TOP 13 largest manufacturers of water-heated floors

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Water heated floors can be an excellent alternative to heating with radiators. Firstly, the heat from them is evenly distributed throughout the space, secondly, the entire system is hidden from view and does not take away useful space in the room, and thirdly, it is more economical than a traditional heating system. One can talk about the advantages of water heated floors for a very long time, but when the moment of choice comes, you need to take into account a lot of nuances and not forget about the manufacturer’s name, which often becomes a guarantee of quality. We will stop at the largest manufacturers of water-heated floors.

It should be said right away that the system of underfloor heating water consists of a liquid heater (heating boiler), a pumping and mixing unit, the pipes themselves along which the coolant moves, as well as auxiliary elements, such as thermostats, temperature sensors, a power supply, etc. As a rule, manufacturing companies offer all the necessary components for arranging a warm floor, but there are also manufacturers who specialize in the production of only individual elements (often pipes). Experts recommend, if possible, not to use components from different manufacturers in the same system, since the required tightness and tightness of the connection will be difficult to achieve.


RehauThe German company Rehau has been known for its polymer innovations since 1948. The range of the manufacturer’s products is wide and includes doors, windows, furniture, electric underfloor heating systems and, of course, water underfloor heating. The pipes are made of XLPE and boast an anti-oxygen barrier and low noise levels. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for a period of 10 years, the pipes will calmly withstand operation for 50 years. Moreover, if the temperature of the coolant does not exceed + 60C, then we can talk about a service life of 100 years. In the summer, cold water can be piped through the pipes, getting virtually free air conditioning system in the room. The range of the company includes pipes with different parameters, as well as all the necessary components for the installation of a water-heated floor system.


SanextIt is an Italian company with a wide representation in Russia. The manufacturer offers everything you need to equip a reliable water floor heating system: from pipes to collectors and accessories for heat meters. The main focus of the company is still on the production of cross-linked polyethylene pipes, which are equipped with an anti-oxygen barrier. To reduce noise, a three-layer coating of the material is used. The manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty for the products, and judging by the declared characteristics, the pipes can last up to 50 years. In addition, the company’s product range also includes manifolds and manifold cabinets. The company’s products are very popular among domestic consumers.


AquathermThe German company Aquatherm is today one of the leaders in the production of components for the arrangement of water heated floors. The company was founded back in 1973 and immediately became involved in the production of pipeline systems for underfloor heating. Later, plastic pipes for various purposes appeared in the assortment, and the company became an innovator in this area, creating materials with unique properties. Today, the company’s product range includes a lot of pipes with different characteristics.

For the underfloor heating system, pipes made of polybutene and polyethylene are used, they are equipped with an anti-oxygen barrier. All products are covered by a 10-year warranty. The manufacturer claims that the minimum life of its pipes is 50 years. The products are so high quality and durable that they have won trust all over the world. When purchasing Aquatherm pipes, you will need to look for accessories from another manufacturer.


UponorUponor is a Finnish company that is one of the leaders in the production of equipment for water supply and maintaining an optimal indoor climate. The products are in growing demand in Europe, North America and the domestic market. All components for the arrangement of a water-heated floor system are of high quality, reliability and durability.

For 60 years of activity, the company has accumulated enough experience in the production of plastic pipes and all the elements necessary for the arrangement of warm floors. Today, the manufacturer can be proud of the fact that it offers comprehensive solutions for arranging underfloor heating, since the range includes metal-plastic and polyethylene pipes of various parameters, as well as collectors, control systems, panels for convenient and quick installation, and much more.


EMMETIThe Italian company EMMETI has been on the market since 1976. During this time, experience has been accumulated, its own production traditions have been formed, the range has expanded significantly, and the name of the company has become well known in many countries of the world. The production is certified according to ISO 9001, strict control is carried out at every stage of production. The company offers all the necessary elements for the installation of a water underfloor heating system: reinforced-plastic pipes and PEX pipes, fittings, taps, manifolds, manifold cabinets, thermostats, tools for installing the system and even boilers.

