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The first townhouse in the Moscow region was built in 1995. Since then, this housing, which is a complex of two- or three-story semi-detached houses, united by adjacent walls and one roof, but with separate entrances, has gained great popularity among Muscovites. Townhouses are mainly built outside of Moscow and represent an excellent opportunity to acquire a relatively inexpensive country house. In 2011, the area of ​​Moscow increased by 2.5 times due to the annexation of the territories of the region, which received the name New Moscow. This greatly influenced the real estate market and the popularity of townhouses in this area.

The situation in the real estate market of New Moscow

Today there is a significant decline in prices for townhouses in New Moscow. Since the accession of these territories to the capital, their popularity among potential buyers has decreased by 30-40%. According to the site, you can buy a townhouse in New Moscow today for an average of 8 million rubles.

Today, purchasing interests in New Moscow real estate are divided as follows:

  • apartments in multi-storey buildings are the most popular, they account for 35% of the total supply, which is explained by the relatively low price of this type of housing;

  • townhouses and plots without a contract, whose shares are 25% each. At the same time, if the demand for townhouses is gradually falling, then for plots without a contract, on the contrary, it exceeds the number of offers.

  • cottages are bought much less often, the volume of their offers does not exceed 15%.
    real estate in New Moscow

According to experts, experts (, the reason for the sharp drop in demand for townhouses in New Moscow is obvious – after the accession of these territories to the capital, the housing located within them lost the status of suburban real estate … Previously, they were perceived as houses located near Moscow and ideal for family life. Now, cottage settlements outside the Moscow Ring Road formally hardly differ from the sleeping areas of the capital. The rate of decline in demand is quite stable, and therefore experts believe that they will continue in the future. This, in turn, will affect pricing and lead to a gradual reduction in the cost of buildings of this type.

As for specific districts of New Moscow, houses at a distance of about 20 km from the Moscow Ring Road are in the greatest demand among buyers. It is noteworthy that over the past 5 years, the characteristics of the townhouses being built have also changed. Compared to 2011, the total area of ​​households and the area of ​​land plots on which they are located decreased.

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As statistics show, although the demand for townhouses in New Moscow is falling, it is still high, because this type of housing has a lot of advantages. The main one is the lower cost compared to cottages, because building a townhouse requires less land, less building materials, and the item of expenditure on communications is reduced. The area of ​​a house in a townhouse, as a rule, is 150-300 m2, on the first floor there is a living room, a kitchen and technical rooms, on the second – bedrooms, a nursery and an office. In addition, the townhouse presupposes the presence of a small private land plot, garage and parking space. This is ideal for a family.


What is offered today to those wishing to acquire a townhouse in New Moscow? At the moment, there are about 60 cottage villages on this territory. The total volume of proposals in August 2016 amounted to 4,745 households. At the same time, almost half of them belong to the business class, about 45% – to the economy class, and only 5% have the status of elite. Let’s dwell on the most interesting options.

The best townhouses in New Moscow

Quarter of townhouses “Nikolskoe”

This quarter of townhouses is located just 3 km from the Moscow Ring Road along the Kaluga highway. This is one of the neighborhoods closest to the old city. It is located in an area surrounded by woodlands, which indicates a favorable ecological situation. At the same time, the area boasts a well-developed infrastructure, and it will take only 10 minutes to get to the nearest stations of the Moscow metro. In addition, a new metro station is planned to be built not far from the block, which makes Nikolskoye an ideal option for those who need the ability to quickly get anywhere in the city.

The quarter consists of 57 houses of three different types of planning with an area of ​​92, 112 and 134 m2, the cost is from 10 to 15 million rubles. Each house is connected to all communication systems and the Internet, has its own exit and two parking spaces. In the future, a guest parking and a playground will appear, the territory is under round-the-clock security.
townhouses Nikolskoe

Quarter of townhouses “Academy Park”

The houses in this quarter will appeal to those who are looking for accommodation in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the city. “Academy Park” is located 22 km from the Moscow Ring Road along the Kiev highway, surrounded by forests and water bodies. A bank, a clinic, schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, shopping, sports and spa centers, as well as other infrastructure facilities are located nearby, the nearest metro station is 15 minutes away.

