TOP 11 projects of aerated concrete houses for private construction

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Aerated concrete is considered one of the most popular and demanded materials in private construction. It received wide distribution and popular love due to its low thermal conductivity (aerated concrete is three times “warmer” than brick), good vapor permeability and frost resistance. Aerated concrete blocks are strong, large, but light enough, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the installation process. Construction will be cheaper than building a similar brick house. You will only have to take care of reliable waterproofing and, of course, choosing a suitable project. There is no need to develop your own project – you can use a ready-made solution, make minimal edits to it and get the perfect home. There are a lot of ready-made projects for houses made of aerated concrete, and we tried to find several, in our opinion, universal options, as well as original solutions so that everyone could choose a project that meets the requirements and capabilities.

The main thing in building a house is the quality of the building material. When it comes to aerated concrete, it is necessary to take only autoclaved blocks. They are stronger and more reliable, suitable for the construction of load-bearing walls.

# 1. Compact house with attic

This project can be called a universal solution. The house can be used for both permanent and temporary residence. It will require little space on the site, but inside everything is planned so that a large family or company can easily fit. The total area is 120 m2. On the ground floor, according to the project, there is a huge bright living room (windows are located on three sides), which goes into the dining room and kitchen. Among the features, we note the presence of a bay window and a fireplace, so dining and spending evenings here will be cozy at any time of the year. Next to the living room there is space for a study, which can be converted into a bedroom or nursery if desired. Also on the ground floor there is a small pantry next to the kitchen, a bathroom and a hallway, in which there is enough space for a wardrobe.

The attic floor is a fully residential area with three bedrooms and a large bathroom. Two bedrooms have access to one common balcony, and a separate area for laundry is allocated in the bathroom. The house is distinguished by classical architecture, simple roofing and a terrace with access directly from the living room. The facade can be done with plaster and stone as shown in the pictures, but other materials can be selected. Thoughtful, compact, perfect!

# 2. Cozy one-storey house

A great option for a small family. The project involves the construction of a house in which everything you need is placed on a total area of ​​70 m2. These are two compact bedrooms with large windows, a bathroom and a hallway. The center of the house is a living room combined with a kitchen, but if you wish, you can build a partition and separate the kitchen into a separate room. The project provides for the organization of a fireplace and the presence of a boiler room. From the living room you can get to the terrace, and if you take into account the neighborhood of the kitchen, then you can enjoy hot delicious dishes in the fresh air.

The main feature of the project is the absence of load-bearing walls, so the layout can be changed for yourself, although the proposed option is balanced and thoughtful. The simple construction of the house and the gable roof will reduce construction costs, so this project can be called very economical. It can be used for the construction of a country house, as well as a full-fledged residential building for a small family.

№3. Marshmallow Nova Project

This project provides for the construction of a spacious house with three bedrooms, a terrace and a garage – what is needed for a large family. On the ground floor, according to the project, there is a combined living and dining room, as well as a partially isolated kitchen area. The peculiarity of the house lies in the solid glazing area. So, in the dining room and living room, corner windows are provided to the floor, which allows us to talk about a high level of natural light from morning to late evening. From the dining-living room there is an exit to the terrace, the territory of which can be organized at your discretion: put a dining table, several sun loungers or just armchairs with sofas for outdoor recreation.

The ground floor has its own bathroom, and a garage with an adjacent utility room is allocated as a separate block. The attic floor is a spacious living area. Here you can equip a bedroom with a huge dressing room, and two children’s or guest rooms. There is space for an office, but if necessary, it can be turned into another bedroom. It is convenient that the second floor has its own bathroom. Total area 161 m2.

No. 4. Classic house with attic

This is an option for those who value comfort, space, has a decent size plot and sufficient financial resources. The house built according to this project can be called luxurious. He will definitely be the subject of envious glances. The total area is 176 m2. On the ground floor, it is proposed to place a living room with a fireplace and a cozy dining area, from which there is an exit to the terrace. The kitchen is located close to the terrace, so it will be convenient to arrange lunches and dinners in the open air. The peculiarity of the layout is the presence of a pantry near the kitchen, so that it will be possible to store sufficient supplies of food that will always be at hand. Also on the ground floor there will be a bathroom with a laundry room and a small living room, which can be organized at your discretion: a bedroom, a nursery, a guest room, an office, a dressing room, etc.

On the second floor there are three huge bedrooms, each with its own balcony. There is one bathroom on the floor. The house will appeal to lovers of classical style in architecture and will be an excellent place for permanent residence.

№5. Calypso Project

Luxurious, chic, huge – these are the epithets that come to mind when looking at a project. The house will appeal to lovers of modern style and lovers of maximum comfort. Such a mansion can easily accommodate a huge company, and a large family can live. Traditionally on the ground floor there is a living room with a dining area and access to the terrace. The living room is lit from almost all sides, there are corner windows, part of the glazing is made from floor to ceiling, so there will definitely be no problems with a lack of lighting. There is a separate fireplace area, part of which is located in a bay window with solid glazing. The authors of the project suggest using the bar for small snacks. It will also serve to separate the kitchen area from the living room. There is a small pantry near the kitchen. The ground floor has its own bathroom, and a huge part of the area is occupied by a garage for two cars.