Henco Industries

Henco IndustriesThis Belgian company produces products under the Henco brand. The history of the enterprise began in 1948 with the sale of coal stoves, later its own production was launched, which was expanded by the manufacture of radiators. The company grew rapidly, and until now Henco underfloor heating pipes are considered one of the best. The range of products manufactured today is so extensive that it can be used to fully equip the underfloor heating system. In addition to pipes, the company offers profile mats, thermal insulation, grilles, fasteners, collectors, taps, thermometers, etc.


OVENTROPThis German manufacturer dates back to 1851, and at first the company specialized in the production of furniture fittings. Over the decades, the scope of the company has changed, production has expanded, and the range of products has grown. Today the company has more than 400 items and specializes in the production of goods for heating and water supply. Products are widely represented in different countries of the world.

The manufacturer offers everything you need to equip a warm water floor system. The assortment includes metal-plastic pipes, manifolds, thermostatic valves, connecting kits, thermostats, pump-mixing blocks and other products.


KERMIThe German company KERMI is part of the Arbonia AG holding and specializes in the production of heating equipment and shower cabins. The production is carried out on modern equipment, the strictest control is carried out at every stage of production, which made it possible to achieve the highest quality, which has been repeatedly confirmed by prestigious awards and customer confidence. The range of products is wide, which allows you to purchase everything you need for organizing a system of water-heated floors from one manufacturer.


PURMOThe Finnish company PURMO traces its history back to the 50s, when a small enterprise started to produce panel radiators. Today the company has grown, has become famous in many countries around the world, and radiators are still the main product of the company. But the manufacturer does not stand still, the range of products is constantly expanding.

Underfloor heating systems are complete solutions. The manufacturer offers PEX pipes with an anti-diffusion barrier, as well as multilayer pipes, thermal insulation, underfloor heating distributors, distributor cabinets, insulating tape. All products comply with the strictest international quality standards; the entire underfloor heating system of the company has a 10-year warranty.


ThermotechThe Swedish company Thermotech, founded in 1996, specializes in the production of easy-to-install underfloor heating systems for all types of premises. Today the company is considered the largest in its field in Scandinavia and one of the largest in Europe. In 2004, its own research center was opened under the leadership of Russian engineers. Such cooperation allowed to create several interesting innovative solutions and make the company’s products maximally adapted to the conditions of domestic operation.

Today, the company’s factories operate not only in Sweden, but also in Italy, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the products are successfully sold throughout Europe. Water floor heating systems are one of the main activities of the company. With the help of the company’s products, you can fully equip warm floors in any room. Pipes, collectors, necessary automation, mixing and heat exchange units, additional materials and components are produced.


VALTECThe company was opened as a result of cooperation between Italian and Russian specialists who decided to produce plumbing fixtures capable of withstanding domestic operating conditions. In 2002, production lines for a wide range of products were launched in Italy. Experts have tried to learn from the experience of the best manufacturers in order to create the highest quality and thoughtful products. Manufacturing is carried out on modern equipment in accordance with the most stringent requirements.

VALTEC products are in high demand in Russia and several years ago they were recognized as “Brand of the Year”, and it is not surprising, because the manufacturer offers comprehensive solutions for the arrangement of warm water floors. From him you can buy everything you need for the installation of warm floors: from different types of pipes to collector blocks and heat meters. Moreover, the manufacturer offers standard kits for installing underfloor heating in rooms of different sizes, which are suitable for non-professionals who want to install themselves.

“Special systems and technologies”

Neptune IWSThis is a large domestic enterprise, which is one of the leaders in the production of equipment for space heating. The company has been on the market for about 25 years, and during this time its products have fallen in love not only in our market, but also in 44 countries of the world. The factories of the company are equipped with the most modern equipment, strict quality control is in place, all products comply with the strictest standards.

All products for water floor heating are manufactured under the Neptun IWS trademark. These are corrugated stainless steel pipes, fittings, mats with clamps, thermostats, circulation pumps, manifold and mixing units, distributor cabinets and other necessary elements.


CompipeThe Compipe group of companies traces its history back to 2006, when the production of metal-plastic pipes was established in the city of Kashira. Today, the product range has expanded significantly and also includes pipes for heating systems, radiators, fittings and more. Production is carried out not only in Russia, but also at modern factories in Europe. A full set of equipment is provided for arranging water heated floors, including pipes, collectors, manifold cabinets, fittings, thermal insulation and the necessary automation.

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