The developer used only high-quality certified materials during the construction, the houses are connected to all communications, they are rented with a free layout, are made in the English style and, in addition to the two main ones, also have a third attic floor. Each house is adjoined by a plot of 2.1 acres, the area of ​​houses is from 145 to 185 m2, the cost is from 6 to 8 million rubles. The territory of the quarter is guarded round the clock, video surveillance is conducted.
Academy Park

Quarter of townhouses “PS (Petrovskaya Sloboda)”

The houses of the quarter are located on the shore of a pond and are surrounded by a planted garden; nearby is the old estate of Ostafyevo of Prince Vyazemsky. The territory is separated from the Moscow Ring Road by 14 km – enough to enjoy the peace and quiet and, if necessary, quickly get to the city with its developed infrastructure. The nearest metro station is 15 minutes away. In addition, the neighboring villages are only 3 km away, so the residents of the quarter can use their infrastructure.

In the quarter there are two-storey houses of 4, 5 and 10 sections with a basement, made in a classic style, the area is from 186 to 352 m2, so they are especially suitable for large families. Each house is complemented by its own plot ranging from 2.5 to 7.5 acres. It is planned to build a restaurant, a greenhouse, an administrative building, guest parking, sports and playgrounds in the quarter.

Quarter of townhouses “Forest Fairy Tale”

The facility is located within the city of Troitsk, 20 km from the Moscow Ring Road. You can get to the city by car on the Kaluzhskoe highway or by public transport to the nearest metro stations very quickly. The quarter is surrounded by a picturesque forest, near the river. Desna and the Pahor ponds are located.

The territory has 22 three-storey houses, consisting of 320 sections with areas ranging from 135 to 188 m2. All houses are made in the loft style that is so popular today, so they look very impressive and modern. Residents have access to the infrastructure of Troitsk, as well as their own children’s and sports ground, administrative and shopping center. The territory of the village will soon be fenced off, checkpoints will operate, and the public area will be cleaned. Prices start at 7 million rubles.
Forest fairy tale

Bristol Townhouse Quarter

The houses of the Bristol quarter, made in a sophisticated British style, are located just 7 km from the Moscow Ring Road. Even the districts of the village are named after the famous Englishmen: W. Shakespeare, J. Lennon, Charles Darwin, W. Churchill and others. The territory for the location of this quarter was carefully chosen by the developer so that residents could get the benefits of living away from the noise of the city, but not cut off from civilization. The territory borders on the Ulyanovsk forest park, there is a reservoir with springs nearby, so beautiful views are guaranteed.

All houses are built of high quality building materials, combined into blocks with the number of sections from 6 to 10, there are blocks for 4 and 2 sections (quad houses and duplexes). The area of ​​the sections ranges from 85 to 205 m2. In the immediate vicinity there are kindergartens, hospitals, shopping and entertainment centers, and on the territory of the village there is a tennis court, playgrounds and sports facilities.

Quarter of townhouses “Nightingale Grove”

This quarter offers housing for large families, because the area of ​​sections here starts from 256 m2 and can reach 397 m2. The structure included several houses, the layouts of which were determined by their owners, some of which are very famous, the rest were built according to five typical layouts. There are 7 blocks of houses in the village, including 50 sections. The houses are two-storied with a third attic floor, each supplemented with a garage and has its own plot at its disposal.

The quarter is located 5 km from the Moscow Ring Road along the Kaluzhskoe highway, a pond with a beach for residents of the village is nearby, Dubrovka is 3 km away. In the future, the infrastructure of the quarter will expand. The territory of the quarter is fenced around the perimeter and guarded around the clock.
Nightingale grove

Quarter of townhouses “Shiryaevskie estates”

The quarter is located 20 km from the Moscow Ring Road between Kievskoye and Kaluzhskoye highways, surrounded by forests and clean ponds. This is a great option for those who focus on clean air and silence. Buses run from the village to the nearest metro stations. The territory’s own infrastructure is just developing, it is planned to build a kindergarten, a shopping and entertainment center, all the necessary infrastructure facilities are located near the village.
Shiryaevsky estates

Townhouses are built of bricks and boast an excellent appearance. The village has blocks of 2- and 3-storey houses ranging from 159 to 210 m2. Each house is complemented by its own plot of land ranging from 1.5 to 5 acres, the territory of the complex is guarded.

A large number of townhouse quarters in New Moscow allows each family to choose the best option in terms of distance from the Moscow Ring Road, infrastructure and ecology of the area, as well as find a house of the required area and layout.

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