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Plaster mixes have long been widespread in the field of repair and construction work, and today plaster is used both for standard solutions such as leveling ceilings and walls, and for more creative tasks in decorative finishing. With the advent of innovative technologies to bring something new to the market, the range of these mixtures has significantly increased on the shelves of hardware stores. And in order not to get lost in the variety of offers, it is convenient to know which brands’ products are worth paying attention to first. In order to help you with this, we have collected here several of the most popular plaster manufacturers on the Russian market.

MC-Bauchemia (PLITONIT)

Today’s list is opened by the German concern MC-Bauchemie, which was founded back in 1961. Since then, it has specialized in the production of construction chemicals and has more than 30 branches in 27 countries around the world. However, in 2001, together with the Russian group of companies “OTLI”, the concern created the Russian-German enterprise MC Bauhemi. The company is also one of the market leaders in the areas of construction (from construction to renovation) and finishing materials. True, since in this case we are interested in plaster, it is worth noting that it is presented on the domestic market under the PLITONIT brand.

Many consumers, among whom, of course, there are experts, highly appreciate the versatility of the plaster of this manufacturer, which is excellent for leveling not only internal, but also external surfaces. It adheres securely to the most common surfaces such as concrete, aerated concrete and bricks, ensuring good adhesion.

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Among the noteworthy domestic manufacturers of plaster, it is worth noting the VOLMA group of companies. Its history is even longer than that of the previous one, and the brand itself was founded on the basis of the Volgograd gypsum plant, which has been operating since 1943. The company specializes in the extraction of natural gypsum stone, as well as the production of high-quality products for finishing works on a gypsum and cement basis (gypsum plasterboards, dry mortars). Thanks to this, products are obtained environmentally friendly, which allows you to take care of the environment. Today the company occupies a leading market position in tongue-and-groove plates (first place), building mixtures (second) and gypsum plasterboards (second).

Plaster from this manufacturer is available on the market at a fairly affordable price, which definitely attracts enough attention. It’s nice that at the same time its quality is at a much higher level. The composition is also perfectly clean, which makes it possible to use it, for example, for decorating children’s rooms.

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In one of our previous articles, where we considered the most popular primer manufacturers on the Russian market, there was a wonderful German brand Knauf. And it so happened that he (like some others) managed to get on this list. This, however, is not too surprising, since building mixtures are a broad category, and if one company is engaged in the production of one of the types, it is highly likely that it produces the rest. Naturally, once again it makes no sense to describe in detail its history, but it is worth recalling that the products of this brand have been present on the Russian market for more than 25 years, which definitely indicates its high quality and sufficient popularity.

The company provides very profitable options for finishing houses and apartments, since the porous structure and the presence of expanded polystyrene granules in the composition provide the plaster with good thermal insulation properties. In this case, the composition is homogeneous and extremely easy to apply to the substrate.

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Saint-Gobain (Weber.vetonit)

Another large-scale group of companies offering high-quality solutions for renovation and finishing works on the Russian market is Saint-Gobain (Saint-Gobain), or rather, its Weber.vetonit brand. The GC itself has been present on the domestic market only since 1992, which is not so long for its amazing history. Of course, we will not go into details, however, it is worth mentioning that the Saint-Gobain company was founded in France already in 1665 and was a royal manufactory dealing with the production of glasses and mirrors. Today it is a fairly large concern, numbering over 1000 enterprises in 67 countries of the world, and its product range is not limited to construction materials alone, affecting other industrial sectors.

As for the plaster of their production, it also occupies quite high positions in user ratings, as it is universal, retaining its properties both indoors and outdoors. In order for this plaster to harden qualitatively in a dry room, the first 2 days will need to be periodically moistened with water.

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This list is full of popular European manufacturers offering their products on the domestic market. But this, fortunately, does not mean at all that there are no worthy brands left in Russia to compete with them. One such company is Kreps. It was founded in 1998 and specializes in the production of dry mortars. In addition to plaster, the range of its products includes: putties, adhesives, grouting, leveling compounds and much more. Today the company is included in the list of the 15 best manufacturers in its category, which confirms its status. All products of the company are made from quality raw materials and using high-tech processes.

This is confirmed by their plaster, which includes fine sand, plasticizers and cement, due to which adhesion is greatly increased. It’s also quite easy to prepare and apply, which definitely plays a role in the process itself. It also has high strength and does not crumble. True, it hardens too quickly, so when working with it it is better not to count the crows.

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Henkel (Ceresit)

When we studied primer manufacturers, we came across the Ceresit brand, which shows itself well on the market, offering high quality and reliable products. It belongs to the German company Henkel, which, as befits popular European brands, has a long history, in this case since 1876. Considering the fact that we are facing one of the largest manufacturers of the chemical industry (cosmetics, cleaning agents, adhesives, etc.), it will hardly surprise anyone that the first product of the company was the world’s first universal washing powder. This made a kind of revolution, both in the industry itself and in the lives of people.

The same can be said about the plaster produced. Here, more than ever, the rather widespread expression “German quality” is relevant. Basically, because in many situations, after leveling the walls or ceiling, of course, of high quality, subsequent filling may not be required at all.

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Unis Group of Companies is another Russian company that attracts the attention of consumers looking for high-quality plaster. It has been presenting its products on the domestic market since 1994, which is relatively short-lived. However, over a period of 24 years, she managed to earn a certain reputation and become one of the leaders among manufacturers of building mixtures, and not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries. The recipe of the company’s products is developed in cooperation with foreign partners, leading in the segment of the production of specialized additives. Compliance with technical characteristics and high international quality standards is ensured by a multi-level control system of the production process.

In terms of quality, the gypsum plaster of this manufacturer is at a good level, having an important advantage over analogues – its surface acquires a snow-white color upon drying. Most of all, in this case, users are attracted by the economical consumption and the affordable price of this product.

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DAW SE (Caparol)

German brands are no longer a rarity in the production of products for renovation and finishing works, and DAW SE (Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke), representing the Caparol brand in this situation, is another representative on our list. The company’s products have a large number of items in various categories. So, if you are planning to remodel your work or living space, then with a high degree of probability you will find everything you need from this manufacturer. The brand also disposes of the fact that it promotes a partnership policy, focusing primarily on the client, helping not only by providing high-quality products, but also by possible solutions to certain problems.

The plaster of this brand has a large number of advantages, including weather resistance, environmental friendliness, and high strength, combined with good plasticity. It is good for many applications. True, the only objective drawback may be its high cost.

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The list is not the largest. Of course, we have not voiced all of them, and you can certainly find other options that satisfy you. However, we still tried to list as many plaster manufacturers popular on the modern market as possible. Nevertheless, now you have a general idea of ​​whose products users prefer at the moment, which means there is something to start from.

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