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It is difficult to imagine a modern bathroom or toilet without a toilet bowl, since it is one of the most important parts of home plumbing. Despite the fact that they were invented and produced more than a century ago, mass popularity came to them only in the twenties of the last century. However, over the years, toilets have not undergone colossal changes in terms of construction and design, and offer users more or less similar ergonomic features.

Of course, some of the available models may be of higher quality or even some advanced functionality, but for most this may not be very interesting. But in vain. Quality, when choosing any product, and even more so plumbing, plays a significant role, and therefore it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer. It is clear that products from well-known brands will always differ in high priorities, quality, materials and often a price tag. But knowing the market leaders in one category or another will never be superfluous, as certain guidelines will appear for selection. That is why today we want to draw your attention to the author’s selection of the best manufacturers of toilet bowls on the domestic market.


The rating is opened by the Spanish brand Roca, which often flashes before your eyes when it comes to the renovation and furnishing of bathrooms. The products of this brand are of high quality, and the range, even if you take only toilet bowls, is very extensive. And this is despite the fact that the proposals of this manufacturer are usually classified as affordable state employees. Nevertheless, as we have already noted, this company produces reliable products using quality materials and has a wide network of representatives around the world. Of course, hence its popularity follows. The brand’s products began to appear on the Russian market since 2004 and since then they have been actively retaining, and in some places increasing their positions.

  • Country of manufacture: Spain
  • Official site:


If we talk about domestic brands of sanitary ware, then perhaps one of the most famous in Russia is the manufacturer Santek. The year 1995 is considered to be the starting point for the origin of the brand, so one can confidently judge whether the manufacturer has a certain experience in his field. Well, if you suddenly worry about the level of quality of their products, especially when you come across quite acceptable and relatively small price tags, then you should know that since 2007 this brand has been part of the Roca Group, which is located higher. This allows the company to achieve such a coveted combination of an adequate price and high quality that meets European norms and standards.

  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Official website:


Another popular European brand with a rich history is Jika. This manufacturer was originally engaged in ceramic products and began its work in the 19th century in the Czech Republic. After the twenties of the last century, they actively began to engage in the production of sanitary ceramics, which were of satisfactory quality at a fairly low cost. Similar motives can still be seen in the brand’s products, although the overall quality has naturally increased significantly since then. Since 1991, this brand has become part of the larger Swiss company LAUFEN Bathrooms, which we will definitely talk about further. Functionality and comfort distinguish the products of this Czech manufacturer, which allowed it to become popular among the majority of buyers on the domestic market.

  • Country of manufacture: Czech Republic
  • Official website:


The Sanita brand is considered to be the leader among domestic manufacturers of sanitary ware in the budget segment. According to the statements of the company itself, the products of this brand have been successfully refuting stereotypes about domestic production for many years, mainly due to the fact that in terms of technical and aesthetic properties they are not inferior to foreign counterparts. Distinguished by high quality and affordable prices, the sanitary ware of this brand attracts a large number of consumers throughout the country and even abroad. Speaking of the high level of quality, it is achieved through the use of foreign raw materials, despite the fact that everything is assembled on German and Italian equipment. It is logical that the company’s assortment is represented not only by toilet bowls, but also by urinals, bidets, sinks, bathroom furniture and others.

  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Official website:


Several interesting and popular manufacturers also occupy the middle price segment in the toilet bowl category, one of which is the Swedish brand Ifo. As with some of the other manufacturers on this list, we met this brand earlier when we looked at the category of showers. Since then, nothing has changed for them. The brand is still part of the Geberit group of companies, specializing in the production of sanitary ware and other bathroom elements using modern technologies, as well as other relevant developments in the areas involved. As for the toilet bowls of this brand, they are primarily distinguished by increased comfort and convenience, which is universally noted by users satisfied with the purchase.

