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A cast iron bath can serve for decades, of course, if a number of conditions are met. The walls of the product must be thick enough and the enamel must be applied correctly. There are a number of other requirements for the manufacturing process, but these two are the most important. Unfortunately, it is difficult for an ordinary buyer, especially under the influence of the persuasion of experienced sellers, to determine the quality of individual samples, so it remains to rely on the name of the manufacturer. Responsible companies do not save on materials, use modern equipment and technologies, give a guarantee for their products and supply them with appropriate documentation. What are the best manufacturers of cast iron bathtubs at the moment? Which products can you trust? Let’s try to understand these issues by studying the plumbing market.


The Spanish company Roca is today considered the largest manufacturer of cast iron bathtubs. The plant’s products are known throughout Europe and are in great demand in the post-Soviet space. The history of the company began over a century ago. At first, in a small enterprise near Barcelona, ​​they produced radiators, then they began to make boilers, and in 1929 they made the first bathtub here. Despite the fact that the products were in good demand in Spain, the manufacturer was in no hurry to enter the international market. This only happened in 1990, and in 2006 Roca became the world leader in sanitary ware and tiles.

Today the company includes more than 70 enterprises located in different parts of the world. Deliveries are made to 135 countries. In 2004, the company began building its own plant in Russia, which started operating in 2006. Today the manufacturer manufactures not only sanitary ware, but also tiles, furniture and lamps.

The cast iron baths of the company are of the highest quality and pleasant design. You can find both fairly simple models and sophisticated baths. All products are created on modern equipment using advanced technologies. The enamel quality is excellent. The manufacturer’s baths receive an anti-slip coating. Prices for such high quality products are reasonable, and constantly updated collections allow everyone to find a suitable product.

Jacob Delafon

The history of this French company begins in 1889. Then its founders foresaw an increase in hygiene requirements. The production began with enamelled refractory ceramics. Things were going well, and later several more factories were taken over by the company. Then the enterprise became part of a large French concern, and in 1986 it was bought out by the American concern Kohler Co. Nevertheless, cast iron bathtubs are still marketed under the Jacob Delafon brand, and it is with this name that they became known around the world.

Today the company’s products are synonymous with quality and exclusive design. Each product is guaranteed for 25 years. The assortment of baths is amazing: there are both fairly simple models and asymmetric bowls, whirlpool baths. They are, of course, not cheap, but they fully work out the funds spent on them. Special mention should be made of designer models of an unusual shape, on legs or with a painting.


The Spanish company Novial began operating in 1958 and specialized in iron casting. The first cast-iron baths were made here in 1967, and already in 1970 this became the main activity of the young company. Until 1991, the plant was located in Spain, but later the government of the country decided to move all enterprises outside the cities. Then all production facilities moved to China. A new modern plant has been built there, which is 100% compliant with all international standards. Today, Novial cast iron bathtubs are successfully sold in 20 countries around the world, and the sales market is constantly expanding.

The manufacturer uses modern vitreous titanium enamel and French oven equipment. The enamel is fired in infrared ovens, so there is no doubt about its quality and durability. Novial bathtubs have a 25-year warranty, which is not surprising given this quality of production. On sale there are quite simple models, baths with hydromassage and exclusive design. Products are presented in different sizes, so that everyone can find a suitable model. At the same time, the products are cheaper than those of many other European manufacturers, which ensures its popularity in the domestic market. All this allows us to call the Spanish company one of the best manufacturers of cast iron bathtubs.


This French company has nearly a century of experience in the production of cast iron bathtubs. During this time, their own traditions have been formed, which explains such a high quality of the company’s products. Manufacturing facilities are located in France. The manufacturer, despite the fashion to transfer production to China, decided to leave the plant in Europe in order to exercise the most stringent control over the production process.

The company uses the most modern technologies. The enamel is applied in a special way, creating an incredibly durable and resistant to negative environmental factors coating. The crisp white enamel on the Oxame bathrooms seems to even sparkle. In addition, the products are equipped with an anti-slip coating, some models receive chrome handles, headrests and other elements that make the operation more comfortable.

The model range of the manufacturer’s bathtubs has enough products that differ in size, shape and equipment. The price also fluctuates significantly, but very simple models are not that expensive.


The German company specializes mainly in the production of retro-style cast iron bathtubs. The manufacturer’s products are striking in appearance and worthy of becoming a decoration of any bathroom. Models are made in different colors, impress with unusual shapes and delicate legs. The company also produces accessories suitable for such baths.

The production facilities are located in Germany, the strictest control is carried out over the manufacturing process at all its stages. All products are covered with high-quality enamel, with which customers will not have problems for at least the next 30 years. The lineup is constantly updated with new products, but there are, as you might guess, a lot of such bathtubs.


