What are the toilet bowls and how to choose it correctly

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The toilet is an object with which each of us is familiar, but his choice can be a real disaster for an unprepared person. The fact is that the assortment in modern stores is so extensive that it is very easy to get confused in it. That is why it is so important to start buying already prepared and knowledgeable in all types and functions of this plumbing item. When buying, you need to be extremely careful and contact only a proven online plumbing store, for example, http://www.robins.com.ua/santehnika… How to choose the right toilet and what are they like?

Toilet bowl material

Today on sale you can find toilets made of the following materials:

  • faience. These are the most popular models that bribe the buyer with their affordable price. Such toilets are made of fired earthenware, it is covered with a thick layer of glaze, which performs protective functions and reduces the porosity of the material, preventing moisture absorption. Caring for such a product is simple, and the service life is about 15 years, but sometimes much longer. Under physical influence, the enamel is gradually erased, the faience begins to absorb moisture, and the strength of the toilet decreases;
    faience toilet

  • porcelain. These are strong and durable toilets that can last for decades. They are made of white clay, like faience, but the additions of feldspar and quartz make the product more durable, strong and less porous. From above, the porcelain is also covered with glaze, so outwardly, the toilet bowls made of faience and porcelain are very similar. The only drawback is the high price;
    porcelain toilet

  • metal. They are made of stainless steel and are often used in public places, but today they are also installed in private bathrooms and toilets to create unique interiors. Such products are very durable, do not absorb moisture, impurities cannot adhere to them, and their cleaning is quite simple. In addition, a metal toilet is very durable, but its cost is high and even surpasses the cost of porcelain;
    metal toilet

  • natural stone. These are some of the most expensive toilets around. They have a chic appearance, are easy to care for and durable, but at the same time, they are almost not resistant to mechanical damage and weigh a lot;

  • fake diamond. Such toilets are made from natural stone chips and special components, which ensure the high strength of the material, its resistance to mechanical stress and durability. The products are easy to care for, relatively light and are much cheaper than toilet bowls made of natural stone;
    toilet bowl made of natural stone

  • plastic. Typically, these toilets are made of acrylic, which is additionally reinforced with fiberglass and resins. The products are very light, easy to install and maintain, but they do not tolerate mechanical stress and high temperatures, and are not very durable. Optimal for use in the country.
    plastic toilet

Type of toilet bowl

The type of bowl used in a particular toilet bowl determines the comfort of its use, noise level, amount of splashes and water saving. Today the plumbing market offers the following types of bowls:

  1. the poppet has a protruding platform, which is necessary to prevent the formation of splashes. But due to this design feature, everything that gets into it remains on the toilet bowl, which is not very hygienic. And that water, which is constantly in the bowl, eventually leads to the appearance of salt deposits on it;

  2. funnel-shaped. In this case, the flush hole is located in the center of the bowl, and all waste immediately goes there, therefore such a design is considered the most hygienic. The disadvantage of such bowls is splashes, the amount of which can be reduced if the bowl has a sloping back wall;

  3. the visor bowl is something in between the two above-described designs and combines their advantages. The curvature of the wall prevents splashing, and the location of the drain hole facilitates direct entry of all impurities into it.

type of cup

Types of seats

A seat is a must for any toilet and can be made from:

  • plastic;
  • wood.

Plastic seats are the most popular today, which is explained by the mass of their positive qualities. They are easy to maintain, look good, durable and inexpensive. Wooden ones are used much less often, and their use is justified only by the style of the interior. In addition, they retain heat well, are more durable and hypoallergenic, but have a high price.

wooden toilet seat

The chair, in addition, can be equipped with a micro-lift – a mechanism that slightly slows down the movement of the lid when slammed, making this process completely silent. Today, innovative toilet bowls are emerging, the seats of which also perform many other functions. So, in some models, it can be equipped with electric heating, as well as a photocell that recognizes an approaching person and automatically opens the lid.

Toilet installation method

According to the installation method, all toilet bowls can be divided into:

  • outdoor;
  • suspended.

hanging toilet

Floor-standing toilets are the most common. These are easy-to-install devices with a foot firmly on the floor. Depending on the location of the tank, floor-standing toilets can be attached or free-standing. In attached toilets, the tank is hidden in the wall, which means that the interior will be significantly transformed, but the repair in which case will be more difficult. Freestanding toilets can be monoblock toilets and compact toilets. Compact is the most common type of toilet bowl in our country, such products consist of a bowl and a cistern, but in monoblocks these elements are merged into a single structure. Monoblocks are widespread in the USA and Europe, and our users are just beginning to conquer.

toilets by type of installation

Hanging toilets are more miniature, they allow you to visually increase the space of a small bathroom, and they look prettier in appearance, because the entire installation system is hidden from the user’s eyes. In terms of care, such toilets are the best you can think of, but it is better to entrust their installation to specialists.

