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How to create a luxurious and laconic interior? Sometimes there is no need to take exquisite wallpaper or designer furniture – enough buy white glossy doorsthat successfully fit into any style of interior, fill the room with shine and give the room depth. However, the canvas does not have to be white – there are a lot of other colors that will look advantageous in the interior. Despite the versatility of the solution, when buying, you need to take into account some of the nuances, so let’s figure out together how to choose the right glossy doors.

Pros and cons of glossy doors

Glossy finishes tend to have either ardent opponents or loyal fans. If we consider that glossy doors are actively used both in ordinary apartments and houses and in office premises, we can conclude that they have more fans than haters. Glossy doors really have something to love for. The list of their advantages should include:

  • versatility. Such a door leaf will perfectly fit into any interior style (from minimalism to classics and Provence) and into any type of premises (residential, work, catering, etc.);

  • a wide range of. Next, we will look at the different types of glossy doors, and you will understand how rich the market is, and how easy it is to find the right solution;

  • price. A glossy door looks luxurious and even rich, but this does not mean that such a solution is expensive. Technologies are improving, and it is not difficult to find inexpensive glossy doors on sale today;

  • good performance. Cloths with a glossy finish are not inferior to matte ones in terms of durability, strength, reliability, resistance to mold and mildew. Moreover, the outer coating becomes an additional protective layer against dirt, preventing them from penetrating deep into the web;

  • gloss perfectly reflects light, which can be used if necessary to visually expand the space. If you place lighting items correctly, you can achieve amazing aesthetic results, and even save on electricity;

  • ease of care. Fingerprints and other dirt can be removed very easily from the coating.

The minus is the soiling of the surface. Almost every touch of the hand to the canvas leaves a mark on it, therefore you will have to actively use the door handles. However, in which case, it is not difficult to erase all traces from the canvas. If the family has children, then, alas, you will have to take care of the canvas regularly, because in the presence of multiple fingerprints, the gloss loses its charm and, conversely, becomes unaesthetic. Ready to clean your door almost every day? Then feel free to stop at a glossy canvas, especially since children grow up and become more neat. If you are not ready, then it is better to stop at the more familiar matte version.

Another drawback is non-repairability. Varnish is a durable coating, but if you still manage to put a crack or dent on it, then you won’t be able to fix the defect on your own. The only solution is to remove the varnish, reapply and polish it, but this is possible only in the factory and is justified for expensive solid wood canvases.

Materials for making the door leaf

Looking ahead, we note that a glossy coating is created by applying varnish or enamel, but this is only the outer, visible part of the coating. The door leaf itself is made of solid wood or wood-based panels, which greatly affects both the price and the performance of the leaf.

So, a door leaf under a glossy finish can be made of the following materials:

  • solid wood is expensive and prestigious. Wood is the most sustainable material, and some believe that it has a special energy. If we ignore the lyrics, then the tree is, indeed, natural, safe, and its aroma is special, and even a layer of varnish cannot hide it. However, it is the most sensitive material to changes in humidity and temperature. In order for the canvas to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to maintain approximately the same microclimate in the room, otherwise the door will quickly become unusable from constant expansion and contraction;

  • MDF – the cheapest doors. The classical technology provides for the creation of a frame from a pine bar (this is also an inexpensive raw material), filling it with honeycomb filler and sheathing with MDF sheets. Even the frame is made of MDF using a cheaper technology. When the base is varnished, aesthetic products come out that look especially good with glass inserts;

  • natural veneer is attached to the base of the frame and filler, covered with varnish or enamel on top. This is a compromise between the two previous solutions. Veneer is not that expensive, but it retains the unique natural texture of wood, which is preserved even under a layer of varnish and gives the room a special appeal.

As already mentioned, the doors can be not only blind, but also have glass inserts. Glass somewhat reduces the heat and sound insulation characteristics of the canvas, but it allows you to implement the most daring design ideas. A special tempered glass or triplex is used, therefore it will be difficult to damage it, but even in the event of a strong impact, it will crumble into pieces with non-sharp edges, so that it cannot harm anyone.

There are samples with metal inserts. Gloss looks especially good in a company with chrome parts.

Glossy finish options

A shiny glossy surface that so attracts buyers, beautifully reflecting light and even slightly expanding the space, is obtained in one of the following ways:

  • varnishing involves the application of varnish of the required shade in several layers. Each new layer is applied after the previous one has completely solidified. The result is a beautiful rich shade and a characteristic mirror surface. Such canvases are cheaper than polished ones due to somewhat lower performance;

  • polishing is the process of applying a selected shade of enamel to the base and then polishing. This process can be repeated many times, carried out in a vacuum, and results in a more durable coating that can withstand impacts better and is more scratch resistant.

