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The main task of any self-respecting summer resident is to grow healthy and safe fruits and vegetables. Of course, for this you need not only to work hard, but also to create favorable conditions that are not available all year round. It is for these purposes that a structure so popular with gardeners as a greenhouse is suitable. In principle, it is not difficult to build it yourself, but to save time and effort, you can always order a ready-made structure. And one of the leading materials for such greenhouses, both among producers and consumers, is considered to be polycarbonate.

It has many advantages, among which are unambiguous light weight, good carrying capacity, long-term heat retention due to the honeycomb structure of the material, as well as plasticity in terms of processing. It can be cut, drilled, welded, and even glued. But, if you do not want to bother with all this and are ready to entrust the work to professionals, then ordering a finished greenhouse is your choice. And we will just consider the most popular Russian manufacturers of polycarbonate greenhouses today in this article.


Our today’s list of manufacturers is opened by the Volya company, which launched the production of polycarbonate greenhouses one of the first on the Russian market. She has a very serious experience (more than 20 years) in the manufacture and sale of greenhouses for summer residents and gardeners. Throughout this time, greenhouses and greenhouses made of galvanized steel coated with polycarbonate have earned recognition among gardeners and gardeners throughout Russia. Today, the company’s products are presented in a wide range and are available for purchase throughout the country.

The company never ceases to expand its model range, increasing the volume of production without losing quality. When designing a greenhouse frame, the manufacturer does not ignore such important aspects as the wishes of customers and the climatic characteristics of a particular region. This approach allows them to provide the necessary and most reliable options. Manufacturing quality control is also pretty serious and even includes strength tests. The company is proud of the quality of its greenhouses, which also has a positive effect on its reputation.

LLC “World of Canopies”

The next equally popular Russian manufacturer in the category of interest to us is Mir Navesov LLC. The main direction in the production area of ​​the company is the design, manufacture and installation of polycarbonate-coated metal structures, such as greenhouses, awnings, canopies, gazebos and a large number of other products and structures. The main principle of this manufacturer (as in the case of the previous one) is the emphasis on quality and a personal approach to the wishes and preferences of the customer.

In turn, this can be provided by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience, using exclusively high-quality materials. A creative approach is not excluded here in the design of structures, of course, taking into account the wishes of the customer. One of the pleasant bonuses of the manufacturer is also the provision of a 3-year warranty for all types of work, which will surely serve as a certain factor of trust for those who are not yet familiar with their products.

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LLC “KS Profplast”

KS Profplast LLC has also become one of the young and nevertheless popular companies today. It was founded only in 2009, and is mainly focused on the production of cellular polycarbonate brands Plastiks, Ekolux and Udachny. However, over time, the manufacturer’s assortment has slightly expanded and today you have the opportunity to order a finished greenhouse. What is especially nice is the polycarbonate used by the company of its own production. Firstly, it has high strength and resistance to mechanical stress, which is convenient for installation. You can rest assured that it will not crack or deform.

Another advantage is its high light transmittance, which is 91% (for comparison: glass has 84%). And it will also protect your vegetables and fruits from harmful UV radiation to the maximum. The greenhouses of this manufacturer allow the light necessary for photosynthesis to pass through, preventing the crops from burning due to the optimal light scattering ability. As for the assortment of greenhouse models, it is not the largest, but it contains the most optimal options suitable for most cases.

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OOO “Agromehanika-34”

A much more serious manufacturer in this list is LLC “Agromekhanika-34”, which has been a reliable partner in the implementation of various large turnkey projects for more than 7 years. The range of their products includes various hangars, grain drying complexes, and even whole factories. However, the company is also engaged in the production of familiar polycarbonate greenhouses. Naturally, this is not their main source of income, and therefore it will not be possible to see a wide range of products in this category.

On the other hand, this does not in any way affect the fact that the quality of these greenhouses is at a very high level, given the capacity of the manufacturer. The greenhouses produced by this company are very environmentally friendly, which allows them to pass the test both by time and by climatic conditions. There is a possibility of installing manual and automatic irrigation systems, as well as artificial lighting. For colder regions and seasons, it is also possible to install a heating system.

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LLC “The first plant of greenhouses”

A good assortment of greenhouses and greenhouses made of polycarbonate can please you LLC “First Plant of Greenhouses”. Even if we take into account their narrower specialization, which we are considering today, the fact that this manufacturer managed to achieve good results for a period of just over 7 years really speaks of the seriousness of the company. The only drawback for some may be local company loyalty. The thing is that they deliver and install their greenhouses only in St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Novgorod regions and the Republic of Karelia.

On the other hand, this is a definite plus for the residents of the listed regions. Surely, with a strong desire, there will be a way to order and deliver the products of this manufacturer to other areas. At least, if you are unable to find similarly suitable analogs among the range of other listed companies.

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The plant of greenhouses “Bastion” is not inferior in terms of popularity among polycarbonate greenhouses. The main goal of the company is to provide all customers with high-quality greenhouses that meet all current standards. The most surprising thing is the warranty service of the products they offer, since all polycarbonate greenhouses are provided with a guarantee for as much as 15 years. The company is so confident in the quality of its products. And, in fact, it is. The snow load alone that can be sustained by the greenhouse can be over a ton.

The range of the company’s greenhouses is no less pleasing. On their official website, you can place an order for any turnkey greenhouse you like, since they are present in large quantities, of various designs and dimensions. Well, the cherry, or rather cherries, on this “cake” are the optimal, fairly competitive prices and professional quality installation. But the service life and the efficiency of the greenhouse largely depend on the latter.

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“Very Strong”

Well, this small rating of Russian producers of polycarbonate greenhouses is completed by the company “VeryKrepko”. It is a relatively young, small company, dating back to 2007. As they themselves declare, they are not a large-scale holding – every client is important to them. This is partly noticeable in the company’s approach to providing quality and practical offers at the best value. As for the greenhouses themselves, of course, nothing fundamentally new was invented at VeryKrepko. These are all the same strong and very stable galvanized frames sheathed with polycarbonate.

The assortment of the company offers a choice of arched, drip-shaped, vertical-sided and custom-made models. Among them you will find both fairly simple and reinforced models for greater reliability. And in addition to greenhouses, the company offers to get acquainted with an even wider selection of add-ons such as irrigation systems, partitions, vents and others. Well, the general quality of the company’s products will not raise a shadow of doubt, since its name speaks for itself.

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No matter how strong a lover of fresh homemade vegetables you are, you will not be able to grow them all year round without a greenhouse. The final choice of a suitable model, of course, will depend on many factors, such as dimensions, shape, location, and so on. And, by and large, the solution to all these problems will depend on your site and geographic location. Don’t forget about the climate. As well as about turning your attention to the manufacturer. Naturally, the easiest thing to do is to find someone who serves the region you live in. This will certainly allow, at least, to save on delivery, and workers will be able to carry out the installation much faster and easier.

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