Weber-Vetonit putties and dry building mixtures – 6 tips for choosing

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We all know, or at least have a guess, how responsible the repair is. Even if a professional is undertaken for its implementation, the result will largely depend on the quality of the materials that were used in the process. A bad plaster mix or poor-quality glue cannot be saved even by a specialist with golden hands. That is why it is better not to save on building materials, preferring products from well-known and reputable companies. A striking example is the products of Weber, a leading manufacturer of dry mortars. You do not have to carefully examine bags, look for hidden defects, require safety certificates or arrange other checks – you can be sure that all products are of high quality. The main problem of choosing is to find the most suitable mixture, so we decided to create a small guide to the brand’s products on the domestic market. So which Weber-Vetonit blend is best for each specific case?

# 1. What are the advantages of the company’s products?

Weber is considered the largest manufacturer of dry mortar in Europe, as evidenced by the fact that for several years in a row, the brand’s products have taken a leading position in terms of sales. The company was founded in 1900 and originally produced facade plasters in a Parisian factory. In subsequent years, the assortment grew, the sales markets expanded, but with the entry of the company into the Saint-Gobain group in 1996, it achieved real international success. Today, Weber-Vetonit dry mortars are sold in 49 countries and manufactured in 180 factories.

The brand has been officially represented in Russia since 2006. The company opened 3 factories in the country, which ensured the availability of all products for the domestic buyer. Why is the manufacturer so bribed buyers around the world? The answer lies in several facts:

  • the widest range of building mixtures, so it will not be difficult to find a composition suitable for specific conditions;

  • high quality of all products, implementation of innovations and the use of modern equipment;

  • all products undergo a mandatory and voluntary safety check procedure;
  • product development based on customer needs.

The quality has already been verified by millions of buyers around the world. The main thing is to find the most suitable product and not get lost in the existing offer.

# 2. Weber-Vetonit plasters and putties

The manufacturer’s plasters are well suited for leveling the surfaces of walls and ceilings before subsequent puttying or decorative finishing. Sold in the form of a dry mix, which you just need to dilute with water – all instructions are given on the package. The manufacturer’s assortment includes the following compositions:

  • Easy Gyps (manual application only) and Profi Gyps (manual and mechanized application) white gypsum plaster, which are versatile but not suitable for rooms with high humidity levels;
  • Mech Gyps white gypsum plaster for manual and mechanized application, suitable for rooms with relatively normal humidity levels;

  • moisture-resistant plaster TT40 is excellent for basic leveling of walls in bathrooms and other damp rooms, as well as for outdoor work;

  • moisture-resistant cement plaster TT is optimal when it is necessary to apply a thin layer of the composition;
  • Facade Gray plaster is a novelty of the company, a cement elastic composition, which is distinguished by its versatility of application, can be used when working in dry and damp rooms, as well as when repairing facades. Differs in high strength and vapor permeability.

Putties are also available in the form of dry mixes with the subsequent need to dissolve them with water:

  • Weber Vetonit LR + and Weber Vetonit LR + silk polymer putties are used for finishing leveling of ceilings and walls before painting or wallpapering. Ready-made compounds can be applied to the surface without preliminary priming. Concrete, drywall, cement or gypsum plaster can act as a basis. LR + silk is a modified version of the LR + series mixture. The product is superplastic, allowing to obtain perfectly even layers. In a diluted form, the mixture is able to remain suitable for application for a long time, is characterized by an increased level of whiteness and ease of use. Read more details the differences in the compositions and to get acquainted with the entire range of dry mixes of the company can be found on the manufacturer’s website;

  • putty on organic binder KR is suitable for dry rooms, can be applied manually and mechanically;

  • JS polymer putty is a unique product that contains microfiber. Possesses high adhesion to various materials, crack resistance and forms a perfectly smooth surface. They can seal the seams on drywall and even level the old painted surface. JS Plus composition allows you to create a textured decorative surface with the same properties;

  • compositions VH and VH Gray – gypsum putties with moisture resistant properties;
  • Facade White is a super white putty for indoor and outdoor use.

If you are in doubt about the choice, then the convenient instructions and diagrams on the site mentioned above will help you make the right decision. To be sure of your choice, you can ask for advice from company employees.

