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In a broad sense, the term “Loft” is inherent in dwellings, offices and workshops, made in the premises of former industrial facilities or warehouses with characteristic elements of the former purpose. With regard to Moscow real estate, this type of building is usually attributed to apartments in new buildings, and penthouses, and simple houses, made in the “Loft” style. It is very difficult to find real “Loft” houses, but experienced planners and designers are able to create a loft atmosphere even in an ordinary panel house, the main thing is the sufficient desire and capabilities of the owner.


Often, such apartments are purchased not as a main residence, but as a place for relaxation, creative thinking and vibrant parties. There are several reasons for this: firstly, most of the lofts do not have the status of a “residential space” and it is almost impossible to register in such real estate. Secondly, such a room is too large for permanent residence by a family and is not always equipped in the traditional way. But the value of a loft lies precisely in the originality of the setting, in the freshness of the design and isolation from the gray everyday life: this is the dream of any creative person. Anyway, who would refuse to have such a corner, which has all the conditions for a hobby, a pleasant meeting of friends, business conferences, original holidays and simple relaxation.

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Classic lofts, which appeared in America during the crisis, significantly exceeded 100 square meters in area, since they were made directly in industrial buildings. In Moscow, the area of ​​loft-style apartments is usually in the range of 50-500 m2. The room is designed in the form of a studio, without any separate rooms, except perhaps for a bathroom. According to the layout, lofts are also multi-storey (most often two-storey), where the recreation area is located on the upper floors, and all other space is reserved for active pastime. The peculiarity of the loft lies in the huge area and very high ceilings, in comparison even with studio apartments. In addition, of course, there are a number of rules for the design of such premises: the loft style is characterized by metal and glass decor elements, brick or concrete walls, large windows, height from ceiling to floor and the general look of antiquity at all objects in the room. You can also notice in such apartments open communications from pipes, plugs, valves, which is one of the elements of the loft style, repeating the special flavor of the industrial buildings of America in the 40s from the inside.


The appearance of lofts in Moscow

A separate segment in the Moscow real estate market for loft-style houses was allocated only in 2011. In the same period, large agencies for the sale and rental of lofts with large-scale projects appeared: The Loft, Wine House, Loft Garden, etc. Today, loft rental is in great demand: the total area of ​​premises in the Moscow real estate market is more than 60 thousand square meters. m. Moreover, the offers in the field of loft rental differ in purpose: thousands of different types of designs and various layouts are adapted for any event. The loft can be rented both for special events: parties, birthdays, weddings, matinees, corporate events, and for business: lectures, seminars, business meetings.


As for prices, they are very high in this category of real estate: the average price fluctuates in the region of 5.5-10 thousand dollars per 1 square meter, but basically its value depends on the availability of infrastructure and the location of real estate, like other types real estate in the Moscow market. But this is not yet the final value if the loft project is still under construction. The price for a finished object can be 200% of the initial in terms of recalculation, since in the process of working on a project, the designer can change or add some elements.

Among the ready-made loft projects in Moscow, there are a lot of noteworthy objects with a consistent style and a good location. In this article, we will try to consider each of them separately.

Top 5 loft complexes in Moscow

Clerkenwell House

Clerkenwell House is a whole complex of apartments located in Khamovniki. The premises are made in the style of London apartments of the XIX-XX centuries, only natural materials are used, emphasizing the romantic character of London. The very name of the apartment comes from the creative area of ​​London – Clerkenwell. In the twentieth century, it was inhabited by artists, designers and other members of the London bohemian society, so the atmosphere of Clerkenwell was saturated with creativity and creative trends.

Clerkenwell House

The designers of Clerkenwell House have masterfully recreated a small London in the center of Moscow: among the apartments offered by Clerkenwell House there are small cozy lofts with a terrace, two-storey loft-style studios, attic rooms, and apartments with a personal garden. The price per square meter of such apartments starts at $ 9,000 per square meter.

Loft Garden

The buildings made of brickwork are perfectly adapted to any type of premises. The complex itself is located in Sokolniki Park, surrounded by green spaces, where the quiet atmosphere and expertly executed landscape design emphasize the level of business-class loft apartments.


