TOP 7 tips for arranging a children’s room for children of different sexes

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When decorating a children’s room, you need to focus on the following criteria: gender, age, as well as the individual preferences of children. Of course, it is very difficult to please two different people at the same time so that there are no fights for your favorite bed or shelves. In this regard, it is imperative to consult with children, whether it is a matter of furniture, colors or other interior items.

Consider their hobbies, habits, try to translate their inner world into the interior of the bedroom. This is especially true for girls. When arranging their space, you need to especially carefully think through each element of the room design, since the girl compares herself with the princess, and the princess should have everything perfect.

Favorite books, toys, games and cartoons – all this will give you an idea of ​​what exactly the dream bedroom should be. And yet, trying to turn a child’s life into a fairy tale, you do not need to mask faceless pastel walls with bright posters with pop stars.

Children’s room space zoning

40A comfortable existence in a room is achieved by dividing it into functional areas: playroom, work and recreation area. If you are lucky enough to have active children who prefer interactive, outdoor or sports games, allocate a little more space for the play area, place there a thick carpet, a Swedish wall or a folding table for a variety of board games. For example, if children are of different ages, then the older child will spend more time in the work area.

The younger one will be happy to be surrounded by his favorite toys. In the case of approximately the same age of children, it is better to choose the option of separate desktops. And God forbid you leave your children with one computer. So that harmony and tranquility reigned in the family, allocate extra funds for the purchase of a second device.

You can save work space by using tablets and portable ultrabooks. A bedroom for children of different sexes should have a separate nook for each of them. There, the child will feel protected and secluded, and there you can also read your favorite book, draw or dream, remaining unnoticed in the eyes of your sister or brother. Therefore, it is recommended to use mobile transforming partitions, curtains.

One room for brother and sister

41One of the difficult variations of interior furnishings for a nursery, if you have two children of different sexes. In this case, a conflict of interest is inevitable, but you can try to reduce it to minimal consequences. It is known that the formation of girls is faster than boys, both psychologically and physically. The difference in preferences is visible to the naked eye.

How to maintain the integrity of the interior of the room? There are some decorative tricks to follow. For example, there are blue pillows on the orange side of the girl’s sofa, and the orange picture frames are on the boy’s blue wall. There can be many such uniting points.

You can visually divide the territory into separate zones by arranging them in different colors. Of course, ideally, a room for two children of different sexes should contain at least a small partition.

Children’s bedroom for two boys or two girls

42This situation looks a little easier. Although you have lost your headache over solving the puzzle of how to maintain gender equality, the responsibility for taking into account the different preferences of same-sex children has not disappeared anywhere. We strongly do not recommend decorating a room in one style and two separate sleeping places. This will not lead to anything good, except that 20 drops of valerian before bedtime. As a caring parent of two daughters or sons, you will bring out the individuality of each of your children in shapes, colors and zones.

Furniture for children of different sexes in the nursery

43When choosing furniture for the children’s bedroom, adhere, first of all, to the requirements for environmental friendliness, strength and aesthetics. An excellent solution would be to buy modular furniture made of MDF or wood with rounded shapes. The game table should have a flat surface, without any slopes, so that both kids can comfortably sit behind it for doing plasticine modeling, writing or drawing. The table should be placed near a window or in a natural light area. If children have a huge number of books, a bulky bookcase that does not perform a dividing function should be replaced with hinged shelves.

The choice of cots will be especially responsible, treat it with respect and attention. In this regard, there are plenty of options. Bunk beds are especially fond of children, especially their upper part. Therefore, before buying, it is worth spreading lots and determining berths.

A retractable bed module recessed into a niche or disguised as a wardrobe will perfectly fit into any style, however, it can hit your pocket. High-quality fittings are always not cheap, they do not tolerate savings. Catwalk beds are a very stylish solution. The podium is based on all kinds of cabinets and shelves. A very practical option.

Bedding and fabrics

46The bottom line is that there are no drawings and patterns on the bed or fabrics of children that differ in male or female features. Choice of girls – flower drawings. Trains and trucks immediately demonstrate that a boy will be in charge of the bedroom. Choose solutions such as dotted or checkered patterns. You can also choose animal prints. There is also an alternative solution. Children can choose their own bedding. And you just make sure that they look harmonious enough. Solid fabrics can be used. In addition, you can use these tips:

  • place the names of their owners or decorated letters above the beds;
  • cover the beds with linens of different designs and colors;
  • decorate the head of the girl’s bed more elegantly and brightly;
  • the daughter may have an elegant bedside table, and the son may have a minimalistic one;
  • the walls above each bed can be decorated with personal, special decor;

  • rugs for the feet, near the beds, can also be different for children.

Local lighting

47The common room for children of different sexes should have such artificial lighting that the child can turn on the light only in a certain place, without interfering with another. For example, if one child gets up earlier, then the lamp above the chest of drawers or furniture lighting will give him the opportunity to get together without disturbing the peace of his “neighbor”.

It is better to install lamps and sconces in such places:

  • on desks;
  • over the bed of each child;
  • over or near a dresser, wardrobe.

The main principles of room design for children of different sexes

The arrangement of a bedroom for children of different sexes implies a difference in color design and sufficient autonomy. Such a room will be distinguished by a combination of furniture and an unusual combination of colors. Try to adhere to the following principles:

  • Room zoning is a necessity, not a pampering. Especially if the age difference of children reaches 3 years.
  • Children of different sexes should not be in a homogeneous environment. Children may not be thrilled with a neutral, adult decor that suits both girls and boys alike. Try to arrange the room so that the girlish and boyish area is clearly visible, applying at least the differences in decorative elements.
  • A common problem that arises in the common room of children of different sexes is careless handling of each other’s toys and personal belongings. You can teach children to respect their own and other people’s things with the help of furniture – give each baby the same amount of furniture for storing things. The ideal option would be chests with a lock.

So that you do not conceive of embodying in the design of a nursery for children of different sexes, remember: the main thing is that this idea should be equally liked by all family members, and especially its inhabitants.

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