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The tropical style is increasingly being used by many designers to decorate a wide variety of premises. The beauty of this trend lies in its versatility. It will be appropriate both within spacious rooms and the most modest areas of your home. The tropical style is found both in the interiors of standard city apartments and in country houses. If you like the atmosphere of lightness and relaxation, which is the main concept of this trend, we will tell you how to properly use the tropical style in the interior, how to independently choose finishing materials, pieces of furniture and decor elements.

Style features

The tropical style was originally a combination of several other directions. It can be called a derivative of the classical and ethnic trends.

Previously, such interiors could only be found in hotel rooms in hotels located on exotic sea coasts. Such an environment was supposed to give guests a constant feeling of relaxation and relaxation. Over time, this idea was adopted by interior designers, and thanks to the wide distribution and popularity, the tropical style over time became an independent trend.

The main features of the style are:

  • Using a natural range of colors;
  • The use of natural materials for decoration;
  • The presence of a large number of ornamental plants;
  • Large ornaments and patterns;
  • A special approach to the selection of pieces of furniture – they should not only match the style and material of execution, but also be as comfortable as possible;
  • A lot of light.

Choice of colors

The color scheme of the tropical style is very diverse, but at the same time limited. You can use any colors and shades.

But only those that are really found in nature, or rather, in the real tropics. Best suited:

But there are several nuances:

  • When it comes to choosing a color for walls, floors or ceilings, it is better to choose light, muted tones. Against such a background, brighter colors will look especially juicy, but the situation itself will remain calm and relaxed;
  • If we are talking about finishing a contrasting wall or choosing a color for furniture upholstery, you can use brighter colors. Also, decorative elements or ornament on the same upholstery or curtains can be bright. The main thing is not to overdo it, so that the interior does not resemble a variegated coloring. Everything should be in moderation. Let there not be very many bright elements, but they will be large and saturated.

Decoration Materials

Preference should be given to natural materials.

  • For wall cladding, the simplest materials are most often chosen – often, these are the usual wallpapers of white, creamy, sandy or pale yellow shades. Moreover, their surface should be smooth. Ideally, the wallpaper will be solid. Avoid using stripes, geometric patterns, or very small floral prints. If such a coating seems boring to you, it is permissible to use wallpaper with characteristic patterns – large palm leaves, banana leaves, large flowers, exotic birds, bamboo stems. Draws attention to the style of drawing the drawing itself. Its contours must be clear, pronounced. It is by no means recommended to use such wallpaper to decorate the entire room. It is better to arrange an accent wall in this way, around which, in the future, the entire interior will be built. In addition to wallpaper, you can use matte paint, plaster. For the decoration of individual areas – wood, bamboo, fabric panels;
  • Ceiling decoration in this case should also be simple and modest. It can be like ordinary painting or plastering, if the ceiling plane is flat and free from defects. In spacious rooms with high ceilings, you can use real wooden beams or their imitation. Such an element will add flavor to the interior. You can also use plasterboard or stretch ceilings. The texture of the latter is preferable matte or satin. Overly intricate layered designs are best avoided. In small quantities, it is permissible to use photo printing. Images should be relevant to the topic. It can be various floral or plant motives, images of birds of paradise or the firmament;

  • It is best to use natural wood parquet as materials for flooring. Rough wood planks, laminate, artificial or natural stone.

Selection of furniture items

When creating an interior in a tropical style, special attention should be paid to pieces of furniture. They must meet several basic requirements:

  • The first is to be as comfortable and comfortable as possible. This applies to both the most ordinary chair or armchair, as well as larger elements. At one glance at such furniture, there should be an irresistible desire to sit down or lie down. And having done this, you should get real pleasure, because the tropical style is, first of all, the atmosphere of eternal summer and relaxation;
  • Second, the furniture should be wooden. These can be elements in a classic style made of natural wood. More affordable products from veneered MDF. The use of light and cozy wicker furniture made of real vine or rattan is also encouraged;
  • Third, the upholstery of furniture should be fabric, and the pattern on it should correspond to the general theme of the room.

Lighting system

A tropical interior must be filled with enough light. Especially if its incarnation takes place within small rooms.

  • If the room faces the sunny side, it is worth arranging the pieces of furniture in such a way as to maximize the space in front of the window and not impede the penetration of natural light into the room. In this case, the question of the need to shade the window opening in the hot season will certainly arise. Natural linen curtains, fabric or bamboo roller shutters or blinds are best suited for decorating window openings in tropical-style interiors. In this case, the blinds must be horizontal. Ideally, they will be made from natural wood;
  • If the windows face north, a sufficient level of artificial lighting must be provided. In this case, it is best to use economical LED lamps with a natural or warm temperature of the luminous flux;
  • Lighting should be multi-level. As the main light source, you can use ceiling or multi-level wood chandeliers. Products with a wooden frame and fabric or paper shades are also suitable. Products made from real tree branches are popular;
  • Be sure to install a table lamp or floor lamp. Its lampshade can be made of the same fabric as the upholstery or curtains, and have a similar pattern;
  • To highlight the accent wall, you can use the backlight in the form of spotlights or diode tape. In the latter case, it is better to place the tape in a pre-provided niche on top of the wall or on the sides, so that the tape is invisible during daylight hours.

Choice of decor elements

This is the most fun part of embodying the tropical style. After all, it involves the use of a sufficient number of various little things:

  • The role of the main scenery, of course, is assigned to indoor plants. At the same time, not all of their varieties can be used. Tall plants with large leaves will perfectly fit in and help to recreate the atmosphere of a real tropics. Of course, the best option would be to buy a real palm tree in a wooden tub or ceramic pot, but not all types of them do well in our climatic zone. Therefore, you can limit yourself to more adapted varieties – dracaena, chamedorea, date or coconut palm. Such exotic plants as cicas, ficuses, monstera are also suitable. Their leaves are quite large, have a rich green tint, and the plants themselves are able to grow to a decent size;

  • Ceiling fans are a very interesting decorative element, which can also be functional. You can even find chandeliers made or having blades in their design. It is preferable that they are made of wood silt. Models are also allowed where the blades are, as it were, made of palm or banana leaves;
  • Small wicker baskets made of vines or twisted with twine will be appropriate;
  • A small folding wooden table can be placed in front of the sofa;
  • If the floor is finished with stone, it will be cold; you can cover it with a small rug with a colorful ornament or pattern that imitates the skin of an animal;
  • Pictures depicting foliage, tropical jungle and other elements of nature. Modular paintings will look good in spacious rooms;
  • Small sofa cushions with bright patterns;
  • Small animal figurines can be placed on dressers;
  • Natural pebbles are often found in such interiors. It can be used both for finishing entire walls or floors, and as a decoration. To do this, just put pebbles in flower pots. You can also use white sand in beautiful glass vases;
  • It’s great if the house has a place for a real aquarium or a cage with birds.
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