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Primer is an extremely effective compound commonly used primarily to prepare surfaces for painting or other finishes. What does it mean here not only about the walls, since the primer is excellent for protecting metal from corrosion, and for increasing the adhesion of surfaces, and for other tasks like brushing (artificial aging) of wood. The priming process is an invariable part of the repair, since, for example, when applied to concrete, its porous structure is filled, which makes it highly resistant to subsequent external influences.

As you have already understood, much later may depend not only on the level of work done, but also on the quality of this composition, and therefore it is advisable to study the market a little before buying, paying attention to popular manufacturers. On the one hand, this may not tell anything to those who are far from the construction theme, but the choice of a product from a popular brand with a high reputation in its field is often a certain guarantee of quality. That is why we decided to compile this small rating list in which we have listed the current manufacturers that are popular on the Russian market.

Henkel (Ceresit)

And the first in this rating is the German company Henkel, engaged in the chemical industry, producing a wide range of products, which, in addition to building mixtures, also include various cleaning and detergents, cosmetics, adhesives and sealants. In this case, we consider the Ceresit brand, familiar to many in the domestic market. Over the long existence of the manufacturing company, like the brand itself, the accumulated many years of experience allows them to provide excellent modern solutions for repair and construction work.

As for their primers, the main component of the composition is synthetic resins, and their base is water-dispersion. The positive features of this combination are high absorbency and reliable protection against premature drying.

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An optimist

The Optimist company has also become quite popular lately. More precisely, like some other manufacturers represented in this list, this is precisely a group of companies that unites a certain number of brands that provide consumers with various products. The latter, for its most part, is of course the most diverse materials for repairs, among which there was a place for a primer. By the way, it is produced by three brands at once: Optimist, Optimist-Elite and Latek. However, the very first has the widest assortment.

Again, as in most cases, their products are great for both indoor and outdoor use. This primer is especially good for processing in rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. It evens the surface very well, and the composition contains antiseptics that prevent the occurrence of fungus and mold.

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Knauf brand products are no less popular in the Russian market today. This international manufacturing company was founded in 1932 in Germany, and in 1949 their first plant producing gypsum mortars appeared in Bavaria. The company’s products have been present on the domestic market for more than 25 years, and during this time it has managed to open more than 10 factories throughout the country. And this is without taking into account those enterprises that are located in other countries. Today the company offers solutions for construction work of various levels of complexity, serving large orders and objects.

Naturally, in addition to this, it is engaged in the production of drywall sheets, insulation materials, and of course dry building mixtures. Among a large number of users, their quick-drying primer is popular, as well as a composition with the addition of quartz sand.

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Serious competition to many European brands in the field of dry building mixtures in the Russian market can be made by the products of the Starateli company. Of course, in comparison with the first ones, this brand can be considered relatively young, since it appeared in 1992. Nevertheless, a sufficient amount of time has passed for them, which allowed them to grow into a manufacturer offering quality products, which, as you might guess, brought them popularity. According to the company itself, it has learned from the mistakes of more experienced and “mature” manufacturers, gradually improving its recipes and technologies.

The company uses exclusively selected raw materials and components from the leaders of the European market in its products, complementing all this with high-quality modified components and continuous quality control at all stages of the production process. Therefore, the primer of this manufacturer is quite versatile.

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There are many really interesting and popular companies among the domestic manufacturers of primers, as you can already see, and among them the Tex brand is also worth highlighting. The products of this company have been present on the Russian market for over 20 years, allowing the manufacturer to remain one of the leaders in the category of paints and varnishes, which once again proves its high quality. Like any other well-known company, they offer consumers a fairly wide range, good price-quality ratio in the mid-budget segment, as well as availability in hardware stores throughout the country.

Its versatile composition has excellent penetration, effectively filling porous surfaces up to a depth of 6 mm. If you are renovating your bathroom and want to upgrade it with new ceramic tiles, then this manufacturer’s primer will be very suitable.

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Leroy Merlin (AXTON)

Another brand that represents a fairly well-known company is AXTON, and behind it is none other than Leroy Merlin (Leroy Merlin). The latter is a French manufacturing company widely known in Europe and beyond its borders and simply one of the largest hardware stores. Its history begins back in 1923, and since then it has not stopped developing, especially in the direction of DIY, offering various finishing materials, home and garden products, as well as a variety of other products and tools represented by various brands. One of these brands is AXTON, which offers very reliable and at the same time simple products for repair.

Among them, a wide range of adhesives, sealants, polyurethane foams, primers and other building mixtures are presented. The primer of their production has excellent penetrating properties, so it can be used almost everywhere, from interior work with any type of finish to facades.

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The Lakra group of companies is a fairly large and at the same time also a popular manufacturer of decorative paintwork in Russia. She, as is typical for similar distributors, represents several brands at once on the domestic market, which allows her to occupy one of the leading places in the top three. A remarkable fact is that all the company’s products are manufactured not only in Russia, but also at high-tech factories around the world: in Germany, France, Switzerland and even Canada. Of course, the advantages of this approach are the use of Western industrial technologies that have a great effect on the quality of the product as a whole.

All products of the company, which, of course, are not limited to only one primer, meet international quality standards, and are safe and environmentally friendly. As for their primer, it is ideal for bathrooms, as it increases adhesion and prevents the appearance of pathogenic bacteria, mold and mildew.

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One of the youngest and nevertheless popular companies producing building mixtures is the Bolars brand. This is another domestic manufacturer that has won fame both at home and far beyond its borders. The history of the company began in 1999, which, you see, is really not a lot. Nevertheless, it was then that the production of building mixtures and finishing materials was founded. Over time, the company did not stop developing, at the same time equipping production with modern and high-tech equipment, equipping the plant with automated lines. It also has at its disposal certified scientific laboratories.

At the moment, the company is one of the three leaders on the Russian market for the production of professional building mixtures. Their composition is intended for strengthening the structure of aerated concrete, gypsum plasters and cement-sand / lime screeds.

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The last in our list of primer manufacturers popular on the Russian market was the Samara LNPP, which was founded in 1992. Initially, for the first five years of its existence, the company specialized in the supply and installation of energy-saving facade insulation systems from American manufacturers. To date, their direction has not changed much. They are still focused on working with facades, but since 1998, production has been launched, which now allows the company to provide not only acrylic facade insulation systems, but also building materials for various purposes. By the way, the company’s product range is quite decent, although it is narrowly focused on facades.

Nevertheless, their primer can be used almost everywhere, not only for outdoor use, as it is excellent for treating walls before painting with acrylic or water-based paints.

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