The second floor consists of four huge bedrooms, each with a dressing room and a balcony. The floor has its own bathroom, and a separate bathroom is provided in one of the bedrooms. The bay window on the second floor can be used as a small recreation area. Such a house will be an excellent place for permanent residence of a large family. Total area 227 m2.

№6. Grace Project

This is the most simple house, without any architectural delights, with an ordinary gable roof. It is great for small and narrow areas, and with the right facade finish the house will look good. The project amazes with the thoughtfulness of the layout: here each of the 105 m2 is used with maximum benefit. On the ground floor, it is proposed to place a kitchen and a living room with a fireplace. These rooms are actually separated, there is no separate dining area, but if you combine the rooms, then the dining table can be taken out of the kitchen area – it all depends on your wishes. The living room provides access to the terrace. On the ground floor, you can arrange a boiler room, a bathroom and a small living room (study, guest room, nursery).

On the second floor three bedrooms are compactly located, two of them have a balcony. There is also a bathroom here, which, interestingly, also has an exit to the balcony, so that comfortable water procedures followed by relaxation in the fresh air over a cup of coffee are guaranteed. The house is small, but it has everything you need for households and guests.

№7. Domino Project

The project involves the construction of a one-storey house with three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a technical room. The layout compares favorably with the presence of two bathrooms, more precisely a toilet room and a bathroom. The area of ​​the latter is sufficient to accommodate not only a bath or shower, but also a sink with a toilet, so that queues for the toilet can be avoided, and when there are three bedrooms in the house, this is important.

The living room flows smoothly into the dining room and kitchen. The project provides for a fireplace, which can be admired while sitting on the sofa or at the dining table. Near the kitchen there is a place for a pantry, from the living room there is an exit to the terrace. Ideal for families with several children. Total area 98 m2.

№8. Raspberry Project

The project will appeal to those who care about the condition of their car and do not want to leave it outdoors for a long time. A significant part of the first floor is occupied by a garage, the rest of the space is given over to the kitchen, the area of ​​which is sufficient for the location of both the dining table and the bar. The kitchen has received corner glazing, so there is no need to be afraid of a lack of light. The living room has two exits to two separate terraces: one can be used for dining, the other for sunbathing. The ground floor will also accommodate a toilet and a technical room.

On the second floor, you can place three bedrooms, or two bedrooms and an office – whatever you like. Two rooms have access to a shared balcony. Naturally, the second floor has its own bathroom. An excellent option for both permanent residence and for the construction of a country house for rest. Total area 141 m2.

No. 9. Project “Miniature”

The area of ​​the house is the same as that of most modern two-room apartments – 53.5 m2. The designers managed to correctly arrange all the rooms in the house, so two separate small bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen-living room fit into such a small area. The house, despite its compact size, is very interesting. It is not just about the fireplace and the spacious living room, but also about the terrace. You can exit to it both from the living room and from the bedroom. A very interesting and convenient solution! A house built according to such a project is suitable for a family with one or two children, and will also be an excellent option for a summer vacation in the countryside.

No. 10. Project “Modern”

If the classical style does not suit you, and you want something very modern and unusual, then you should like this project. The house is designed to accommodate a large family or a decent company. Half of the first floor is occupied by a two-car garage, from which you can enter the house by going through a technical room. The second half of the first floor is a huge living room (45 m2) with a fireplace and access to the terrace. The living room is combined with the dining area and kitchen. The main feature of the project is the large glazing area of ​​the living room and an additional exit to the terrace. The second door is located in the immediate vicinity of the kitchen to provide owners with ease in organizing outdoor dining. Also on the ground floor there is a pantry for storing kitchen utensils and provisions, a small dressing area, a bathroom and an office.

On the second floor, there is a large bedroom with its own bathroom, dressing room and access to a spacious balcony, which can serve as a full seating area. There are two other bedrooms on the floor, which are distinguished by their royal scale and access to a common huge balcony (almost 30 m2), where you can arrange parties, get-togethers, sunbathe, you can organize a cinema, a dining room – there are a lot of options. One of these bedrooms received its own dressing room. If there is not enough space for things, there is a common dressing room on the floor. The rest of the space is occupied by a bathroom. The total area of ​​the house is 325 m2. This is luxury, comfort and maximum free space.

No. 11. Family project

This project is designed for fans of one-story houses who want to get a fairly spacious living space that meets the highest requirements. The project provides for a large garage for two cars. The garage is connected to the house through a technical room – everything is thought out. The heart of the house will be a living room with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and a fireplace. It will be a pleasure to spend evenings here. The kitchen area is conveniently separated from the dining and living areas. Conveniently, there is a pantry nearby.

The house has three bedrooms. One of them received its own bathroom and dressing room, the other two are located in close proximity to a shared bathroom, toilet and dressing room. By the way, the shared bath is very large; there is a separate room for washing clothes. From the living room, as you might guess, there is an exit to the street. Such a house can be considered an ideal solution for permanent residence of a large family. Total area 176 m2.

We hope you find some of these projects to your liking. It remains only to weigh your own requirements once again, make minor edits to the project, if necessary, and start building your dream home.

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