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Cooker hoods are designed to remove unwanted odors during cooking, as well as maintain a comfortable microclimate in the kitchen as a whole. At first glance, such an acquisition should not cause any special problems, especially at the stage of selection. However, when you start delving into a very rich assortment of the modern market, you realize that you still have to spend some time before finally deciding on a favorite. And the main catch is that, in addition to a large number of various models, you will find a corresponding set of manufacturers that fill the domestic market. Fortunately, most of them have long been highly popular and are of high quality products. We propose to pay attention to them today.


And the first brand for today offering excellent solutions in the category of interest to us in this case is the Korting company. It is a popular German manufacturer of household appliances and home climatic equipment, whose history dates back to the distant 1889. Despite the fact that the hoods of this brand are usually attributed to budget class models, their overall quality is at a high level. This, however, is not surprising, since all products manufactured by the company comply with modern quality standards, undergo careful multi-level control at all stages of production, and also have a high class of energy efficiency.

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The history of the Italian brand Faber is in some way the history of the kitchen hoods themselves, and began in 1955. Naturally, this date refers to the brand itself, or rather its foundation. However, it is not known when the first cooker hood would have appeared without it. Yes, it was this company that first came up with them and today is one of the world market leaders in this category. It is logical that the matter was not limited to inventing the hood, and to this day the company is making every effort, continuing to develop them, improve and bring innovations, both in technical terms and in design, which is also important. One of the nice features of the models of this brand is the affordable cost.

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Another example of high-quality kitchen appliances at a low price is the products of the Turkish brand Simfer. This company is not so young, although it began its “creative” path only in 1977, nevertheless, for 20 years it has been manufacturing solid fuel stoves. And only after all this time, the manufacturer decided to take a serious step, deciding to deal with a wider range of kitchen appliances, which allowed them to greatly expand the range and gain wide popularity. Naturally, they found a place for hoods, which today attract attention not only in the local market of Turkey, but also abroad, conquering the European and domestic markets.

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Returning to the popular European manufacturers of kitchen hoods, it is worth noting the Ciarko brand, which also boasts many years of experience, a wide range, and, of course, the corresponding high quality. This Polish manufacturer is one of the largest on the market, dealing exclusively with hoods and related accessories. The company has been operating on the Polish market since 1986, offering interesting solutions at optimally affordable prices. Among the offers of this brand you will find decorative, fully recessed, telescopic and island hoods. And in addition to stylish modern design, you are guaranteed to also get high reliability.

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Hoods of the Kuppersberg brand can please with a good combination of German quality and low cost. This manufacturer specializes in providing all the necessary elements of technology and other accessories for the complete arrangement of the kitchen, offering the opportunity to create a comfortable room with exclusive details. Even if we take into account the fact that this company is very young and does not yet have a wide dealer network or official representatives, its products are already gaining popularity among consumers, allowing the brand to become more and more recognizable.

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The more expensive kitchen hoods belonging to the middle price category are the models of the German brand Teka. Founded back in 1924, today this company is considered a benchmark in the production of hoods and not only. In addition to these, she specializes in the manufacture of bathroom products and kitchen appliances. Today the Teka Group company has at its disposal nearly three dozen factories in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as about 57 subsidiaries selling products around the world. Of course, the hoods of this brand are highly efficient and reliable.

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Another great middle-class member of the range of cooker hoods is the Smeg brand. This Italian home appliance company was founded in 1948. At the moment, in addition to hoods, it also produces washing machines and dishwashers, gas stoves, refrigerators and many other elements of modern life. Despite the fact that most of all the equipment of this manufacturer is popular in Europe, it also attracted Russian consumers who value quality just as highly. The hoods of this brand have an elegant design, high technical characteristics and the best materials.

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Yes, many people are known for their once popular and very high-quality cell phones, the German concern Siemens was engaged in not only them. Founded back in 1847, he covered many fields, working in the fields of electronics, energy, medical equipment, communications and even transportation, not to mention other industries. So, it will hardly surprise anyone that the modern market is full of excellent and very high quality models of this brand in the category of kitchen hoods. It is logical that a manufacturer with such a rich history, a wide field of activity and a recognizable name simply cannot have budget products. However, their hoods are excellent representatives of the average price segment of the domestic market.

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Despite the fact that the German company Miele is positioned as a manufacturer of premium home appliances, their products have a very optimal cost in relation to excellent quality. On the Russian market, the offers of this brand occupy a niche in the middle price category, which once again delights consumers. It is understandable that you usually have to pay more for a high-quality and reliable product of a popular brand, but it is much more pleasant when this cost is fully justified. These are the qualities that kitchen hoods have (as, in fact, all other products like freestanding and built-in appliances) of this manufacturer, whose history began in 1899.

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A lot

The Swedish brand Asko can offer you a sufficient range of stylish and modern kitchen hoods. Today, the products of this company are widely known throughout Europe and the rest of the world, mainly due to interesting design solutions and an environmentally friendly approach. Of course, quality also remains at the appropriate level, because the company is engaged in the production of not only hoods, but also other household appliances. In terms of design, in general, many of the manufacturer’s proposals are distinguished by the laconic details and the elegance of the metal finish.

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If you want to buy not just a cooker hood, but a unique element with an amazing and modern design solution, then you should definitely pay attention to the Falmec products. By the way, such delights in terms of design may turn out to be quite typical for many high-quality European products, and their hoods belong to just such. This company dates back to 1981, which is not so long on a global scale. And yet, during this time, the Italian manufacturer has succeeded so much that it has been able to gain deserved popularity both in the European and Russian markets. Exceptionally high quality materials are one of the distinguishing features of this brand’s cooker hoods.

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On the crown road

The next representative of German kitchen hoods on our list is the Kronasteel company, which is ready to offer a very wide range of various modern models. From classic design to modern, here you will find quite a variety of representatives of the category we are considering. Of course, each of the manufacturer’s products undergoes strict quality control and performance testing, proving their effectiveness and reliability. In addition to the listed advantages, their hoods also boast a high level of air purification.

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Well, the last manufacturer offering high-quality and functional hoods in the vastness of the domestic market is another company, which, above all, many modern consumers will recognize more likely for their excellent smartphones. Everything is so, but the fact that in addition to them South Korean Samsung produces other equipment, and in very large quantities, is also not a secret for many. Especially often found in local stores are various devices from the category of kitchen appliances, to which hoods also belong. The combination of ingenious design with high efficiency and reliability is what draws attention to the offerings of this giant of technology and electronics.

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Well, now you know who presents some of the best kitchen hoods on the Russian market. Naturally, we did not list all of them, because other high-profile brands like Bosch, Electrolux and Gorenje, which are frequent representatives of our other ratings, remained behind the scenes. However, the list is already not small, and we tried to mention the most worthy and interesting. Of course, the final choice depends entirely on you, but now you at least know what to choose from.

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