TOP 9 major manufacturers of tongue-and-groove plates

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For the construction of internal partitions, tongue-and-groove plates are increasingly used. They are easy to install, lightweight, cheap, environmentally friendly and vapor-permeable, perfectly handleable and do not carry significant loads on the floors of the house. To take advantage of all these advantages and build a durable reliable partition, experienced experts advise to pay attention when choosing not only the dimensions and declared properties of the material, but also the name of its manufacturer. Let’s dwell on the largest companies specializing in the production of tongue-and-groove plates.


KnaufThe German company Knauf is one of the leading players in the world and domestic market of tongue-and-groove plates. The history of the company began in the 30s of the last century with the processing of natural gypsum, later a plant for the production of dry building mixtures based on gypsum was opened, then a plant for the production of gypsum plasterboards. The company developed rapidly, and today it is a group of companies offering solutions in the field of dry construction, producing materials for insulation and finishing. Knauf is a guarantee of the highest quality, since the factories use the most modern and accurate equipment, and strict control over compliance with strict standards is constantly carried out.

The tongue-and-groove plates of the company are distinguished by ideal geometry and the highest alignment accuracy, which makes it possible to quickly and easily erect partitions even for beginners in this matter. The range of the company includes standard and moisture resistant boards with a thickness of 80 and 100 mm. You have to pay for the highest quality – the company’s tongue-and-groove plates are more expensive than their domestic counterparts.

OOO Volma

VolmaThe tongue-and-groove slabs under the Volma trademark occupy more than half of the domestic market and are in growing demand. They are produced by a plant in Volgograd, which has existed since 1943. Today, the company’s production facilities are located in several cities of Russia and are engaged in the production of plasters, assembly mixtures, tile adhesives, primers, thermal insulation materials, drywall and tongue-and-groove plates. Over the past few years, the production volumes of the latter have been increased several times, as the demand for products is constantly growing.

The popularity of Volma plates is explained by their high quality – experts consider the company’s products to be a worthy alternative to the German industry leader Knauf, but at the same time, domestic products are much cheaper. The company says it has been able to achieve this success through customer focus, continuous improvement and a systems approach.

It is easy to work with the company’s tongue-and-groove plates, they allow you to achieve excellent results. Solid and hollow, standard and moisture-resistant boards with a thickness of 80 and 100 mm are produced. Slabs with a thickness of 100 mm in the midst of construction work are not easy to find on sale. The manufacturer adds fiberglass to the products to increase strength. The presence of hollow slabs with a noticeably lighter weight and better heat and sound insulation characteristics distinguishes domestic products from European ones.

OOO “Magma”

MagmaMagma LLC, a large domestic manufacturer of tongue-and-groove slabs, is part of the Magma group of companies, whose factories are engaged in the extraction and processing of various minerals. LLC “Magma” specializes in the manufacture of gypsum plasterboards, dry mortars and tongue-and-groove slabs. The latter are familiar to buyers as “MAGMA-gypsum boards”. Since the company uses excellent raw materials, proven technologies and modern equipment, the quality of the products is high.

The company’s tongue-and-groove slabs appeared on the market only in 2012, but have already gained popularity among builders. The products are praised for their strength, reliability, good geometry and appearance. Conveniently, the boards can be completed with the manufacturer’s special adhesives. The assortment is represented by standard and moisture resistant slabs, solid and hollow with a thickness of 80 mm.

LLC “Peshelansky gypsum plant”

Peshelansky gypsum plantThe plant was built in 1933 on the basis of a gypsum deposit and specialized in the extraction and primary processing of gypsum. The gypsum mined here has always been of very high quality, therefore the tongue-and-groove slabs, which began to be produced here in 2002, turned out to be strong and reliable. Production is constantly being improved and modernized, the volumes of manufactured products and their range are growing. Our own raw material base, combined with new equipment and the desire to create the highest quality products, ensured the success of the company in the domestic market.

At the moment, the manufacturer produces boards with a thickness of 80 mm. They can be hollow or full-bodied, moisture resistant and standard. The peculiarity of the company is the production of shungite tongue-and-groove plates. They are made to order, their cost is 2 times higher than conventional stoves, but their properties are unique: suppression of the growth and reproduction of viruses and bacteria, reduction of the level of electromagnetic radiation.

OAO Gipsopolimer

Gypsum polymerSince 1953, the company has specialized in the production of gypsum sheets. Cooperation with nuclear energy enterprises already in those years made the plant stand out and made it possible to speak of a high production culture and the highest quality of products. Today the enterprise can boast of its own raw material base and a complete production cycle. It uses modern high-tech equipment, innovations, constantly expanding the range of products and their volumes. The plant produces plasters and putties, assembly mixtures and self-leveling floors, as well as gypsum building and tongue-and-groove slabs.

At the moment, the range of tongue-and-groove slabs of the manufacturer includes solid and hollow slabs 80 mm thick, standard and moisture resistant, as well as solid moisture resistant and standard slabs 100 mm thick. All products are characterized by good geometry and ease of installation.

CJSC “Samara Gypsum Plant”

Samara Gypsum PlantThe company deservedly ranks among the largest in the plaster industry. It has been operating since 1944; in Soviet times, it was a leader in its field, producing a record number of products. Today the plant offers dry building mixes and gypsum products, which are used in 13 different industries and are exported to the markets of the near abroad.

In 2003, the production of tongue-and-groove plates was mastered and since then their range has been constantly expanding. The company produces small-sized (600 * 300 mm) and standard (667 * 500 mm) tongue-and-groove plates. Presented are ordinary and moisture resistant boards, 80 and 100 mm thick. High quality and a wide range of products ensure a consistently high demand for the company’s products.

OAO Belgips

BelgipsThe products of this Belarusian enterprise are also presented on the domestic market and are in demand. The plant was founded in 1944 and specialized in the production of gypsum and gypsum products for construction, later gypsum partition plates began to be produced, and the production of drywall was established. Today the product range has been expanded, but it is still focused on the production of gypsum and gypsum boards. The quality of products is confirmed by certificates of conformity and awards from various exhibitions.

Since 2005, tongue-and-groove plates have been produced in a standard and moisture-resistant design with a thickness of 80 mm. Their significant advantage is an even smooth surface, so the application of a leveling layer is not required. The production is carried out in accordance with the ISO 9001-2001 standard. Now the plant is carrying out a comprehensive modernization, changing equipment, improving the recipe. In 2014, the enterprise was acquired by Volma, thanks to which the quality of the products offered to the buyer under the old Belgips trademark was significantly improved.

JSC “Gipsobeton”

tongue-and-groove plates 2The enterprise has been operating since 1963 and today is one of the leaders in the domestic production of tongue-and-groove plates and dry mixes. The range of products is small and includes only solid standard and moisture resistant boards with a thickness of 80 mm. Despite this, the products received a lot of positive reviews for their correct geometry and precise alignment of the groove and flange.

JSC “Sverdlovsk Plaster Products Plant”

Sverdlovsk plaster products plantA large Ural enterprise specializes in the production of gypsum products under the GIFAS trademark. In addition to gypsum products, the company produces dry mixes and concrete products. The enterprise dates back to 1959 and today has high-tech equipment that allows it to produce quality products. The assortment is represented by 80 mm thick standard and moisture resistant slabs. The products have a smooth surface, precise dimensions, and are easy to saw and assemble.

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