No. 3. Floor mixes

Walls and ceilings are not the only surfaces that need perfect leveling, which is why Weber-Vetonit has many solutions for preparing floor surfaces:

  • floor levelers are cement-based mixtures that are suitable for quickly leveling the base for subsequent decorative finishing. Leveling compounds can be used in rooms with any level of humidity, as well as with underfloor heating systems. The products provide minimum consumption and excellent performance. There are several different types of mixtures to choose from, which differ in the thickness of the leveling layer. Composition 4400, for example, cannot make a layer more than 30 mm, and composition 6000 can make a layer up to 250 mm;

  • self-leveling floors for residential and commercial premises. All compounds are suitable for use with “warm floors”, are characterized by good spreading, high speed of strength development and low consumption. The manufacturer’s assortment includes mixes for self-leveling floors that can satisfy any need. So, for example, the Fast Level quick-setting self-leveling floor provides maximum working speed and a wide range of thicknesses (3-60 mm). 4100 blend is highly durable, water-resistant and crack-resistant. There are also universal mixes and formulations reinforced with fiber (Strong), which are optimal for wooden floors and other difficult substrates. The company also produces a mixture for soundproofing floors and a range of thin finish leveling compounds;

  • dry mixes for the arrangement of the base and top coat in production and industrial premises. The compositions perfectly tolerate constant high loads, and are distinguished by wear resistance. Among other things, the range includes decorative colored self-leveling floors.

Note also that the company produces auxiliary components for the arrangement of self-leveling floors.

No. 4. Adhesives and grouting

Ceramic tiles, one of the most popular finishing materials, have a lot of excellent performance, but without a good glue, they will all be nullified. Weber-Vetonit manufactures quality adhesives for tiles, mosaics, stone and porcelain stoneware. The dry adhesive mixture can be simply mixed with the specified amount of water.

From the manufacturer’s assortment, you can choose glue for any purpose:

  • standard adhesives for indoor and outdoor use, have good adhesion to various substrates;

  • universal adhesives are presented as compositions for mounting tiles, porcelain stoneware and stone on any base, suitable for use with “warm floors”. We should also mention white mosaic glue, which provides not only excellent performance, but also high aesthetics;

  • improved and special formulations are adhesives that have special properties and are suitable for use in difficult conditions. The manufacturer offers adhesives with improved frost resistance, as well as compositions that can be used in the arrangement of swimming pools. There is also a compound that can be used with glass tiles.

For grouting, the manufacturer also has suitable solutions. These are colored cement grouts that are suitable for joints of different thicknesses, as well as two-component epoxy-based grouts, which are perfect for further use in difficult conditions (high humidity, temperature changes).

No. 5. Dry mixes for facade works

It is not for nothing that Weber-Vetonit is considered the largest manufacturer of dry building mixtures – the company’s product range covers all possible repair and construction work. For the arrangement of facades, the manufacturer has prepared a number of products:

  • adhesives for facade insulation systems, incl. for the installation of expanded polystyrene, mineral wool. There are compositions that allow you to work at low temperatures, as well as mixtures that simultaneously allow you to create a basic plaster reinforced layer. Separate compositions are suitable for thin-layer repair of already plastered surfaces;

  • facade plasters and putties allow you to create a perfectly flat and smooth surface, can be used in facade and interior work, allow you to create a layer up to 50 mm thick in one pass, has good adhesion to different types of surfaces;

  • decorative plasters and putties are high-quality and easy-to-apply compounds that can transform the facade of a house, and can also be used in interior work. The assortment is represented by both ready-made formulations and dry mixtures. The latter are made on the basis of cement, differ in frost resistance and vapor permeability, and can be painted. There are formulations that can be applied at low temperatures.

No. 6. What else does the company offer?

The assortment of the manufacturer can be described for a long time and never fully described, since it is constantly being updated. The company also produces waterproofing cement mixes, as well as cement mixes for concrete repair, dry concrete for pouring into molds, mixes for preparing a non-shrinking composition, mixes for filling interpanel joints. In addition, the manufacturer produces several types of repair compounds, as well as compounds for the preparation of masonry mortars (including colored compounds and compounds for work in the winter). Another area of ​​activity is refractory mortars, which will be needed in the construction of stoves and fireplaces.

Finally, we note that the manufacturer’s products are of really high quality, otherwise they would not have become so popular, and the guarantee of an excellent result is what you need when you need to complete construction or repair work conscientiously. Small savings on building materials can bring a disproportionate disappointment in the near future and force you to redo all the work, again spending money on buying materials.

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