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When renovating or arranging a bathroom from scratch, it is worth considering a large number of nuances. And one of them is definitely heated towel rails. Indeed, at first glance, they are far from the most important feature in the bathroom, and you may not even remember about them, while they are not practical in their function of the same name. Agree, it won’t do much good if you wipe something with a wet towel. And a constantly damp towel can quickly deteriorate, so the presence of a heated towel rail takes on much more importance than it might initially seem.

Previously, in many apartments, heated towel rails were a commonplace part of the plumbing system, namely a pipe sticking out of the wall through which hot water flowed. To date, their concept has not changed too much, only now they can be purchased and installed separately, and in addition to water options, there are also electric ones. By the way, in addition to drying itself, they also seem to be quite good hangers, freeing up space in the bathroom, and also giving off some of the heat to the room itself, allowing you to save a little on heating. Of course, in order to choose a reliable and high-quality product, you should pay attention to the proposals of the best manufacturers on the market, which we will talk about today.


And our list of the best manufacturers of heated towel rails is opened by the Russian brand Terminus, which at the moment is quite popular in the vastness of the domestic market. It will be fair to say that in this category the manufacturer is one of the leaders, not only at home, but also in other CIS countries, as it has been offering its products for 17 years. We can praise the company’s assortment, which includes not only standard classic models, but also much more interesting design solutions that look good in any bathroom interior. If we talk about numbers, then the model range of heated towel rails and design radiators Terminus has over 200 units, both water and electric.

Due to the fact that the final product of the company combines the latest trends in European fashion, it manages to win a sufficient amount of attention from Russian users. And in the manufacturing process itself, of course, reliable pipes and high-quality equipment are used.

  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Official website:


If we are already talking about the leaders in the production of heated towel rails and design radiators, then it would be illogical to ignore the Zehnder brand products. This Swiss manufacturer is widely known all over the world for its high-quality and reliable heating devices, which are not limited in this case only to the two categories mentioned at the beginning. Nevertheless, now we are considering it in the context of heated towel rails, which, by the way, have long been dubbed by many users ultramodern and very effective. Initially, the company was engaged not only in batch production, but also on order, in accordance with the wishes and sizes provided by the client. Ultimately, the assortment of models represents more than 200 options of various shapes and colors, among which there are basic lines with 25 different designs.

It is clear that this company approaches the production process very seriously and over 80 years of its own history has accumulated enough experience, which it skillfully applies in practice. One of the features of their products is the use of environmentally friendly components and raw materials in production.

  • Country of manufacture: Switzerland
  • Official website:


However, as in most cases, the category of heated towel rails on the domestic market is not represented by the only Russian manufacturer, and one of the following brands, definitely worthy of attention, is Sunerzha. According to the company itself, the creation of heated towel rails and design radiators has long become an art for them, which has served as a creative approach and innovative production principles. And when studying some individual representatives of their considerable assortment, you really catch yourself thinking that their products attract attention with their non-standardness. Having started its activity in 1996, this manufacturer was one of the first who began to make stainless steel heated towel rails.

High-quality foreign-made pipes and non-standard design approach are the main features of this brand. Of course, products are subjected to many checks even at the production stage, which allows them to meet all the necessary quality and safety standards.

  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Official site:


There are many popular manufacturers of heated towel rails outside of Russia. These are mainly European brands with a rich history, such as the Italian company Margaroli, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary this year. Like some other companies on this list, this brand is not limited to one category, providing interesting solutions in the field of heating technology. One of the main features of their products, as you might guess, is the emphasis on design, which is famous for a large number of European, including Italian products. But not only this distinguishes this brand from competitors, because portable models are a highlight in a wide range of produced heated towel rails.

This is exactly how, in addition to stationary products from this manufacturer, you will find no less attractive portable models that can change your idea of ​​ u200b u200btheir use, which will definitely be very convenient.

  • Country of manufacture: Italy
  • Official site:


Among the relatively young Russian companies involved in the production of heated towel rails, Tera and its stainless steel offer may be worth your attention. Despite the fact that it began its activities in 2003, and may not have as rich experience as some of the manufacturers on this list, this company skillfully combines the basic principles with modern and relevant ideas. At the same time, the range of produced models, both electric and water, is very wide. At least for such a relatively young brand. The company focuses on continuous improvement of design and construction in production, providing not only an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also simple installation.

Like some other domestic brands, this company uses high-quality pipes from the best foreign manufacturers in the production. One of the pleasant features of the products of this manufacturer is the small and rather favorable cost.

  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Official website:


Another Swiss brand on our small list is Arbonia, whose history dates back to the second half of the 19th century, when a small forge in the city of Arbon decided to separately deal with the production of steel pipes. After almost a century and a half, it has become a well-known manufacturer and supplier of various heating equipment, not only for residential areas, but also for public facilities. In addition to the heated towel rails we are interested in, the company’s assortment is full of a variety of models of radiators (vertical and tubular), convectors (indoor and floor), as well as other components of heating systems such as thermostats, mounts and other components.

It is clear that the products of this manufacturer are distinguished by a high level of quality, but from a design point of view, there are not so many different designs among the brand’s heated towel rails, which for someone may turn out to be, albeit a small, but still a disadvantage.

  • Country of manufacture: Switzerland
  • Official website:


The last representative of domestic manufacturers of heated towel rails in this list was Grota, which, in addition to them, also specializes in the production of sanitary control cabinets. Yes, they decided to choose a rather narrow direction, and their assortment is very small. But each model looks modern and attractive, structurally different from each other, which will make it possible to choose the most suitable offer for yourself. Like most modern heated towel rails, their products are made of stainless steel and are of high quality and reliability. At the same time, many happy owners of the products of this brand note that they only need 2 minutes to fully heat up to a maximum of 90 degrees Celsius.

Great confidence in the proposals of this manufacturer is also caused by the fact that their products are gaining more and more popularity in Europe, as well as at home, and the volume of exports is increasing every year. Isn’t that the best proof of user acceptance?

  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Official website:


Not all European products are necessarily expensive, and if you want to purchase a reliable but relatively inexpensive heated towel rail, then you should pay attention to the products of the Czech manufacturer ZorG. Despite the fact that on the Russian market it is presented, although not in the widest assortment, you are most likely to be able to model a model that will not only like you, but also look good in the bathroom. The towel warmers of this brand, made of stainless steel, do not corrode and will reliably serve for many years. Well, the best part of all this is that the price for the products of this company distributed by official dealers remains quite affordable for most of those who wish.

It is also convenient that among the products manufactured by this manufacturer you will find many other useful devices, such as water filters, waste disposers, sinks and other related accessories.

  • Country of manufacture: Czech Republic
  • Official website:
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