TOP 9 tips for renovating an apartment in a new building

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Buying an apartment in a new building is a real event in the life of every family. Such real estate has a lot of advantages, because it will be unnecessary to carry out dismantling work and deal with defects caused by aging of finishing materials. In addition, you do not need to take out the furniture somewhere during the renovation. But, on the other hand, behind the standard door of the happy owner of a new apartment, only bare concrete walls and floors will be waiting, so repairs in such a room require a lot of nuances. We bring to your attention some useful tips that will help you organize all the repair work correctly and avoid mistakes.

# 1. Focus on flaws

apartment renovation in a new buildingYou need to be very careful when accepting an apartment from a developer. Statistics say that in most cases there are numerous flaws that indicate that the construction work was carried out inappropriately. If any shortcomings were found, then you can make a list and file a claim with the developer. On the written request, the representative of the construction company must sign, with which he certifies that all defects will be corrected within the specified time frame.

If the request is not satisfied, you need to inform the developer that you can conduct a construction and technical examination, according to the results of which the company will have to reimburse all the costs of eliminating the shortcomings. Even if after that the developer is in no hurry to compensate for material damage, you can go to court, where you can provide all receipts for purchased building materials and contracts for the performance of the corresponding work by third parties.

To avoid such unpleasant incidents, it is better to ask in advance the opinion of those who have already purchased real estate from this developer before buying an apartment. On the Internet you can find a lot of useful information and read, for example, reviews about the residential complex Petrovsky quarter in Kiev on the forum, which should help you make the right decision.

# 2. Clear planning of all work

apartment renovation in a new buildingThe key to a quality repair in a new building is a careful planning of the sequence of all actions. In addition, you need to clearly imagine how you want to see the apartment as a result. To do this, you can draw up a design project, which in the future will help plan all stages of work and organize everything correctly, down to the smallest detail, because even an incorrectly located outlet will cause discomfort in the future.

It is better to draw up a design project independently or with the help of specialists, which will display the desired type of apartment after renovation. It is also necessary to think over all stages of the work and their sequence, the necessary building materials and tools. If it is planned to redevelop an apartment, then it is necessary to obtain all permits in advance from the relevant authorities.

No. 3. Correct selection of building materials

apartment renovation in a new buildingBuying building materials for repairs in a new building should be taken very carefully, since in this case the building may shrink, as a result of which cracks may form on the walls and ceilings, and the floors may swell. Therefore, experts recommend leaving small technical gaps during repairs and using building materials that react minimally to shrinkage. These include, for example, liquid wallpaper, laminate, stretch ceilings.

Professionals advise, before starting repair work, to check how strong shrinkage processes occur. Beacons are installed at the joints and corners, and after 2-3 months they check how much they are displaced. If this indicator is less than 3 mm, then overhaul can be carried out, if more, then for now it is better to do with cosmetic, using the simplest building materials, which will be replaced in a couple of years.

No. 4. We take into account the rules of the house

apartment renovation in a new buildingIt does not hurt to inquire in advance with the management company or the HOA if there are any rules for the house regarding the repair work. Today, such requirements often prescribe the time when it is possible to carry out work related to vibrations and noise, when it is possible to use the construction elevator and how to pack the goods. If the new building is under protection, then you need to find out what needs to be done so that the builders can freely enter the house. If there are no rules and requirements, then the task is much easier, but still you should not forget about the rules of behavior, and if people already live in the house, then work at the appropriate time of the day – it is better not to quarrel with future neighbors.

No. 5. Electrical wiring and sockets

apartment renovation in a new buildingIn the vast majority of cases, new buildings require additional work on the organization of electrical wiring. It is better to entrust this to specialists, but first carefully think over the future interior of each room in order to understand the location of zones, furniture, appliances, lighting fixtures, etc. This will determine the placement of sockets and switches in the room.

You should pay special attention to sockets. Probably, almost everyone has experienced how inconvenient it is when there are few outlets or they are located in the wrong place, and they have to trick themselves by installing extension cords. It is better to provide as many outlets as possible, but within reasonable limits, of course. Practice suggests that the optimal parameter is 1 socket per 5 m2. The kitchen and study can be equipped with a large number of sockets. If there are children at home, then do not set the outlet too low.

No. 6. Wall decoration

apartment renovation in a new buildingAt first glance, the walls may seem smooth, but if you need to glue the wallpaper or put furniture against the wall, problems can arise. That is why it is better to first determine the unevenness of the walls using a level and, if there are any flaws, align the walls. You can use putty or drywall sheets for this.

For wall decoration, professionals give some useful tips. So, if you plan to stick wallpaper, then the wall must be putty with a light color so that the dark surface does not shine through the light wallpaper. In a new building, you can glue fabric wallpaper or use liquid wallpaper. Attention should also be paid to the corners: they should be perfectly even so that when installing furniture it does not turn out that some object is knocked out of the overall straight line.

To create a more comfortable and cozy environment, you can soundproof the walls and, if necessary, floors. You can also soundproof the sewer pipes.

No. 7. Features of floor finishing

apartment renovation in a new buildingAs statistics show, the screed in new buildings can not always boast of high quality. If you leave everything as it is, then the coating that will be used is unlikely to be durable, since the screed under it is often uneven. That is why it is better to pour another more durable screed on top. In rare cases, the floor is solid and has a flat surface, so all work is reduced to removing sagging, if any.

As for the finish, it is better not to use the tiles right away, unless the plans include replacing the coating after 2-3 years. But you can choose the cheapest tile so that in a few years you can throw it away without pangs of conscience when carrying out major repairs.

No. 8. Ceiling decoration

apartment renovation in a new buildingThe ceiling can be whitewashed or plastered. All these works are easy to do on their own, they will not require huge funds, and as a temporary decoration, these options are quite applicable, and after the house has shrunk, it will be possible to arrange the ceiling as you like.

Polyurethane tiles can also be used. They look good, inexpensive, but short-lived – an ideal set of parameters if you decide to do a budget redecoration first. A more expensive option is stretch ceilings. They perfectly tolerate deformation, so shrinkage is not able to spoil them.

No. 9. Smart savings

apartment renovation in a new buildingIn trying to save money, many of us make fatal mistakes. If you need to hire a team of professionals to carry out repair work, then it is better to focus on reviews, reputation and examples of work than on the price. By ordering services at a low price, at best, you can get repairs of not very good quality, and then you will have to redo a lot of things, paying specialists. What kind of savings can we talk about? Fabulously low prices and unrealistically short terms are always a danger.

All the same applies to building materials. It is better to overpay a little once than to buy the same materials again after a couple of years, and again pay full price for them. High-quality building materials are a guarantee that the repairs will be performed at a high level, and it will be safe to stay in the apartment.

In conclusion

Renovation of a new building is a rather troublesome business that requires a thorough and most attentive approach. Clear planning of all actions, thinking through the future interior, using high-quality materials and referring to experienced specialists – these are the main components of a successful renovation in a new building.

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