What camera to choose for garage security: 6 tips

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A well-chosen garage security camera can significantly increase the level of protection for your property. In this article, we will help you understand the nuances of choosing and installing video surveillance systems in non-residential premises. First you need to decide what you need a security camera for, and what options it should perform.

This could be:

  • Property control inside the garage.
  • Observation of the surrounding area, day or night.
  • Video or photo recording during vehicle arrival and departure.
  • Definition of emergency and disputable situations.
  • Registration of the facts of car theft or break-in.

Types of video tracking devices

To organize video surveillance in a garage or in a garage cooperative, the following types of surveillance systems are mainly used:

  • Analog. This type of device, as a rule, is budgetary, suitable for monitoring what is happening indoors. When viewing events filmed with such equipment, the picture will be less clear.

  • HD-SDI or digital (network) ip cameras. Accordingly, more expensive equipment with a good and high-quality image.

If we take into account additional functions, then cameras are divided into:

  • Infrared devices.
  • Wide dynamic range devices.
  • Controlled and rotary.
  • Wireless with Wi-Fi function.

Cameras are distinguished by the type of feedback from the installation owner. There are devices with and without Internet access. But the most common are devices using GSM, 3G, 4G cellular communications. The demand for the operation of these systems is explained by the fact that they have a number of necessary functions:

  • Thanks to the built-in sensor, photo and video recording is carried out at the beginning of the movement, including at night using infrared illumination.
  • Transfer of information to the owner of the equipment about the events in the protected area to one of the mobile devices or PC in the form of SMS, MMS or video messages.
  • They have built-in memory or record videos or photos to a microSD card. It depends on the hardware model.
  • Reliable operation of the device with sudden changes in air temperature and insensitivity to precipitation.

In addition to the above video tracking systems, there are also dummies of video cameras. They are used to create the appearance of video surveillance at the facility. They perform the function of psychological influence on a potential criminal

The difference between cameras in external performance

Depending on the external design, all video fixing devices are divided into the following models:

  • Dome. Easy to install on walls and ceilings. Due to their compact design, they are not so noticeable to the offender.

  • Cylindrical street. They feature high image quality. Resistant to weather conditions.

  • Hull. Budget technology with good lens quality, thanks to which you can enlarge any picture.

  • Panoramic or fisheye. Video filming is performed along the entire perimeter of a given area with a 360-degree viewing angle. This type of equipment is controlled through software.

  • Cubic. Suitable for outdoor and indoor video surveillance. Equipped with built-in speaker and microphone. Small-sized, installation is carried out on any type of surface.

  • Hidden. Despite their miniature size, they transmit a high-quality image in Full HD format, they can be masked under any surfaces. Have an affordable price.

Options for organizing video monitoring

There are two main ways to organize a video filming system:

  • Autonomous. Data is recorded on the DVR and viewed on it.
  • Remote. Control of ongoing events occurs from home or from a mobile device.

The first method is easy to install and configure the observation apparatus. The disadvantages include the fact that a criminal can disable the device or steal the DVR. Therefore, it is necessary to install the device hidden or in a hard-to-reach place. Despite the great difficulties in installation and configuration, the implementation of remote video surveillance is more interesting and practical, as a result, and popular, option.

To organize remote video monitoring, use:

  • Wireless devices. These are either radio channel devices that work in the FM band, or WiFi cameras. Among the disadvantages is a small transmission distance, which can be slightly increased by using directional antennas and placing the transmitting and receiving equipment in the line of sight.

  • The Internet. 3G and 4G technologies. The difference will be in the speed of data transmission, but the principle of building the structure of video surveillance will be the same.

The data can be viewed remotely through a modern analogue recorder model. To do this, you will need additional devices, such as a router, a USB modem with a SIM card and the Internet, which is supported in the established place.

Record all movements in the garage

Continuous recording in the garage is not a practical solution. For such an organization of shooting, you will need a hard disk with a large amount of memory, constant power supply or powerful uninterruptible power supplies. In a remote or rarely visited garage, such costs will not be recouped in 99% of cases.

The presence of a motion sensor is the main requirement for surveillance devices designed for long-term autonomous operation without a battery. When detecting any movements in the protected area, video surveillance recording is turned on or a series of photographs is taken until the disturbance stops.

Video camera kits with alarm

Kits of video cameras with alarms certainly increase the percentage of preventing theft of property in the garage. As a rule, an agreement is signed with a security organization, and when an attempt is made to hack, the device will send messages not only to the owner, but also to the centralized monitoring station. Other emergencies may also arise, for example, fire or gas accumulation, due to a malfunction of the gas cylinder installation of the car. In order to prevent such events in time, you will need a GSM alarm in the garage. This type of device will notify the installation owner of what is happening on the mobile device.

Alarm devices are of two types:

  • Autonomous. Can work in garages without electricity. Due to the savings in energy consumption, they have fewer functions.

  • Mains powered. They have a built-in microphone and a radio module for working with wireless sensors. The built-in battery allows you to work for some time without electricity. More functional.

Installation of video surveillance systems

No special skills are required to install video recording equipment – just follow the instructions and be familiar with the tools. Also, cameras can always be dismantled and moved to another place. This is an essential component for those who rent a garage. Before starting the installation of CCTV cameras, carefully read the instructions, and then decide on the place where the device will be mounted.

Installation of CCTV cameras takes place in the following stages:

  • Preparation for installation.
  • Equipment installation.
  • Connecting cameras to power supplies.
  • Connecting to a monitor.
  • System Setup.

IMPORTANT! If you install your video recording equipment on the street, then it must have a strong anti-vandal case and the installation must be done at a height of about 3 meters in order to avoid damaging the equipment.

You can find many videos on the Internet on how to install a suitable camera with reviews and practical advice from people who have faced this task in practice.

Instead of output

The choice of video surveillance systems for a garage is not an easy task, since it is difficult for a layman to make a choice between the cost and the additional characteristics of the device. Therefore, when choosing equipment, answer yourself the following questions:

  • Where do you plan to install the video surveillance camera? Inside the garage or outside.
  • Do you want to watch videos remotely?
  • In what way do you want to connect the unit, wired or wireless?
  • Where do you want to store the video.
  • Night shooting function: necessary for you?
  • How important is an alarm complete with a surveillance camera to you?

Knowing the answers to these questions, you can decide on a video surveillance kit with the right set of options and at an affordable price.

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