The Finnish company is known for the exceptional quality of the enamel coating of the bathtubs. The manufacturer applies it in 7 layers, the total thickness of the enamel reaches 3 mm. The protective coating perfectly resists shock, mechanical damage and corrosion, facilitates the care of the bathroom and extends its service life. Externally, the baths are covered with a layer of moisture-resistant primer paint.

The assortment of Timo cast iron bathtubs mainly includes simple models without designer frills. Some bathtubs get handles and headrests. The bottom of almost all models has anti-slip notches, which make water procedures not only pleasant, but also safe. In terms of size, there is a variety, so you can choose a model for almost every room. However, the smallest baths with a length of 120-130 cm are not produced here. The prices are very reasonable, the manufacturer’s warranty is 5 years.


The Portuguese company RECOR Metalurgica has been producing cast iron bathtubs and shower trays for a long time. The products have proven themselves in a number of European countries, as well as in the domestic space. The company is distinguished by the use of a special enamel with a high content of titanium ions, which allows us to speak of the service life of such a coating of 70 years. Each bathtub is provided with a passport and a warranty card. The warranty period here is significant – 25 years.

The lineup is often replenished with new products. On sale you can find bathtubs that will be the perfect addition to any interior style. Exclusive products with carved legs complement the spacious bathtub in a classic style, while the streamlined bathtubs will enhance the modern interior. The manufacturer’s products are expensive.


The Italian company Castalia produces quality, pretty and relatively inexpensive baths. It uses titanium-containing enamel for coating, the bowls are always ergonomic. The manufacturer pays great attention to detail, so the bathtubs are as good in terms of aesthetics as they are in terms of convenience. The company manufactures models from 120 to 180 cm in length, so finding a product with dimensions that match the bathroom will not be difficult. Recall that the prices are quite reasonable.


Artex cast iron bathtubs are produced in China, but the factories use unique Italian technology, Italian design and European equipment. This approach allows us to produce the highest quality bathtubs at the lowest possible prices, which has already been appreciated by numerous buyers.

The length of the baths ranges from 120 to a record 200 cm, the width is from 70 to 85 cm, and the depth is from 42 to 50 cm. It is not difficult to choose the model that best suits the parameters of your home. In terms of design, there is also a variety, but mainly simple models are produced, devoid of all sorts of frills.

Each piece receives a seven-layer coating containing silver oxide. It looks great, retains its original properties for a long time and allows you to disinfect water.


Another of the slightly responsible Chinese manufacturers. The company covers cast iron baths with three layers of enamel containing titanium. Over the years, the coating does not turn yellow, does not crack, and the baths themselves are very inexpensive. The combination of these qualities has provided the products under the Goldman brand with a fairly high popularity. Many of the manufacturer’s models receive an anti-slip coating, but it must be looked after as carefully as possible so that dark spots do not appear. Experts advise when buying Goldman bathtubs to inspect the coating for integrity, as well as to study the quality of the legs. If we compare the quality of these bathtubs and analogs of European production, then the Chinese models lose a little, but they also cost several times cheaper, and their service life is quite high.

JSC “Plant Universal”

Domestic manufacturers are ready to compete with foreign products. The plant in Novokuznetsk has been operating since 1961. This means that a good half of all Soviet cast iron baths left the assembly line of this manufacturer. Since then, the plant has been modernized several times. Today the production lines are equipped with high-quality German equipment, and the baths are molded using Japanese vacuum technology.

Each bath receives a three-layer enamel coating, which ensures a long product life. The lineup is represented by products of different lengths, widths and shapes. There are bathtubs with headrests and handles. Snow-white titanium enamel, well-thought-out shapes and low price are the main factors that explain the popularity of the manufacturer’s products. Baths are really very inexpensive, and even with the most modest budget, you can afford a good product.

JSC “Kirovsky Zavod”

Another large domestic enterprise specializing in the production of cast iron baths. The history of the plant begins in the distant 1745. During this time, the company changed its field of activity several times. Today the plant is equipped with modern German equipment and produces high-quality cast iron baths, which are practically not inferior to European counterparts and meet all domestic requirements.

All baths produced in this plant are coated with a patented enamel containing silver ions. The coating amazes with its durability and disinfects water during the entire life of the bath.

The assortment of the manufacturer includes bathtubs of different sizes, from 120 to 170 cm long. There are both the simplest models and bathtubs equipped with handles, headrests and hydromassage. In terms of strength and durability, the baths of the plant are highly commendable. The manufacturer gives a 25-year warranty for its products, which says a lot. The pricing policy is also all right here.

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