As for the premises of the Loft Garden themselves, they are distinguished by modern communications, high-quality repairs and decor elements preserved from the time the design bureau of the Aviation Plant named after V.I. M.L. Mile. This apartment is a true example of what a classic loft should look like. Despite this, the location of the Loft Garden complex also has many advantages: fitness clubs, a swimming pool, a stadium, a tennis court, shops and Sokolniki Park itself are within walking distance, so a resident of Loft Garden will not be bored at all. Prices for 1 square meter of loft apartments in this complex start at $ 4500.

Manhattan House

Another classic Moscow loft complex in the airport area is Manhattan House. Built in an old building of the Stalinist classicism of the 30s, this loft has so far the highest consumer rating for aesthetic qualities.


The unique architecture is highlighted by the most striking design elements of the American classics: huge windows, brick walls decorated with decorative stucco Greek motives. Doors and windows are made on the basis of solid, heavy wood with high-quality expensive glazing. Well-chosen furnishings add a touch of flavor to the Manhattan House apartments. In addition to design, all communications and life support systems are made at the highest level, and concierge services are available in the complex.

manhattan 4

Initially, the building did not have large windows typical of the loft style, so the windows in the complex were specially enlarged. A special area of ​​the complex is the attic floor. There are 11 apartments with excellent views of the city. The area of ​​objects in Manhattan House ranges from 50 to 125 sq.m at a price of 6000-7000 dollars per sq.m.


The residential complex in the Tagansky district on the embankment is one of the most original loft projects in Moscow. Arthouse is an unusual apartment complex that combines the neoloft style and the unique design of the architect Sergei Skuratov.


The Arthouse complex has gained popularity due to the positive feedback not only from customers, but also from architectural critics: thanks to the exceptional taste of the architect, Arthouse has won several awards in urban planning and architecture. This is not surprising, because the flawless design here is based on high-quality German building materials. The loft style is 100% sustained: the apartments have elements of an industrial space, incredibly high ceilings – from 5 to 9 meters, large windows and a general atmosphere of creativity. Magnificent views of the river embankment. The Yauzes inspire inspiration.

arthouse 2

The entire Arthouse complex consists of two buildings. The buildings are connected by a promenade, inscribed in such a way as to harmoniously unite multi-level buildings of 5 and 6 floors. For people skilled in creativity, this complex can offer, in addition to impeccable apartments, space for galleries on the lower levels of the building. Arthouse is located within walking distance to Kitay-Gorod metro station.


Another, and perhaps the most important, feature of the Arthouse residential complex is that this complex was not registered as an industrial facility, and therefore it is possible to register residents here. All this makes Arthouse one of the most demanded loft projects in Moscow among the local bohemians.

«Danilovskaya manufactory 1867»

The largest residential complex of loft apartments in terms of area – Danilovskaya Manufactory 1867, has the widest range of loft-style housing for different tastes. The total area of ​​all premises exposed from the residential complex “Danilovskaya Manufactory 1867” is almost 8 hectares. The largest loft complex is located at the Third Transport Ring of Moscow, between Novodanilovskaya embankment and Varshavskoe highway.


The very name of the complex speaks of its history: the modern Danilovskie lofts were built in the building of a former cloth manufactory. The scale of the project lies in the variety of types of premises: the complex consists not only of residential areas, but also premises allocated for elite loft-style offices. The length of the business area of ​​the complex is so great that the designers had to divide it into buildings named after the founders of the cloth manufacture: the Knop building and the Meshcherin building.


The buildings are multi-level production halls, from 1 to 5 storeys. Thick walls are made of red brick in the classic style of American design of the 40s.


High enough ceilings allowed the designers to recreate the atmosphere of New York: on the high brick walls there are elements of natural wood in the form of hanging shelves and paintings of conceptual art in wooden frames, long metal chandeliers in the apartments also emphasize the style of American classics. Perfectly matched elements create a completely different dimension behind the door of each apartment.

danilov 1

The apartments themselves are located in the attic area. Danilovskaya Manufactory 1867 has only 42 apartments for every taste, ranging from 40 to 200 sq.m. The price for such apartments is from 7 to 9 thousand dollars per sq.m.

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