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In one of the previous articles, together with you, we figured out how to choose the best LED strip, paying attention to such important parameters as brightness, protection class and much more. However, the general quality of products is not least influenced by the manufacturer. So, if you want to give preference to someone, then it is better to let it be a time-tested, reliable product of a popular manufacturer.

There are enough manufacturers on the international market that can be found in the domestic market, and many of them (especially European ones) can be given first places. However, we will try to describe each of the brands below as objectively and to the point as possible. So let’s get started and get to know the most popular LED strip manufacturers on the market today.


And one of these, opening this rating list, is Feron. In the domestic market, the products of this Chinese manufacturer show good results and are very popular in terms of popularity. This was mainly due to the fact that their lighting products are of acceptable quality at an optimally affordable price. For example, you can buy a 5-meter LED strip for about 700 rubles. Of course, this is slightly more expensive than other Chinese counterparts, but the overall quality of the tapes of this brand is much better. In any case, the final choice will depend solely on you and your budget.

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Among the brands of the long-livers of the Russian market in the category of lighting equipment, Camelion can be distinguished, which dates back to 1997. Today the company’s offices are located in several countries, however, at the opening stage, when they were mainly engaged in the production of batteries (as power sources), there were only two of them: in Germany, and in China. Production facilities are also located in the Middle Kingdom, which, however, is not surprising. Despite the fact that the main emphasis in the company’s product range is placed precisely on lamps, power supplies and other lighting equipment such as nightlights and lamps, among other things, you can find LED strips. Although their assortment, of course, is not as large as that of others. But the quality is at a very high level.

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If we talk about younger brands in the field of LED products and strips, in particular, popular in the modern Russian market, then it is worth paying attention to Jazzway and its products. For the first time on the domestic market, they appeared only 10 years ago, and by 2017, sales statistics totaled a total of about 27 million units, which is a really good result. Of course, the brand’s product range is closely related to LED devices, among which there are not only ribbons, but also lamps, projectors, as well as panels and batteries. In general, it is a very reliable brand that offers quality certified products.

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Products of the Gauss brand are also highly popular among a large number of users. And here, of course, it is not without contradictions, since despite the quite satisfactory quality of its products, the company keeps the cost bar slightly higher than that of its competitors. On the one hand, this is good, but the high price must be met, which is what the company tries to do by providing good solutions in the field of lighting. When it comes to LED strips, the company produces excellent single color and RGB versions with fairly high brightness and good build quality. However, as we said, for a 5-meter tape you will be asked for about 1,700 rubles.

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Another young manufacturer of LED strips, which has already gained popularity and distribution in the CIS markets, is Navigator. Its homeland is China, and beyond its borders, the brand’s products have been conquering the world market for more than 7 years. Even if this is not the longest period, however, as we managed to understand, in this category of products time flows differently. As for the quality of the manufactured products, judging by the numerous positive reviews, it is at a fairly high level. The company provides the most detailed documentation for all its products, up to LED models. In terms of LED strips, they have a very large assortment, and the average cost fluctuates around 1200 rubles per 5 meters.

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Variants from the Russian brand Era also seem to be quite good LED strips. This brand was created in Russia not so long ago, in 2004, and specializes in the production of high-quality electrical goods, which, in turn, offers at a very optimal cost. The products of this manufacturer are presented in many large online and stationary retail stores. The range of available LED strips is not the largest, but it is quite sufficient to provide alternatives. Well, their quality is at a very satisfactory level.

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Often a lot of money has to be paid for high quality products, which partly characterizes the Osram brand. Although, in this regard, such a policy, in principle, looks reasonable, since we are facing a popular German manufacturer of high-quality lighting equipment, working in the lighting industry since 1906. An interesting fact may be that the brand name is formed from the parts of the name of two metals used in incandescent lamps (OSmium and tungsten). Also, for a certain period of time, the company was part of the Siemens concern. Accordingly, more than a century of experience in the production of lighting equipment for lighting equipment has influenced both the brand’s reputation and a very considerable cost, which is still comparable to quality.