The shade of the glossy door can be absolutely any, but most of all buyers like two classic and most versatile shades – black and white. They are the easiest to fit into the interior, they look good due to their brevity.

The varnish coating can be of different thickness, completely hide the texture of solid wood or veneer, or preserve it. Glossy doors can be either absolutely smooth or have panels, metal and glass inserts. Some people like models that have a gold or silver coating on a black background. In general, the field for the embodiment of design fantasies is very wide.

Glossy doors by opening type

In this matter, glossy doors are not particularly different from other types of interior doors, but still we will briefly dwell on this issue.

  1. Swing doors are a classic, and it is in this version that glossy doors are most often found. Such canvases are distinguished by the best indicators of heat and sound insulation, they are reliable and durable, easy to use. On the other hand, they require enough space to open, and this should definitely be taken into account when designing an interior. Also consider in which direction it will be more convenient to open the doors.

  2. Sliding doors, or sliding doors in a glossy version, are rarely produced, but they are in demand in apartments with a lack of free space. They move conveniently parallel to the wall, they can generally hide inside the wall. The canvas is attached to the upper or simultaneously the upper and lower (less convenient option) guides. When there is no need to close the doorway, the door itself is not visible, so if you want to visually expand the space, fill it with light or connect two different rooms for a while, choose compartment doors, especially since they do not require space for opening. Such canvases are also suitable for non-standard wide openings. In addition, they even allow you to replace the wall. In terms of sound insulation, they are inferior to swing doors, but they are still capable of providing intimacy, but in terms of security they are clearly better, since it will be difficult to hit someone with them. Alas, for the installation of guides, you will need space next to the door, be it outdoor or hidden installation.

Accordion doors in a glossy version are rarely produced, but if you suddenly find such a solution, then you should know that such a canvas can be called a door only conditionally. In a closed room you will not be visible, but very well heard, since the sound insulation of the paintings is minimal. Moreover, they can make a decent noise when opening and closing, but they take up a minimum of space. They don’t need space next to the door to swing open or slide – they just fold in the doorway.

Glossy door design

We have already noted earlier that a glossy finish can be of any shade and can be combined with other materials. Now let’s dwell on this issue in more detail:

  • a white glossy door is the most natural classic, although some people call such doors boring, too office or hospital. White doors will fit perfectly into almost any room in any style, and if you are doing the decoration yourself, then with such a canvas the risk of sliding to bad taste will be minimal;

  • a black glossy door is also considered a classic, but it will look better in more modern interiors than in classic ones. With such a dark shade, you need to be extremely careful, using it as a contrast to the lighter elements of decoration and decor. Dark gloss will require more attention to care, it will look great not only in the apartment, but also in the office space;

  • many shades of gray and beige can also be attributed to neutral colors;
  • When choosing a shade, you should immediately answer the question of what role the interior door will play in the interior. If its task is more functional, then your choice is neutral colors so that the canvas merges with the interior. If you want to focus on a glossy door, turning it into a highlight of the interior, then the color should be brighter, but in this case it must be correctly entered into the interior, preferably supported by several other objects in the same color scheme;
  • an interesting compromise solution between classic and fashionable shine is a glossy door with imitation of a wood pattern;
  • for the most daring, there are patterned doors. A bright geometric pattern will be a good option for decorating a children’s room if children live there who already understand that constantly touching a glossy door with their hands means adding to their parents or themselves daily responsibilities. The door with an animal print will decorate the ethnic style bedroom;
  • multi-colored doors are a great solution to create a bright interior or combine several shades used in the design of a room;

  • glossy doors with glass, mirror and metal inserts are an even more active element of the interior. Such a canvas will draw attention to itself, turning not just a highlight, but almost one of the key figures in the interior.

There should not be too many glossy surfaces, otherwise the room will turn from exquisite to tasteless. If the door shines, then the flooring, ceiling and walls should be matte, but some pieces of furniture can be taken with a gloss to match the door leaf.

The accessories deserve special attention, which should stand out against the background of the canvas, but at the same time be in harmony with it as much as possible. Chrome-plated handles and hinges are perfect for the glossy surface Lovers of glamor can opt for accessories with Swarovski crystals.

In conclusion, we note that glossy doors require easy maintenance. It is enough to regularly wipe them with a polished surface cleaner, glass and mirror cleaner is also suitable. Prints will wear off easily if left over recently, so do not run the surface or drag out.

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