant to stand on the floor when you wake up. And, of course, correctly selected and placed lighting fixtures will bring complete harmony to the evening interior of the bedroom.


When choosing furniture for a bedroom, you need to take into account a lot of factors: from color and size to environmental friendliness and the maximum possible price. But if you once take this issue with all responsibility and seriousness, then in the future it will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible to be there.

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