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If you have started a bathroom renovation or just want to replace some of the elements of sanitary equipment, then you should not forget about using a sealant. This tool is widely used when working in such premises, because its main properties are waterproofing and, accordingly, sealing. Basically, sealants are used to seal various seams and joints between walls and other elements of the bathroom (shower, bath, sink, etc.). Despite the fact that a pleasant bonus from their use is the aesthetics of the finished type of repair, the main features here are protection against leaks and condensation, which can lead to the appearance of fungus.

When buying a high-quality sealant, you must take into account many features that will greatly simplify your further work and will be beneficial in the long term. For example, the composition itself must be resistant to mold, so that it does not turn black later, and it will not be superfluous to make sure that there is a sufficient degree of adhesion so that it does not suddenly begin to flake off. For some, consistency and ease of application will probably be important features, for others – setting speed and cost. It is clear that for the best result it is worth considering most of this, if not all. But last but not least, you will have to pay attention to the manufacturer. And today we decided to bring to your attention the best manufacturers of sealants on the Russian market.


We will start with the manufacturer Makroflex, which today is engaged in the production of relatively budgetary sealants with high sanitary properties. Despite the fact that the products of this Finnish brand are not the most expensive, the sealant has good antiseptic properties, effectively preventing the growth of fungus. Also, their compositions are very resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, which definitely makes them one of the best in their price segment. Finally, one of the positive features of this manufacturer’s sealants is excellent adhesion, which allows them to be applied well even in the cold and on surfaces without a primer. Simply put, the products of this company are definitely worth the money.

  • Country of origin: Finland
  • Official website:


Despite the fact that the main focus of the Belinka manufacturer is on the production of household chemicals, as well as coatings for protecting and painting wood, there is a place in their assortment for several types of sealants. As with the previous brand, this brand’s sealants are among the best sanitary and are ideal for ceramics. In addition, they also adhere perfectly to glass, metals and stone, which slightly expands the scope of application. A viscous consistency will allow it to ensure reliable sealing of the seams, and after hardening it will securely lock in place, so much so that serious mechanical action may be required to remove it. Among the disadvantages observed by users, we can note the presence of a vinegar smell and a long solidification time. Although you cannot call them critical.

  • Country of origin: Slovenia
  • Official website:


The third among the popular manufacturers of sanitary sealants on the domestic market is the TANGIT brand, whose products are distinguished by high antiseptic properties. Their sealant is resistant to mold and contains various components that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. It also has other useful features such as moisture resistance, elasticity and increased adhesion, which allows it to reliably adhere to various surfaces. However, despite all the listed advantages and a certain popularity among users, the sealants of this manufacturer have one big drawback, which, however, has nothing to do with its properties. The thing is that it is very difficult to find it on store shelves, which introduces certain difficulties in the buying process.

  • Country of origin: Greece
  • Official site:


American manufacturers rarely appear on our lists, as there are enough brands in both Europe and Russia that consumers can rely on. However, there are exceptions, one of which is the DAP brand. The products of this American company are extremely popular at home and among neighbors (in Canada), which rightfully earns it the title of one of the leading manufacturers of repair and construction materials in America. And given that it produces almost a full range of materials that are used in repair, construction and decoration, the presence of high-quality sealant is not something out of the ordinary. Among the advantages of the latter, it is possible to note the use of various components in the manufacturing process, a high reputation with large construction companies, as well as a rather long service life. Of the objective disadvantages of this brand’s sealants, one can single out only the high cost.

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Official website:

Ceresit (Henkel)

The Ceresit brand is probably familiar to many of you from other building compounds, because we already mentioned it when we considered the best primer manufacturers. And since sealants can be safely attributed to the same category (building compounds), it is not surprising that we once again meet with a representative of the German chemical-industrial company Henkel, which is popular on the Russian market. Since the latter is engaged in the production of a wide range of household chemicals and not only, it is logical that various categories of its products are sold under different brands. But since we are talking about sealants, we will not go aside. In this regard, this brand shows good results, differing in the elasticity of the seams, high-quality insulation and high resistance to moisture and temperature changes.

  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Official website:

Tytan Professional

One of the main tasks of the sealant, as we noted at the very beginning, is reliable sealing, and among the best manufacturers, Tytan Professional brand products are distinguished by the same high quality and reliability. This brand specializes in the production of sealants, adhesives and polyurethane foam, and is part of the global concern Selena Group. Its history dates back to 1992 in Poland, which, in principle, happened not so long ago. And in a relatively short period of time the company managed to expand to 16 production sites on four continents, gaining wide popularity in more than 70 countries of the world. The sealants of the presented brand are also distinguished by the presence of antifungal additives, high elastic properties and the absence of cracks during hardening.

  • Country of origin: Poland
  • Official website:


Among the good silicone sealants on the domestic market, one can note the products of the Ravak brand, which we have already considered in the context of the best manufacturers of shower cabins, because it is on them and baths that the company’s main focus is placed. Surely it was this specialization that allowed them to offer one of the best silicone sealants, which enjoys a certain popularity. True, it is more popular among the repair and installation of plumbing, rather than among ordinary consumers, since its cost is quite high. And yet, this once again proves that this sealant has all the necessary qualities such as excellent adhesion, reliable sealing, fast drying, etc.

  • Country of manufacture: Czech Republic
  • Official website:

Dow Corning

Among many users, the best sealant for shower boxes and cabins today is considered a product of the Dow Corning brand, which is part of the international chemical company The Dow Chemical Company. This brand is focused on the production of silicone, and with it offers quality sealants, characterized by durable reliable insulation. A large number of positive reviews on the network also indicate that they are not afraid of humidity and temperature changes, and the resistance to the reproduction of various microorganisms and the formation of mold allows them to attract even more attention from consumers. Of course, like any other high-quality analogue, the sealants of this brand have one small drawback – a high cost.

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Official site:

Kim Tec

Well, the last representative of our small list of the best manufacturers of sealants was the German brand Kim Tec, offering consumers the optimal combination of excellent German quality and affordable cost. Sealants of this brand are perfect for almost all plumbing fixtures, adhering well to a variety of materials such as ceramics, plastic, wood, concrete and even glass. This silicone sealant also has strong anti-fungal properties, which is especially useful in high humidity environments such as bathrooms. The only minor drawback in this case will be the rather persistent vinegar smell, which persists for some time after using the sealant.

  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Official site:


So, after you have received a little more information about the best manufacturers of sealants on the domestic market, you can probably make your choice much faster. It is clear that we have not listed all the representatives of the market, and therefore there may not be a brand that you used before. And yet, using the best products is much more enjoyable, at least because they are much more reliable.

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