TOP 6 best projects of garages with a terrace

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The project of a garage with a terrace is something that not everyone has seen. Moreover, few people think about such additions to the motorhome. Because this is a non-standard solution that is practical and beneficial only for a certain lifestyle of the owner, for a certain arrangement of the site, etc. In some cases, such a project will be just a godsend. What to consider when choosing such projects can be found in this article.

What to consider when arranging a terrace

To make the terrace comfortable and delight its owners, some points should be taken into account when arranging it:

# 1 Location

It is better if the structure is not overlooking the road, but hidden from prying eyes. Whenever possible, car owners try to choose the southwest or south side of the garage to get the most of the sunlight. Rooftop terraces are very popular.

No. 2 Dimensions

The dimensions of the site must be correct in relation to the dimensions of the main building. A disproportionately large terrace with a large number of additional elements can overshadow the garage as an unaesthetic element. While a very small one will look awkward and it is better to equip it in another place or just put a bench to rest near the wall.

No. 3 UV and precipitation protection

At any location of the structure, it is necessary to provide partial (zone) or complete protection of the area from bright sunlight, rain, and other bad weather. It can be an awning, a light roof or one roof with a garage, made of the same materials in the same style.

No. 4 Gender

One of the most significant aspects, since the floor covering must be resistant to temperature extremes and other atmospheric influences, withstand high mechanical loads, be easy to clean: wet, with detergents or chemicals, etc. The modern construction market offers various types of floor coverings for garages and extensions to them. Today, trending options are: mosaics, a wide range of decorative tiles, artificial, natural stone, a special board for terraces and other equally functional materials.

№5 Design

When deciding to add a terrace to the garage building, the owners expect to receive a comfortable, practical and, at the same time, stylish design. Quite often, the entire suburban (private) complex combines a single design, supported by structural finishing materials, colors, etc. Quite often there are original solutions combining different styles. For example, a garage made with a nearby house in a cottage style, and an attached outdoor terrace in a hi-tech style with elements of minimalism.

TOP 6 interesting and practical projects of garages with a terrace

Today, garage projects with a terrace are far from uncommon. This is an original and successful solution to the issue of organizing recreation. The popularity of such extended buildings is growing every day. Further in the article, we will consider the most concise and interesting options.

Garage for one car with an open terrace

The project is simple, but has several advantages:

  • The garage area is small, which means that it will not take up much space on the site.
  • The dimensions of the box make it possible to equip it at the request of the owner, place everything necessary for the correct maintenance of the machine, its maintenance or minor repairs.
  • The terrace, although small, organically complements the main structure and has enough space for installing a garden set. The covered area can be used for relaxation, lunch, picnic.
  • Such a garage tandem will be easy to perform in the same style as the house.

When everything is simple, it doesn’t take much effort to make any changes or adjustments. Thus, the proposed project can be supplemented with an outdoor fireplace, which will be located on the terrace.

Garage with a terrace on two entrances: across the street and utility block

Organization of an entrance to the terrace not only from the street, but also through a room combined with a garage is a good and relevant solution. An additional room will allow:

  • Do not obstruct your garage space with barbecues, utensils, or bags of wood.
  • Do not get wet in the rain in bad weather, but go directly from the garage to the terrace through the internal doors.

In addition, if the size of the territory and buildings allow, many owners provide for the presence of a bathroom in the project (if possible with a separate entrance). As a result, the hosts and their guests feel comfortable and comfortable.

Garage for two cars with side terrace

Quite a stylish and practical solution. Under one roof there is a garage and a recreation area. The project provides for two parking spaces, and the terrace along the side wall is of considerable size.

  • This option is convenient if the family has two cars or guests often call in.
  • With this layout, it is possible to optimize the placement of important internal parts (tools, inspection pit, etc.)

In such projects, you can make both garages closed for two separate races or one fully covered, and the second – in the form of a semi-open parking area

Garage for two cars with a terrace and an attic

Maximum use of usable space. The garage is wide enough to accommodate two cars. The building plan includes a corridor and a storeroom, which will help not to litter the motorhome.

  • The most practical use of space with a minimal building area is a great option for small areas.
  • A convenient option for large families and frequent visits of guests or relatives who prefer isolation. If you equip the attic with a cozy living room with a good sofa and a bathroom, then it will quite go for a small but cozy guest room.

Garage with roof terrace

As a rule, the future terrace is planned during the design of the facility. This takes into account the characteristics of the strength of the roof and its design features. Nevertheless, if the garage has already been built, but the roof meets all the necessary requirements, the organization of a terrace on it is quite real (as, for example, at the object in the photo below).

The prerequisites for arranging a roof structure are:

  • Taking into account the capabilities of the supporting elements of the building. They must be able to support the extra weight. If “no” – then you have to think about the rafter version with additional reinforcing elements.
  • Laying of steam and waterproofing materials, followed by the arrangement of the floor covering. Among the owners of garages with a terrace, a thermal tree is popular, which can withstand significant temperature changes and is resistant to decay. High-strength wood-plastic composite board is also suitable
  • .
  • The presence of a parapet. Suitable: profile metal pipes, wooden railings and balusters, forged elements, etc.
  • A carefully considered question of the presence / absence of a roof for the terrace. The most acceptable variations of it are sliding models with an electric drive or simpler removable awnings made of various rolls of moisture-resistant materials.


  • Convenient location.
  • Additional space for relaxation.

Roof terrace of the garage attached to the house

In this case, the location of the summer additional structure is provided in the garage. Based on the results of construction, the owner receives:

  • A two-storey house connected by a reinforced concrete belt with a one-storey garage.
  • An open terrace with an entrance to the house on its own level (a porch and a small staircase with several steps).
  • Economical use of the territory.
  • A smart investment in complex construction that will be cheaper than the construction of detached buildings.

Direct access from the living quarters to the sunlit terrace – what could be better: a cup of morning coffee in the fresh air, a family lunch or a pleasant evening with friends. The recreation area can be landscaped, which will make it more comfortable.


A garage with a terrace is an interesting option for organizing space. Today, designers can implement a variety of customer ideas and the examples given can be convinced of this. The main thing is to make sure that your idea will be useful, practical and necessary for you, with your lifestyle and habits.

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