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Many of you probably know that today, in any category of goods, you can find a sufficient number of Chinese manufacturers. And another of them in the production of LED strips is the Elektrostadard company. Naturally, their assortment is not only rich in ribbons, but there is little sense in this situation to dwell on this. And as for the products we are interested in, their range of ribbons is really quite extensive, with a large selection of models that differ, by the way, not only in color. One of the features of the catalog now is LED flexible neon, characterized by high moisture resistance and mechanical strength. In terms of price, they offer a slightly above average cost, about 1,600 rubles for 5 meters of one-color tape (2,200 for RGB).

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A good range of LED strips of various types of designs, colors and capacities can also please the Uniel brand, which, like many in this list, is widely specialized in the production of electrical equipment. It is noteworthy in this case that the company’s assortment includes not only lighting products, but also climatic equipment, electrical equipment and even elements of a smart home. All technical stages from production to testing take place at many popular Chinese facilities, while the company’s products are distributed much more extensively. Its distribution network covers not only large cities in Russia and the CIS, but also expands into the markets of Europe, both Western and Eastern. The only thing is that the assortment of the tapes themselves may not seem as large as we would like.

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It is logical that domestic manufacturers should be more popular in the domestic market, provided it is true that they really provide reliable and high-quality products. Well, in the field of LED products, the Russian brand LEDcraft is considered to be such. They can offer a wide range of lighting products from conventional light bulbs to moving line floodlights. Among all this, of course, there are LED strips. One of the strengths of the company is to strive to maximize energy savings and extend the life of its products. Therefore, the question is not at all about quality here, it is correspondingly good.

Official site: ladkraft.rf


After such a long list (and this is not the end), it is clear that today a sufficient number of brands are engaged in the production of LED lighting. There are many of them both among foreign and domestic, as evidenced by Dreamled, another manufacturer of premium LED strips. They are characterized as reliable and very easy to use, with excellent luminous efficacy and long service life. Also, the ribbons of this brand successfully compete in brightness with neon tubes and even fluorescent lamps. Well, you can also note the high color rendering, as to someone it may seem equally important for lighting.


Arlight brand offers no less high-quality LED equipment for creating complex lighting systems, which allowed it to be on the third line of this list. All products of the company undergo rigorous testing and have the necessary certificates of conformity. The manufacturing process uses reliable components and advanced technology to achieve exceptional quality at an optimal cost. In addition to high quality and reliability, the company’s priorities are also safety and efficiency, which has a positive effect on the product as a whole. The manufacturer’s catalog of LED strips is very extensive and includes almost 1000 units, so there may be no doubts that you will not be able to find something for yourself.

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The top of the rating list is usually occupied by popular companies, the distinctive feature of whose products is not only quality, but also a commensurately high cost. And in second place was the well-known American company Cree, founded in 1987. At the very beginning of her “creative” path, she was engaged in the production of microcircuits and the first LEDs, then called light-emitting devices. Now the brand is engaged in the large-scale production of semiconductor LEDs, LED components, light bulbs and, of course, LED strips. True, as we said, their cost can significantly exceed the limit of acceptable, especially for some home DIY project.

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Well, the honorable first place in this rating is occupied by the company Geniled, which specializes in providing a variety of lighting solutions. Yes, their range of LED lamps does not seem to be wide, but they are engaged in their production, and most importantly, installation. Of course, by and large, this is not the most difficult task, but we are not talking about creating a cozy atmosphere for your room, but about much larger-scale and large-budget projects. In other words, if you need lighting specialists who know their business and can pick up not only ideas using LED strips for you, then you should not write off this manufacturer.

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Of course, we have listed far from all eminent manufacturers in the category of lighting equipment, including LED strips. As you might have guessed, this was done for several reasons. Firstly, it is enough that the list is quite large, and includes a large number of domestic and foreign brands. Secondly, the remaining companies like Sveteco or Joliet Technology, which are at the very top of the market, have not become widespread in our country. Mainly due to the fact that their products, albeit of high quality, are simply incredibly expensive.

And yet, among such a number of potential candidates with their equally rich assortment, you will definitely find the most suitable solution for yourself, corresponding to both your preferences and planned budget. The main thing is that now you know the best of them “by sight”. And this will certainly simplify your choice and save a lot of time.

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