TOP 9 manufacturers of concrete and reinforced concrete products in Magnitogorsk

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It’s not for nothing that modern cities are called the kingdom of concrete. This material has become universal, and its demand is only growing every year. Modern construction is impossible to imagine without concrete: foundations, ceilings, bridges, roads, railway platforms and runways are erected from it. This is a strong and durable material, and the increased demand for it has activated unscrupulous manufacturers. Probably, everyone understands what the use of low-quality concrete in the construction of a responsible facility can turn out to be, therefore it is better to buy concrete and products from it only from trusted manufacturers. Each region has its own, but now we will focus on the largest producers of concrete and reinforced concrete products in Magnitogorsk.

LLC “Stroitel-Mp”

The plant is a branch of the St. Petersburg company “PetroStroyBeton” and has been operating in Magnitogorsk since 2003. It produces concrete of all grades and volumes for pouring foundations, floors and building houses, and also produces foundation blocks and well rings. Our own construction laboratory monitors raw materials and finished products for compliance with GOSTs, production lines are equipped with German equipment, so you can be sure of the quality of the concrete produced. At the same time, the company manages to offer customers the best prices for all products.
concrete plantDelivery of concrete and reinforced concrete products is carried out across Magnitogorsk and adjacent regions. Over the years, the plant has gained a reputation as a reliable manufacturer, values ​​its honest name, therefore, it guarantees the timely delivery of any required volume of concrete of the ordered brand. The plant has its own fleet of concrete trucks with a mixer volume from 2 to 10 m3, which allows to guarantee fast delivery without loss of concrete quality. The company also has all the necessary equipment for pouring concrete, incl. with a concrete pump, conveyor belt, hydraulic units, mixers, so it will be able to quickly and efficiently fill concrete right at the construction site. A responsible approach to production allows the plant to pour concrete even in winter. More information can be found on the website

Plant of Concrete and Products “DOM”

The enterprise is located on the territory of OJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works and has been operating for over 20 years. The plant’s products are actively used at the plant, as well as by large construction companies and private developers. The company produces concrete of all grades, as well as concrete with special properties, incl. with increased water resistance, frost resistance and with a quick set of strength. Fiber concrete, road curbs, well rings and other products are also produced.

The raw materials and additives used correspond to GOST and TU, production is carried out on two concrete mixing plants, the capacity is up to 800 m3 of concrete per day. The use of modern dosing equipment makes it possible to obtain concrete with well-defined properties. The production is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard, and the finished products are tested for strength, frost resistance and water resistance, according to the results of which they receive a quality certificate. Control is carried out by employees of a certified laboratory. The plant is confident in the impeccability of the products, therefore it gives a guarantee of quality, brand and volume.

LLC “Concrete Auto Resource”

The company’s production facilities are located near Magnitogorsk, in the village. Rainbow. The company has been operating since 2009, is engaged in the production and delivery of concrete mixtures, and also produces sawn timber, reinforcing nets and other building materials. In 2013, a new concrete workshop was opened, which was equipped with the latest equipment. The entire production process is fully computerized. They pay great attention to the quality of raw materials, since they understand that the quality of the finished product depends on it for the most part.

The plant produces concrete of all grades and can deliver it to construction sites located in any part of the city and region. The company also offers a screed, cinder blocks, concrete foundation blocks and will help to equip a concrete frame. The prices of the plant can be called one of the most favorable in the region; all products have quality certificates.

LLC “Shlakoblok”

The company has been manufacturing concrete in Magnitogorsk for several years now, and during this time it has managed to acquire a good reputation, as it responsibly approaches each stage of the production process. Concrete of all grades is produced here, it is possible to make a composition according to a recipe specified by a customer, deliver compositions of any volume directly to a construction site and fill them. The plant also produces some types of concrete products, incl. foundation blocks, lintels, well rings, floor slabs, as well as road curbs and paving slabs.

A high-tech automated production line allows you to accurately observe the dosage and produce high quality products, which is confirmed by quality certificates. Product control is carried out by a certified laboratory. There is a dispatching service at the plant that coordinates the process of concrete delivery and makes the plant’s work smooth and efficient. If necessary, the company’s specialists can consult and help with the choice. Among the customers of the plant are the largest construction organizations in Magnitogorsk and the Chelyabinsk region, and the geography of supplies is constantly expanding.

Building materials factory “Stroyindustriya”

The company has been operating in Magnitogorsk since 2000, and during this time has managed to become a real giant in the production of concrete products. The range of products has been constantly growing and today it has more than 50 items. The plant does not sell concrete mortar, but offers paving slabs, paving stones, facade tiles, wall stones, curbs, cinder blocks and drainage systems. All products are manufactured by vibrocasting and semi-dry vibrocompression; high-quality durable pigments are used for painting.

The plant has installed modern equipment from leading manufacturers. Together with the professionalism of the employees, it allows achieving high quality products and constantly increasing production capacity. The company produces more than 1000 m2 of paving slabs, 100 m3 of wall stone and 6000 m2 of curbstone per day. The plant’s products decorate many cities of the Urals and Siberia. The company’s specialists can provide a completely free consultation, make measurements and give practical advice.

Reinforced concrete plant CJSC “Construction Complex”

concrete plant 2The plant was put into operation in 1991 and was originally designed to produce 50 thousand m3 of concrete and 30 thousand m3 of prefabricated reinforced concrete per year. In 2006, a large-scale modernization of production began. Automation of technological lines has made it possible to carry out even more accurate dosage of components in order to obtain concrete and concrete products with strictly specified characteristics.

Today the plant offers ready-mix concrete of any brands, as well as a wide range of reinforced concrete products, incl. foundation blocks and cushions, purlins, lintels, rings, beams, curbs, paving slabs, piles, wells, wall blocks, etc. All products have an appropriate set of documents confirming their quality, but the best proof can be considered the objects built using the plant’s products, of which there are many in the Chelyabinsk region and in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

OOO “BetonStrojServis”

The company produces ready-mixed concrete of various brands and delivers it across Magnitogorsk and the surrounding area with its own special transport. In addition, the manufacturer offers screed mortar, masonry mortar, as well as foam blocks, cement, gravel and sand. Concrete is produced from quality raw materials and additives. A quality certificate is attached to each mixer.

LLC “TransBetonGroup”

concrete plant 3A small manufacturer that offers concrete of various brands to private developers and construction companies. Delivery is carried out in the city and the surrounding area, the quality of products is confirmed by the relevant documents.

LLC “Monolit”

Another small manufacturer that makes concrete on a mobile Fiori plant, which provides the company with maximum mobility, and allows customers to be confident in the quality of the concrete and that the performance of the mixture does not deteriorate on the road. The company produces concrete from inert materials of the region where the production takes place. At the same time, the customer significantly saves on delivery. The plant capacity is about 100 m3 of concrete per day. The company has extensive experience and is ready to produce concrete in any corner of the city and region.

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