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Today, ceramic tiles are the most common material for tiling, both indoors and outdoors. That is why now a variety of manufacturers are engaged in its manufacture. In this article, you will find out which manufacturers of this decorative material are present on the domestic market today, and how their products differ from competitors. The information below will objectively highlight the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic products.
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In general, there are no recommendations on which specific ceramic tile manufacturer to choose. The reader will decide for himself on the basis of the information provided. The construction industry market offers a wide selection of various types of ceramics from different countries. Spain and Italy occupy the leading positions in the ranking of the most famous and demanded manufacturers of ceramic tiles.

Spain – centuries-old traditions of quality

For many years, Spanish tiles have maintained their first positions in the world decorative ceramics market. Every year in this country, millions of square meters of tiles for decorating walls and floors, mosaics and porcelain stoneware are produced. Ceramics is what Spain is proud of. Its production in this country has reached an unprecedented scale, well-known brands are ready to offer a variety of tile samples for every taste and color, even to the most demanding customers. The indisputable advantages of Spanish tiles are high quality and beautiful appearance. For its production, red and, of course, white clay is taken.

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Note that such harmony is achieved through a harmonious combination of centuries-old traditions and advanced technologies. However, despite the fact that the ceramics produced in Spain are distinguished by a wide variety of patterns, colors and styles, their oriental collections, which are dominated by Mediterranean ornaments and Arabic geometric motifs, are especially delighted. These are, perhaps, real masterpieces in the field of ceramic art, which are absent in the products of other countries that also specialize in the production of tiles. The most famous firms:

Novogres shallow

  • Novogres;

  • Aparisi;

  • Ceramic;

  • Pamesa.

Italy – the standard of taste and style

Italy has long been recognized as a trendsetter in interior design. Italians have conquered the world market with their luxury collections featuring wall and floor tiles, porcelain stoneware and mosaics. Currently, these finishing materials are used to decorate the interiors of luxury hotels, restaurants and equally well-known establishments in many parts of the world. Italian ceramic tiles are nothing more than a sophisticated style, a special world of beauty and harmony.
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Unlike the Spaniards, the Italians place a significant emphasis on the elegance of their products. The ability to capture and emphasize beauty in combination with advanced technologies contribute to the fact that it was in Italy that fashion trends in world ceramics began to emerge. This manufacturer is distinguished by high professionalism and craftsmanship, combined with boundless creative imagination. White clay supplied from Ukraine is used as a basis for the manufacture of these unique products. Popular Italian manufacturers today are:

Valverde tiles

  • Valverde;

  • Tilegres;

  • Salons.

Each collection of Italian tiles for the kitchen, bathroom or other public spaces is always a highlight in the world of design, as there are even more chances to create a truly unique interior.

Germany – national flavor and impeccable quality

Excellent German quality is proven by many finishing materials, German tiles are also no exception to the rule. Its strength and durability exceeds even the most daring expectations. German brands are focused on creating the most reliable product for their consumers. That is why the popularity of German tiles in Russia remains at a high level, despite the great variety of other facing materials.
Boizenburg tiles

Expensive finishing materials with imitation of wood or stone make German tiles an ideal choice for lovers of classic style, however, the collections of some manufacturers amaze the imagination with very unexpected and daring design finds. In any case, the choice of German ceramics is proof of impeccable taste. For its production, white clay is used – it is a material characterized by a high degree of reliability, wear resistance and plasticity. Leading manufacturing companies:

Boizenburg tiles

  • Boizenburg;

  • Agrob;

  • Boizenburg;

  • Steuler;

  • Jasba.

Russia – affordable price and high quality

Russian tile is a high-quality finishing material available at a price to various categories of citizens. The low price of tiles is due to the close location of raw materials and sales points. Domestic products are presented in a wide range, among them: floor, wall, front and sidewalk tiles. Russian tiles are notable for precise dimensions, high-quality and clear images, modern ornaments and interesting colors.
Shakhty tile

Domestic manufacturers closely follow fashion trends, in this regard, they are trying to buy designs for the manufacture of tiles from Spanish (Italian) artists specializing in the development of exclusive designs and ornaments for subsequent implementation. Russian-made tiles have popular formats: 10×10, 15×15, 20×30, 20×40 and others. Well-known Russian manufacturers:

Shakhty tile

  • Shakhty tile;
  • Kerama – Maracci;

  • Kerabud.

China – wide range and low prices

Due to the fact that decorative ceramics in China are made on European equipment, Chinese tiles are distinguished by a harmonious combination of fashionable design, good quality and reasonable prices, typical for the list of products of this manufacturing country. Chinese ceramic tiles will adequately decorate a kitchen or bathroom, decorated in one of the modern interior styles. Note that it occupies a significant niche among the great variety of facing products.

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The products of this country are distinguished by pleasant prices available to a wide audience. And since Chinese factories are constantly improving the equipment they use, they create incredible masterpieces in the field of ceramic art, a fundamental place in which is the production of ceramic tiles. A variety of Chinese ceramic tile options (granite, mosaic or marble) will make any room even more luxurious and sophisticated. Every year, China is rapidly conquering new market segments. For its production, exclusively environmentally friendly materials are used, and only modern equipment is used. The main advantage of these ceramic products is their original design and low prices. Among the well-known manufacturers are:
Hitom tile

Interior fashion does not stand still, so in interior design there are both fashion trends and outdated ideas designed for different buyers. Year after year, successful and popular manufacturing countries release new collections of ceramic tiles, in which designers’ ideas of beauty and elegance in its modern form are brought to life.

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