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Student discounts, discounted iTunes cards or free trial months: If you want to use Apple Music for less, there are numerous options. You can find out the best options for discounts here.

The standard price for an Apple Music subscription is 9.99 euros, while family membership costs 14.99 euros per month. But with a few tips, the streaming service can be enjoyed more cheaply.

Three-month trial period: Use Apple Music for free

First of all, you should claim the free trial phase. You can take full advantage of Apple Music’s offer for three months – free of charge. But be careful: do not forget to cancel in good time. Otherwise, the free trial subscription changes to a paid one. You can save around 30 euros with the test phase.

Use the voice tariff

The new Apple Music Voice subscription will start in Germany in autumn 2021. This costs only 4.99 euros per month, half of the normal subscription. In return, you get access to the complete Apple Music library – but only via Siri voice control. The functionality of the Apple Music app, however, is greatly reduced. The Voice Plan only works with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, HomePod, AirPods and CarPlay.

Gift card: pay for 10 months, use for 12 months

Pay for 10 months, enjoy Apple Music for 12 months – under this motto, the Californian company sold a gift card with which the service can be used much cheaper. Savings: around 20 euros. The cards are currently no longer available, but older cards can of course still be redeemed.

iTunes cards: often discounted in stores

Clever savings can also be made with the App Store & iTunes cards. The credit is simply booked on the Apple account, the costs for Apple Music are deducted from it. Of course, there must be sufficient credit on the account for this. The iTunes cards themselves are regularly offered at reduced prices in stores. Usually with a 10 or 15 percent discount, sometimes even 20 percent cheaper. In this way, the costs for the subscription can be effectively reduced.


ITunes cards are regularly offered cheaper in stores.

Take advantage of the student discount and pay only half

Apple itself grants a decent discount for students. Those who are enrolled at a university only pay half a month instead of 9.99 euros – i.e. 4.99 euros. Prospective academics can benefit from the discounted membership for up to four years, and the subscription can even be paused. The student status is checked not only at the beginning, but also regularly in between. The check is carried out via the UNiDAYS service.

Family membership at a price of 14.99 euros

You can save if several members of the family want to use Apple Music. Up to six people can use the streaming offer – for just 14.99 euros per month. Family sharing makes this possible. Disadvantage of the matter: Not only Apple Music is billed via the administrator’s account, but also all other purchases made by family members in the App Store, iTunes Store and Co. This is really only advisable for your own family – and rather not for extended circle of friends.

Annual membership for 99 euros

In June 2017, Apple quietly introduced another option with which you can save a lot of money – the annual membership at a price of 99 euros. If you already have an Apple Music membership, you can select the annual membership as follows: “Settings> Your Apple ID> Subscriptions”. There tap on “Apple Music” and under “Options” you can switch to the annual subscription for 99 euros. Savings: Almost 21 euros.

Apple One nutzen

In autumn 2020, Apple introduced the subscription model Apple One, which includes Apple TV +, iCloud and Apple Arcade in addition to Apple Music. The subscription costs 14.95 euros per month for individuals and 19.95 euros per month for families (up to five additional people). If you use other Apple services in addition to Apple Music, the subscription model is worth a look. The savings compared to the individual price are around 6 or 8 euros, depending on the tariff selected.


  1. Apple Music can be tested free of charge for three months.
  2. The new voice tariff costs only 4.99 euros per month.
  3. If you have an old Apple Music gift card, you only pay 10 months instead of 12.
  4. iTunes cards are regularly offered cheaper in stores.
  5. Students up to four years pay just 4.99 euros per month.
  6. Family membership for 14.99 euros allows up to six people to use it at the same time.
  7. Annual membership for 99 euros saves almost 21 euros.
  8. Apple One users can save 6 to 8 euros compared to the individual price.


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