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Construction, repair, finishing, electrical installation and service work today cannot do without telescopic lifts. They have gained wide popularity due to their compactness and mobility, their ability in some cases to replace scaffolding and to carry out work in the most inaccessible places. Often, such equipment is used for the installation of signage, hanging structures, installation of lanterns, as well as for a variety of repair work at height.

Forests - TowersTelescopic lifts must correspond to the tasks performed, be reliable and safe for workers, so it is better to purchase them from trusted sellers. The Lesa-Vyshki company has long existed in the Belarusian market and has established itself as a reliable seller of a wide range of construction equipment. Well-established partnerships with manufacturers, well-thought-out logistics and consistently high sales volumes allow us to offer customers the most favorable prices.

telescopic liftsAll products offered by the company are of high quality and have the necessary confirming certificates, as well as an official guarantee. Each product meets strict safety standards. The assortment of the company includes more than two hundred names of various construction equipment, carefully selected by the company’s specialists from the most reliable manufacturers. Clients are provided with a large selection of scaffolding, concrete mixers, ladders and other goods, as well as telescopic lifts. The company offers products from the world famous manufacturer Noblelift. The advantages of telescopic lifts from this company, as well as some other manufacturers, will be discussed further.


NobleliftNoblelift is a leading global manufacturer of construction and warehouse equipment. the company was founded in 2001 in China, and today its structure includes 7 subsidiaries located on all continents. All production facilities are equipped with the most modern equipment, which makes it possible to produce products of the highest quality, which is why it has quickly established itself all over the world.

The range of the Lesa-Vyshki company includes about a dozen of Noblelift telescopic lifts of the GTWY series. Depending on the technical features, they provide lifting of one or two people with all the necessary equipment to a height of 6 to 12 m. They are widely used for the installation and maintenance of lighting devices, ventilation systems, billboards, as well as during the repair work of the facades of various buildings.

Noblelift 2A distinctive feature of all telescopic lifts of the manufacturer is the smooth lifting of the working platform, as well as the reliability of its fixation at the required height. Unique technical solutions have made it possible to achieve excellent stability of the lift, and a high level of safety is achieved through the use of emergency descent and emergency shutdown. Each device is equipped with a system of sensors, and in which case the lift is not completely de-energized, but continues to lower. After correcting the errors that activated the triggering of the safety system, work can continue as normal.

Telescopic lifts of the company can be powered from a network or a battery, consume a minimum of energy, are compact, easy to use, can be used inside and outside buildings, meet all international norms and standards, therefore they are widely used in many countries, as well as on domestic construction sites.

Lema Engineering

This Polish company has been on the market since 1996 and is constantly expanding its product range. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to the introduction of new technologies into its products.

Lema EngineeringThe company’s telescopic lifts are used to lift one or two people to a height of 6 to 12 m with a small load. They can be used for all kinds of installation, repair and construction work. The company emphasizes that their telescopic lifts can be used both for outdoor work and indoor work in rooms with high ceilings, completely replacing scaffolding.

The company’s lifts are lightweight, as they are made of an aluminum-based alloy, so they are quite easy to move. The design features provide the lifts with uniform movement and minimal vibration during lowering and lifting. In addition, there is protection against rollover, emergency stop and emergency lowering of the platform, which increases the safety of working with the structure.

JLG Industries

JLG IndustriesThe origins of this group of companies date back to 1969. Since then, JLG Industries has become one of the leaders in lifting equipment. Today, the products are used all over the world, and the manufacturer is constantly improving it using the research of its own laboratory.

Among the huge range of products, telescopic lifts are of particular importance. They are perfect for those cases where the area of ​​the working space is minimal, as they are compact in size. The carrying capacity does not exceed 200 kg, which is quite enough for most types of work.

The company tries to make its telescopic lifts as convenient and safe as possible, so they can boast of excellent maneuverability, a large turning radius of the support device, a high-precision control system and a well-thought-out safety system.

Palazzani Industrie

Another fairly well-known company that produces telescopic lifts. It began its activity in Italy in 1935 with the production of agricultural machines, over the years the range has expanded, and today the company’s products are produced under two brands: Paload for excavators and loaders and Palift for lifts. The company always strives to surprise users with new and original technologies, increase safety and improve products. The company employs real professionals and uses modern production equipment.

Palazzani IndustrieTelescopic lifts are produced under the Ragno name and are presented in various modifications. To increase human safety, tilt sensors, an overload protection system, temperature sensors, etc. are used here. At the same time, the devices are compact and mobile and can be used for outdoor and indoor work.

The company’s lifts are characterized by a high speed of movement and the ability to work on any soil, because they have high cross-country ability and can cope even with off-road conditions. Moreover, the structures work perfectly even on sloped surfaces. Another distinctive feature is the low noise level.

Pinguely-Haulotte Group

Pinguely-Haulotte GroupIn 1924, Haulotte began operations in France, producing lifting platforms and mobile cranes. In 1995, it merged with Pinguely to increase its influence in the lifting equipment market. The company uses high standards of equipment manufacturing, uses only the most modern technologies, constantly expands its range and conquers new markets. Today production is carried out not only in France, but also in the USA, Spain and Romania. The products managed to conquer users all over the world.

Telescopic lifts are presented in a huge range, and this is one of the main advantages of the company. All lifts are characterized by increased cross-country ability, increased working area and wide platform rotation in the horizontal plane. With all this, the design is as compact as possible, therefore it can be used almost everywhere.

Among other advantages of the company’s telescopic lifts, it is worth noting the accuracy and ease of control, high speed of movement, the presence of a security system that does not allow exceeding the carrying capacity of the device. With all its reliability, power and smooth operation, the structures are also quite easy to maintain.

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