  • Country of manufacture: Sweden
  • Official website:


For those of you who value reliability most of all in any category of goods, we would like to advise you to turn your attention to another Swedish manufacturer Gustavsberg, as this is what distinguishes this manufacturer against the background of most competitors. How could it be otherwise if all toilet bowls of this brand, without exception, are made of porcelain? It was with its production that the company’s path began in 1825, and this despite the fact that the very history of the company goes even further to the middle of the 17th century. Yet it is from the early decades of the 19th century that the brand begins to produce practical bathroom products, mostly in Scandinavian style. Of course, today their design has undergone changes towards modern solutions, but the reliability has remained unchanged, which is also emphasized by a 25-year warranty.

  • Country of manufacture: Sweden
  • Official site:


VitrA is no less popular manufacturer of sanitary ware and toilets, in particular among the middle class on the Russian market. This Turkish brand today produces high-quality sanitary ware and accessories, which allowed it to become part of a large holding. And this is despite the fact that the history of the company begins in the difficult years of the Second World War, namely in 1942. Could those 8 people who were then engaged in the manufacture of scarce faience products imagine how their small workshop in one of the districts of Istanbul would become a large and popular company? Hardly. And yet, it happened. In the vastness of the domestic market, their products are in great demand, which was partly influenced by the opening of two factories in Russia. They even have a separate line of sanitary ware for people with disabilities.

  • Country of origin: Turkey
  • Official site:


In the middle price segment of the toilet bowl market, Russia is represented by the excellent Iddis brand, which is distinguished by its focus on the production of modern models for standard domestic apartments. By choosing such a vector, the manufacturer endows its products with materials that are resistant to the effects of hard tap water, as well as more compact dimensions, due to which, by the way, the overall ergonomics of current models does not suffer. The emphasis on strength and durability complements the overall picture. This was extremely positively influenced by the successful combination of sanitary porcelain with clay, quartz and other raw materials. In addition to standard floor-standing toilets, the company’s range of products also includes wall-mounted models.

  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Official website:


We met earlier with the Polish manufacturer Cersanit, which also deservedly appeared on this list. This is mainly due to the wide range of toilets, which, of course, are not the only products of this brand. Nevertheless, among the products we are interested in, you can easily find a variety of models, whether they are made of earthenware or porcelain, suspended, floor-standing or monoblock, with different types of slopes. They are also distinguished by simplicity of details and minimalism, which is very important today. In general, regardless of your preferences, you will surely find a suitable toilet bowl among the models of this manufacturer.

  • Country of origin: Poland
  • Official website:


At the end of our small list of the best toilet manufacturers, we decided to leave the brands that produce premium and rather expensive options. One of these companies is Am.Pm. This German brand, although quite young in comparison with most competitors, still managed to achieve decent and well-deserved popularity in the global and domestic markets. Their products are concentrated exclusively around the bathroom and all its components, among which toilet bowls are a separate category. The latter are distinguished by simplicity, compactness and reliability, qualitatively fitting into modern design.

  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Official website:


A little closer to the top of our list, we briefly mentioned such a Swiss company as LAUFEN Bathrooms, which is known simply as LAUFEN in the vastness of the domestic market. This brand has been producing high quality premium sanitary products for over 125 years, which can say a lot about the professionalism and experience of the company as a whole. They are also confirmed by many other nuances, such as the use of eco-friendly components or modern creative design of products. Economical water consumption and increased hygiene of plumbing due to the water-repellent coating WonderGliss are other advantages of the toilet bowls of this brand.

  • Country of manufacture: Switzerland
  • Official website:

Jacob Delafon

Well, the French luxury sanitary ware manufacturer Jacob Delafon completes our list. The range of products of this brand is very wide, and we are talking here not only about toilets, since in addition to them you can find bidets, and urinals, and sinks, and even bathtubs with showers. Of course, the high quality of their products is not less expensive, but in most cases it is quite justified. Simplicity, convenience, reliability and functionality are far from the only positive features of this brand’s toilet bowls. Among others, you can find models with silent tanks, antibacterial coatings and other additional features. And for added confidence, you are offered a truly impressive 25-year warranty.

  • Country of manufacture: France
  • Official website:
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