In addition, corner toilets are gaining popularity today – an excellent option for small spaces. Such products can only be floor-standing, and their installation and maintenance does not differ in any way from standard procedures. The only difference is a tank of a special shape, thanks to which the toilet can be perfectly placed in the corner, saving space, because, as you know, the arrangement of objects diagonally in the bathroom helps not only to save square centimeters, but also to visually increase the space. Whichever type of toilet is chosen, you can make a purchase both in regular stores and on the Internet, and often in the latter case, you can find a more profitable option.

corner toilet

Direction of release of the toilet

The comfort of its use does not depend on the direction of release of the toilet, and it is impossible to notice any outwardly any differences in the design. The type of release should be chosen depending on the parameters of the bathroom. Design features make it possible to distinguish these types of toilets:

  • with horizontal or direct outlet – common option. Suitable if the socket is located 5-10 cm above the floor;

  • with vertical outlet, suitable for bathrooms where the drain pipe goes into the floor. Thanks to this design, space is significantly saved, but in our country there are very few apartment buildings with a similar pipe arrangement system, although such a configuration can be created in private houses;

  • oblique outlet is the most common design, which was previously used in all homes. In this case, the socket is located very close to the floor surface or at an angle.

toilet release type

Toilet flush type

When choosing a toilet, you need to take into account such a detail as the type of flush. He can be:

  • direct;
  • back circular.

Direct flush involves the movement of water from the cistern to the center of the bowl in a straight line. A powerful stream of water is able to wash away all impurities, but still it does not cover some areas of the inner surface of the bowl, which may necessitate an additional use of a brush. It is worth noting that a similar system was implemented in all toilet bowls in our country a couple of decades ago.

The circular system is more perfect. The water here moves in an annular direction, like when flushing in a shower, which allows almost silent and effective removal of dirt from all parts of the bowl. The only drawback of such a system is its high price. In addition, if the tap water is not of high quality, then the water outlet holes located under the rim of the toilet bowl can become clogged with salt deposits after a while.

toilet flush type

Speaking of flushing, one cannot fail to note the emergence of modern economical toilets. An ordinary product, when flushed, pours out a full tank of water, and this is about 6-8 liters, and sometimes more, and in most cases that much water is not required. Many cisterns can be customized to draw up less water, allowing for significant savings, but toilets that have a double button are preferred. When you press a small part of it, it pours out 1.5-3 liters of water (depending on the setting), and when you press a large part, about 6-8 liters. This is how the average household can save about 1000 liters of water per month.

toilet with two buttons

Additional functions of the toilet

Today, models of toilet bowls are common, which perform not only their direct function, but also boast additional features. For example, a toilet can be supplemented with a bidet function, with the mixers located on the seat cover. The most modern devices have an electronic control panel that allows you to adjust the water pressure, temperature, etc.

toilet with bidet function

More common are toilets with hygienic showers, which actually function as a bidet without taking up space, making them ideal for small bathrooms. The toilet bowl can be equipped with such a shower initially, or it can be retrofitted already during the installation process. The hygienic shower itself is a short hose and a compact hand shower. If it is provided, then often the hose comes out of the tank, otherwise it is attached near the toilet.

toilet with hygienic shower

In order to extinguish splashes in the toilet, modern models can be supplemented with such a function as “anti-splash”, or have a shelf in the bowl. The shelf actually transfers the place where the splash occurs to a level where it will not fall on a person. This design can cause rust and unpleasant odors.

Toilets with “anti-splash” have a special bowl shape that resembles a narrow funnel, so no splashes can form in it. In addition, the drain hole is not symmetrical. It should be noted that such systems of protection against splashes do not affect the cost of the product in any way, and today they are equipped with numerous models.

Toilet manufacturers

The name of the manufacturer plays an important role, because serious companies care about their image and will not produce low-quality products. Today, you can find products of acceptable quality in any price segment:

  • the most inexpensive models, which cost no more than $ 200, are represented by many domestic manufacturers Santec, Santeri, IDDIS, Keramin, as well as Chinese ones, incl. Porta;

  • toilets of the middle price category, which are maximally balanced in terms of cost and quality. These are the products of the Finnish company IDO, Polish Kolo and Cersanit, Czech Jika;
  • elite toilet bowls, the price of which starts at $ 500 and knows no boundaries. These are products that are not only of high quality, but also often boast of an exclusive design, unusual color, etc. Such companies as Duravit from Germany, Laufen from Austria are represented in this price segment.

Companies such as Geberit, Swedish manufacturers Gustavsberg and Ifo, American Ideal Standard, Finnish Ido, French Jacob Delafon, Spanish Roca also represent products in different price categories.

In conclusion

When choosing a toilet, you should pay attention not only to its functional features, but also to its appearance. The product should ideally fit into the interior of the room and meet the general design idea, since today you can find toilet bowls of any shape and color. Naturally, for small spaces it is better to opt for a compact model, but make sure that its functionality is not lost. So that you don’t have to run to the store for another one a couple of years after buying a new product, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer’s name and properly care for this plumbing device.

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