TOP 11 projects of garages with an attic

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What does a typical garage look like? This is a primitive one-story structure, during the construction of which two main factors are taken into account: efficiency and functionality. Such garages-boxes do an excellent job with their direct tasks, but if you build an attic above the garage, you can get a much more functional building and at the same time spend not much more money. We have selected the most interesting projects of garages with an attic so that you understand how practical such a solution can be.

The attic space above the garage can be adapted for various purposes. If you love renovating something, then the attic workshop will be your find. Sports enthusiasts can organize a small gym above the garage. Another popular option is a relaxation room with a soft sofa, armchairs, a TV and, for example, a billiard table. This solution will appeal to everyone who likes to arrange gatherings with friends in the garage. The second floor can be converted into a kitchen, equipped with a bedroom with a bathroom, and made a place for guests or staff.

The attic room can even be used as a sauna. There you can organize a dressing room or a pantry, i.e. use storage space. In general, the purpose of the attic space entirely depends on your needs. But you need to decide what will be above the garage right away, since you will need to think over the location of communications, and if the attic is residential, then provide reliable insulation.

A garage with an attic is a great way to get extra usable space with minimal investment. The foundation and roof will be common, the additional costs will be small when compared to the construction of a separate bathhouse, workshop or kitchen, for example. Of course, the complexity of construction increases slightly, so it is very important to choose the right project. Let’s dwell on the most interesting solutions.

# 1. Garage project with residential attic

This project can be considered a reference. It provides for the arrangement of a strip foundation with the construction of walls made of foam blocks or aerated concrete and their facing with clinker tiles. Among the main features of the project, we note:

  • space for two cars. Parking area – 36 m²;

  • there is a covered area in front of the garage door, which can be used for short-term car parking or for placing guests’ cars;
  • the attic floor is a full-fledged living space with a large bedroom (36 m²) and a fairly spacious bathroom;
  • a small hall on the attic floor can be converted into a living room.

The building made according to this project will be able to combine a garage and a guest house – convenient, beautiful and economical. The total area is almost 115 m².

# 2. Garage project with large attic floor

It is difficult to say what this building resembles more: a house with a garage or a garage with living quarters. However, is it so important if the project proposes to erect a building thought out to the smallest detail, which conquers with functionality and aesthetics. Facing with clinker tiles together with metal tiles looks stylish. The garage is suitable for fairly large plots, since its dimensions are 12.3 * 8 m.In this space, we managed to place the following zones:

  • garage for two cars with two separate gates. There is so much space that in addition to even large cars, several lockers will fit for storing tools and small things;
  • boiler room with an area of ​​15 m2;
  • two bedrooms, each with an area of ​​13.65 m2 – not very much, but let’s remember that we have a garage project, not a full-fledged house;

  • also on the attic floor there is a kitchen-living room, the highlight of which is a large window to the floor;
  • relatively large bathroom;
  • a free-use premise that can be used as a dressing room, storage room, gym, home theater, billiard room, bar, etc.

The total area is 139.5 m2. The project is suitable for owners of large suburban areas who need to build a garage and a guest house on the territory. The project can also be considered by those whose budget or land area is limited, because in fact you get a full-fledged house, only the living area will be located on the second floor.

No. 3. Garage project with attic and external fireplace

The author of this project decided to leave the purpose of the attic floor to the discretion of the future owners, but gave the building a zest that distinguishes this project from the mass of similar ones. Among the features of the solution:

  • outdoor covered fireplace area where you can cook meat, fish or vegetables on the fire in any weather. If the area of ​​the site allows, then you can put a dining table nearby for snacks in the fresh air;

  • the garage is designed for one car, due to which the building is compact – it will be necessary to allocate an area of ​​6.3 * 6.9 m on the site;
  • the attic floor can be used as a small dining room in case of a picnic in bad weather. There you can organize a cozy seating area, and housekeeping people may prefer a storage area. In the attic it will be possible to store garden tools, food supplies, and off-season clothing – there is more than enough space.

The total area is 61.7 m². The author of the project proposes to use a strip foundation, build walls from aerated concrete, and cover the roof with metal tiles. Such a garage will fit in a relatively small area, allowing the owner not only to park the car, but also to have a pleasant time with family or friends.

Project number 4. Garage project with attic and terrace

This project can be called a hybrid of a garage and a full-fledged home. The following zones are located on an area of ​​162 m²:

  • a garage for two cars, the advantage of which is the presence of a window;

  • kitchen-living room with access to a covered terrace. Everything that has just been fried on the stove and baked in the oven can end up on a large dining table outside in a matter of seconds;

  • there is a bathroom on the ground floor so that all guests feel comfortable during picnics in nature;
  • in the attic there was a place for a hall and a large bedroom with an area of ​​over 46 m², as well as a storage room.

