TOP 9 manufacturers of porcelain stoneware for cladding ventilated facades

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Today, ventilated facades are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they have a lot of advantages. They allow air to circulate freely, which means they remove condensate, improve heat and sound insulation, increase the durability of the building, and save on heating and cooling the room. Completely different materials are used as facing, often the choice falls on porcelain stoneware. Today, there are many manufacturers of this material on the market, but not all can boast of high quality and a decent reputation. What are the best manufacturers of porcelain stoneware for ventilated facades?


EsteemEstima is one of the leaders in this area, and today the products are manufactured at two factories located in Russia, which makes it convenient to deliver to different regions and offer reasonable prices. It should be noted that this was the first company in Russia to start producing porcelain stoneware, because earlier it was brought mainly from Europe and China.

The manufacturer uses only high quality raw materials, which makes it possible to obtain products that meet the requirements of all national and international standards. Moreover, the company uses modern Italian equipment, and also takes into account the peculiarities of the Russian climate and develops new production technologies to make the products perfect.

The company is constantly expanding, and today its representative offices are not only in large Russian cities, but also in neighboring countries, which testifies to the confidence in Estima products. The range of the manufacturer today includes ceramic tiles and several collections of porcelain stoneware, so it will be possible to choose a material with the necessary decorative qualities.


This is a company that specializes only in the production of porcelain stoneware. The manufacturer began its activity in 2005, and today it is a confident leader in this market. The company manages to produce the highest quality porcelain stoneware thanks to the use of modern Italian equipment and control at every stage of production. The company has organized the work of mini-laboratories to cover the entire production chain of the production of porcelain stoneware.

The company uses high-quality dyes and modern equipment, which makes it possible to obtain products with excellent repeatability of the pattern, as well as with non-standard colors. In addition, today the company has equipment for rectification and polishing of porcelain stoneware, it is constantly developing and introducing new technologies, expanding production, and today it produces more than 8 million m2 of porcelain stoneware per year. For some time the company produced products under the trademarks “AZORI” and “Kerabud”, and today it produces porcelain stoneware under its own trademark – “Ural Granite”.

The range of products includes, among other things, the Uralsky Facade collection, which is intended exclusively for use in the arrangement of ventilated facades. For this, it has a number of distinctive positive qualities, which is confirmed by compliance with all necessary standards.

Cir Serenissima

Cir SerenissimaCir Serenissima is a renowned Italian manufacturer of porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles. The history of the enterprise has more than a dozen years, during which it managed to turn from a small production into a real giant. So, today the company is well known not only throughout Italy, but also abroad, and its products are exported to 91 countries of the world. In Russia, for example, there is an official representative of the manufacturer, so the company’s products are widely represented.

Cir Serenissima porcelain stoneware is of the highest European quality and is manufactured in compliance with all the necessary standards both in terms of the production process and in terms of environmental protection. They pay great attention not only to the quality of the material, but also to its appearance, therefore in the manufacturer’s collection there are unique samples of porcelain stoneware that can instantly distinguish the building against the general background. The manufacturer monitors the quality of products at every stage, has its own research laboratories, so it is constantly developing and offering the buyer new interesting options.


FioranoThis is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of porcelain stoneware, which is very popular among domestic buyers. It is one of the largest manufacturers in China, which has been operating for over 20 years, and about 10 of them are exporting products to Russia. For production, modern equipment made in Italy and China is used. Italian specialists are involved in the technological process, the possibilities of innovations are constantly being studied. In addition, the products are carefully monitored at every stage of production. Due to all this, the company managed to achieve quality that meets all international standards, and therefore gain worldwide recognition.

The produced porcelain stoneware, intended for ventilated facades, is distinguished by high wear resistance, resistance to environmental factors, to the influence of aggressive media. In addition, a fairly wide range of possible colors is presented. With all this, the company offers affordable prices, so the products are considered ideal in terms of value and quality.

Alfa Ceramiche

Alfa CeramicheAn Italian manufacturer with a long history. Today his name is familiar to the whole world and is strongly associated with high quality. Here, ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware are produced in compliance with all European quality standards, the market is constantly being researched, the wishes of consumers are being clarified, their own products and their manufacturing technology are being improved. This is a company that keeps up with the times, without breaking the established traditions of maintaining high quality.

LLC “Samara Stroyfarfor”

Grasaro,Samara Stroyfarfor LLC is a relatively young domestic company that has been on the porcelain stoneware market since 2004. Today, porcelain stoneware is produced here under the Grasaro trademark, and modern equipment purchased in Italy is used for this. Together with strict control at every stage of production and a responsible approach of employees to their work, the equipment allows us to produce porcelain stoneware of the highest quality.

The company presents porcelain stoneware for facades in several collections, and each option can be with a matte or glossy surface. The assortment is amazing, but at the same time the company offers very affordable prices for its products, which explains the growing popularity.

Hitom Ceramics

Hitom CeramicsAgain, a Chinese manufacturer who is known all over the world. For many years in a row, it has been producing quality products that have been appreciated in many countries on all continents. A distinctive feature of the company is that they take into account the difficult domestic climate with a humid autumn season, frost and temperature changes in winter, and part of the products is adapted for the Russian buyer. With such ceramic granite, you can get not only an attractive facade, but also a coating that is reliably protected from all negative influences, which, moreover, regulates the microclimate in the room.

The company is very strict about the choice of raw materials, as well as the very technological process of production, which ultimately allows you to get a material with excellent performance.

The assortment of porcelain stoneware for facade work is huge, and everyone can choose exactly the option that most closely matches his idea. At the same time, outwardly, the material is difficult to distinguish from natural stone; it provides an excellent appearance to any building.


ApariciSpanish company that has existed since 1961. An enterprise was formed in a small town, where the production of ceramic products has long been a tradition. From a small production, the company gradually turned into a real giant, which today offers several types of ceramic products, incl. and porcelain stoneware. They pay special attention to both the performance indicators of porcelain stoneware and its decorative qualities.

Modern equipment, new technologies are used, strict production control is in place.

As a result, high-quality porcelain stoneware is produced, worthy of becoming an adornment of any facade, but you will have to pay a lot for it, since the manufacturer’s prices are above average.

Wise salt

Wise saltSal Sapiente is a Chinese porcelain stoneware manufacturer whose name is not yet as well known as some of its competitors. Nevertheless, the company is not inferior in terms of quality, while offering the lowest possible prices.

For the production of products, European equipment is used here, and designers are constantly working on creating new interesting collections. Today, the range of porcelain stoneware for ventilated facades is quite decent, includes many different monochromatic and combined colors, and each option can be made with a glossy, matte or embossed surface.

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