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Having your own house is not as expensive as it might initially seem, especially if you do not have imperial ambitions, and a mansion of a small area is fine with you. Such a house can be built on almost any site, there will be room for a family of 4-5 people, and at the same time, it will be possible to save time and money during construction. Another point of savings is the purchase of a finished project. Among the many solutions, it will not be difficult to find the most suitable option, besides, we have simplified your task and selected the best house designs up to 100 sq.m.

Alicia Project

The house is perfect for permanent residence of a family with children. Among the main features of the project:

  • large living room with fireplace and direct access to the terrace, which can accommodate a couple of sun loungers or a dining table;

  • the kitchen is adjacent to the living room, so it will not be difficult to organize lunch in nature;
  • next to the kitchen there is a utility room where you can put a heating boiler and store kitchen appliances or groceries;
  • two bathrooms, one for each floor;
  • in the attic there are three bedrooms of equal area with a large glazing area;
  • total area 96.4 sq.m.

All the details for this project can be provided by the architectural company TMV, whose specialists also develop individual projects with an attic – this is a solution in case you are not satisfied with one of the ready-made options. Also in the company you can order the construction of a house.

Project “Novation”

Such a cottage will be a decoration of the site and will stand out against the background of neighboring houses. Its main features include:

  • an interesting shape of the house and a complex roof structure;
  • a large living room-kitchen with a bay window, a huge glazing area and access to the terrace. In the summer it will be easy to organize a lunch in the fresh air, and in the winter – to enjoy the comfort of a bright room;
  • two bedrooms and an office, which, if desired, can be turned into another bedroom or a nursery;

  • there is a utility room with a separate entrance, suitable for organizing a furnace, laundry or storage room;
  • the bathroom is located so that you can quickly get to it from any part of the house;
  • total area – 94.7 sq.m.

Compact project

If the plot is very small, or the family wants to build a small cozy house with everything you need, then this project is just right. Among its advantages:

  • three compact bedrooms;
  • spacious living room combined with a kitchen. Due to the large glazing area, the room will be light for a long time;
  • from the living room there is an exit to a small covered terrace. If the recreation area does not fit there, then you can use part of the adjacent area;
  • the bathroom is equidistant from the three bedrooms;
  • there is a place in the corridor for installing a wardrobe;
  • the area of ​​the house is only 61.2 square meters, but all the premises are very competently arranged.

Dahlia Project

The well-thought-out layout of this house with an attic made it possible to place a lot of necessary premises in a relatively small area, while everything is organized so competently that each tenant will be very comfortable. The advantages include:

  • the project is suitable for narrow areas;
  • the kitchen and living room are separated, which makes the project different from the mass of similar ones. Smells from cooking dishes will not interfere with guests in the living room;

  • living room with fireplace has access to the terrace. If the latter is supplemented with a pool, as the author of the project suggests, it will turn out gorgeous, but even without a pool, you can organize a cool recreation area;
  • there is a place for a boiler room, as well as a small utility room next to the kitchen (suitable for organizing a laundry or pantry);
  • on the attic floor there are three bedrooms, one of which is equipped with its own bathroom and dressing room. There is also a shared bathroom, and the third bathroom is located on the first floor;

  • total house area 94 sq.m.

The Elegant Project

Don’t let this project scare you with its external simplicity. On the contrary, a house of this shape and with such a roof is cheap to build, and inside you can arrange a lot of useful things. Project advantages:

  • large living room with fireplace and access to the street;
  • three bedrooms: one on the ground floor, the others in the attic;

  • two bathrooms will provide maximum comfort to all households and guests;

  • there is a place for a boiler room and a small dressing room;
  • it is easy to make changes to the house even after its construction. For example, the bedroom on the ground floor can be enlarged by the living room, and the kitchen can be completely fenced off from the living room;
  • competent planning of the house, because all the listed premises are located on an area of ​​84 sq.m.

Alpine project

An excellent option for a permanent residence of a family with one or two children. Everything here is implemented quite simply, but the author of the project did not save on the area of ​​the premises, therefore it will be easy to breathe everywhere. Features:

  • the living room and the kitchen are separate rooms, and it is to this option that many of us are accustomed to since childhood;

  • a pantry adjoins the kitchen for storing food supplies;

  • the night zone is clearly separated from the day zone;
  • two bedrooms of the same area are located symmetrically with respect to the common bathroom;

  • there is a place for a boiler room;
  • the total area of ​​the house is 77.8 sq.m.

Family project

This is a fairly simple and compact house, which is perfect even for a large family – the internal space is organized so that everyone will be as comfortable as possible:

  • two zones are clearly distinguished in the house, night and day, so guests will not invade the personal space of the residents;
  • three bedrooms have enough space to accommodate 3-6 residents;

  • one of the bathrooms is located close to all three bedrooms;

  • a large living room with a fireplace will accommodate all the numerous households and guests, and on the terrace, where you can get straight from the living room, you can have parties or family gatherings;
  • the kitchen is adjacent to the living room, but if desired, it can be isolated;
  • in the day area there is another bathroom with a laundry;
  • the total area of ​​the house is 98.6 sq.m.

Project “Bavaria”

This house is designed, more likely, for a pleasant country vacation than for permanent residence, and its layout once again confirms this:

  • the highlight of the project is the steam room, which is adjacent to the bathroom and boiler room. It will be possible to relax after relaxing procedures in the hall, if properly equipped, or in the living room;

  • the project provides for a place for a pantry or dressing room;
  • there is only one bedroom, but extra beds can be arranged in the living room. If desired, an office, storage room and part of the hall can be combined to create an additional bedroom;

  • the kitchen-living room is not very large, but from it you can get to the street, and if you organize a swimming pool on the site, the house will become a place of real rest and relaxation;
  • the total area is only 58.8 square meters, so there is a place on almost any site.

Light project

Such a house will replace the usual two-room city apartment, but it will give much more advantages than housing in an apartment building. This is a great option for a single person, couples or families with one child. Of the features, we highlight:

  • the project provides for a garage, and in houses with an area of ​​up to 100 sq.m. it is rare. Of course, a place for a car can also be organized through a separate building or a simple shed in the yard, but for many, harmony on the site and the unity of style are important;

  • the interior space of the house is simple, logically organized;
  • there is only one bedroom, but if something happens in the living room, you can arrange a sleeping place;

  • the living room and kitchen are practically combined – there is a small partition between them, but if you wish, you can install a door, finish building a wall and get separate rooms;
  • from the living room you can get to the terrace;
  • area 68.7 sq. m, including a garage – 18.6 sq. m.

High-tech project

The project will appeal to all connoisseurs of modern, but strict external design is not the only advantage of this solution. Among other advantages, we note:

  • the spacious terrace can be accessed not only from the living room, but also from one of the bedrooms;
  • the kitchen and the living room are combined, due to which the room seems more spacious and light, and it will not be difficult to take the prepared dishes to a street picnic;
  • there is a pantry next to the kitchen – the hostesses will appreciate;

  • there are two bedrooms, but one of them is truly royal. It has not only access to the street, but also a dressing room and its own bathroom;

  • the second bathroom is shared and located between the bedrooms;
  • there is a place for a boiler room;
  • area – 88.9 sq.m.

Remember that architectural firms are willing to make small changes to finished designs to make them more customer-friendly. If not one of the ready-made projects suits you, then you will have to resort to individual design, but this will cost a little more.

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