Of course, the project is suitable for owners of large suburban areas and requires considerable financial investments, but in the end you can get both a garage and a chic vacation spot.

Project # 5. Small garage project with attic

This project can be considered a classic for small areas. Despite its modest size, enough useful zones can be placed in the building. Of the features of the project, we note:

  • the garage is designed for one car; its advantages include the presence of several windows, as well as an additional entrance;
  • on the ground floor there is a small utility room that can be used as a workshop or storage room. Windows are also provided here;
  • the spacious attic floor can be used at your discretion. It is appropriate to organize a storage area there or create an area for entertainment. Fans of a healthy lifestyle will appreciate the idea of ​​creating a small gym in the attic. The project provides for skylights, so there will be no problems with natural light.

The total area of ​​the garage is 71 m². An excellent solution for any site.

Project number 6. Two car garage project

It would seem that this project is nothing special, no terraces, kitchens and saunas for you, but this is the beauty of this solution. The building can be called extremely laconic. If you complete the decoration as the project suggests, then the garage will become a real decoration of the site. Under it will have to allocate an area of ​​7.3 * 10.4 m. The construction assumes the presence of the following zones:

  • spacious parking space for two cars. One large gate can be considered a feature, but if desired, the project can be slightly changed by providing for two separate entrances. There is no additional door in the garage (this can be considered a minus), but there are three windows. In addition, you can get to the garage by going through the vestibule and the utility room. There is enough space for placing a high rack;
  • a small utility room on the ground floor can be converted into a workshop (windows will allow for effective daylight) or a storage area;
  • a spacious attic floor is a field for your experiments. Four windows located in the roof will allow organizing both a cozy recreation area and a play space for children.

The total area is 104 m².

Project # 7. Garage project with an attic and a second light

This project provides for the construction of a truly luxurious garage. However, it is difficult to call this building just a garage. Due to the presence of a full-fledged living area in the attic, the garage can be used as temporary housing, a guest house or a house for security.

Features of the project:

  • spacious garage for two cars with three windows and a separate entrance;
  • the pantry on the ground floor is great for storing garden tools or temporarily unnecessary household items;
  • on the second floor there is a spacious studio where you can equip a living room and a sleeping area, and if necessary, even a small kitchen;
  • also on the attic floor there is space for an entrance hall and a small bathroom;
  • the feature of the project is a balcony in the attic, as well as a second light, due to which both the first and the attic floor will seem brighter and more spacious.

The total area is 88 m2, and thanks to the correct layout, it was possible to place a lot of useful spaces on this area.

Project number 8. Garage for three cars with attic

Another solution that can hardly be called just a garage. In fact, we have before us a full-fledged house, only all living quarters in it are located on the attic floor, and not on the first, which is more typical for ordinary houses.

Features of the project:

  • a parking space for three cars, and to make it convenient for each driver to call in, there are three gates;
  • There is space in the garage for the storage area equipment – all the tools needed to repair a car must fit. Thanks to the presence of three windows, it will be light in the garage during the day;
  • an external staircase leads to the attic floor – an unusual, but quite convenient solution that allows you to completely isolate the living area from the garage;
  • in the attic there are two bedrooms of 25 and 28 m², between them there is a bathroom, a living room with a dining area and a kitchenette;
  • one of the bedrooms has a balcony.

The total area is 178 m².

Project number 9. Small garage with attic

In terms of the occupied territory on the site, this is the most ordinary garage (6.7 * 6.7 m), but due to the presence of an attic space, the functionality of this building is significantly expanded:

  • on the ground floor not only a car will fit, but also a small utility room with a window. It is walk-through, but, nevertheless, you can place a storage system, a supply of firewood or other necessary things here;
  • the attic is small, but there are as many as 6 windows, which will allow the owner to significantly save on electricity bills. How to use the attic, decide for yourself. Here you can equip a cozy workshop, gym or billiard room.

The total area is 67.6 m².

Project №10. Garage project for three cars

The author of the project conceived it as a garage with a living area for service personnel. The solution will be of interest to owners of large plots who put forward increased requirements for their own comfort. The following zones are located on a total area of ​​145 m²:

  • a garage for three cars, but, alas, there are only two entrances, so one of the cars will be permanently blocked, which can be considered a disadvantage of the project;
  • two small bedrooms with an almost mirrored layout.

They propose to build the garage on a monolithic foundation, build the walls of bricks, and use metal tiles for the roof.

Project number 11. Garage project with basement and attic

You can usefully use not only the space above the garage, but also under it. This project provides for the location of the following premises on an area of ​​almost 150 m2:

If you want to build a unique garage or if you have special requirements, you will have to create an individual project, but it is easier, faster and cheaper to use a ready-made project, in which you can make minor adjustments.

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