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Finnish houses are designed and built in almost all regions of Russia, but it is curious that in Finland itself there are no clear standards for the construction of such structures. Some rules are spelled out, but these are not step-by-step instructions and clear requirements, as is the case, for example, with Canadian houses. In the domestic space, there are completely different approaches to design, which explains the wide variety of existing projects of Finnish houses. We have prepared some of the most interesting solutions for you.

What is a Finnish house?

Despite the difference in approach to the construction of Finnish houses, they have some common features:

  • foundation. It is made insulated. The most common solution is the insulated Finnish foundation or the insulated Swedish plate. It is problematic to equip the cellar, but the maximum heat will remain in the house. On rocky ground, it is possible to arrange the foundation on screw piles;

  • the basis of the house is a frame made of dried boards with a width of at least 200 mm (grade – not lower than the first). On the inside, a cross frame is mounted, which is necessary for wiring installation, additional insulation and increasing the strength of the structure. In regions with harsh climates, the cross frame may also be outside;

  • multilayer warm walls. The schematic diagram looks like this. GVL is mounted from the inside, then mineral wool (placed in a cross frame), polyethylene for vapor barrier and the main layer of insulation (usually mineral wool). The cake is rounded off with fiberboard windscreens and a layer of exterior trim. In the presence of an external cross frame, another layer of insulation is mounted;

  • finishing. Outdoor, as a rule, is an imitation of a bar. In the factory, the wood is covered with a layer of paint, which does not require renovation for a long time, while retaining its original operational and decorative characteristics. GVL is often used inside, followed by painting, plaster, etc., but a bar can also be mounted;

  • roof. Usually gable for quick snow melting. The most used material is metal roof tiles;

  • number of storeys. Finnish houses are usually one-story structures, or at most two-story ones.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Features of the technology allow us to talk about the following advantages of Finnish houses:

  • a high level of heat and sound insulation, therefore, structures can be successfully operated even in a harsh climate;
  • simplicity and speed of construction. The construction technology of Finnish houses is simple, and when using ready-made blocks, the construction speed increases;
  • variability of layout. The interior space can be anything you like – it all depends on the wishes of the customers or the planner’s approach (when choosing a finished project). Often there are projects involving a steam room and a dressing room;
  • durability. Capital repairs will need to be performed at least 50 years later;
  • environmental friendliness.


  • the features of the foundation do not allow you to equip the basement, and it will be problematic to make a cellar;
  • high price. You will need a strong foundation and a careful approach to the arrangement of communications. In addition, there are no analogues of some materials in Russia. You will also have to spend money on the arrangement of a reliable sewer system and other communications, since all these elements are so hidden that access to them is quite difficult;
  • the qualifications of the builders must be at the level to ensure that all the nuances are observed.

Finnish houses from “Lenstroydom”

Residents of the Leningrad region can contact the company “Lenstroydom”, which offers a choice of a lot of ready-made projects and carries out the construction of Finnish frame houses. Also, specialists can help in arranging the site, installing a fence, drilling a well, organizing a smart home system. Detailed information and finished projects can be viewed on the website

The best projects of Finnish houses

The Swan Project

A small house that will fit both for permanent residence and for seasonal vacations. For the comfort of the residents, two small bedrooms and a spacious kitchen-living room have been implemented on an area of ​​60 m2, where the family will spend most of their time. Among other premises there is an entrance hall and a bathroom. Everything is simple and thoughtful. There is a small terrace in front of the entrance, which can be used for outdoor dining if desired.

Due to its size, the project is ideal for small areas. At the same time, it has everything you need for life. The project is offered by the Lenstroydom company.

Visakoivu 121 project

The house is suitable both for permanent residence of a large family, and for periodic country holidays. One of its main advantages is the presence of three bedrooms, the largest of which is complemented by a dressing room. The other two bedrooms are small and can be used as children’s or guest rooms. The highlight of the project is a steam room with a sink. There is a technical and similar room, a place for a dressing room.

The largest space is given to the living room, combined with the dining room and kitchen. The room is bright due to the presence of numerous windows. The living room has an exit to the courtyard. The total area is 121 m2. The layout of the house can be called almost perfect.

Project “Omatalo Classic”

Before us is a classic house for a large family. It is conveniently divided into two parts – common and sleeping. The living room, combined with the kitchen, occupies almost half of the house. There is enough space to accommodate everything and everyone, even a place for a fireplace is provided by the project. The strong point of the house is the covered terrace, which can be accessed from the yard and from the living room. A large, friendly family will appreciate the opportunity to have a bite to eat outdoors.

The sleeping area includes three almost equivalent bedrooms. There is only one bathroom, but access to it will be as fast as possible from the bedrooms and from the living room. Also in the sleeping area there was a place for a small dressing room. In general, a common feature of Finnish houses is the presence of dressing rooms, because it is easier to organize storage with them. The project also provides for a small technical room. The total area is 92 m2.

Scandi-Mini 60 project

This is not a classic residential building, but rather a country house that will be used for recreation. The solution is distinguished by the maximum thoughtfulness of the organization of the internal space. A total of 60 m2 includes an entrance hall with a hall, two bedrooms, a recreation room, a bathroom and a steam room with a sink. In the recreation room, if you wish, you can equip a small kitchen corner to prepare or warm up food for a snack after bath procedures. The project is offered by the Lenstroydom company.

Pauli loft 115 project

The project provides for the construction of a relatively large house with a total area of ​​115 m2. Its main feature is the presence of an attic floor, where the author proposes to organize a bedroom with a large dressing room. The other two bedrooms are located on the ground floor and open onto a large living room. The latter is not fully combined with the kitchen – a wide opening is provided. At the discretion of the customer, it is possible to narrow the opening with the installation of a door or expand it to organize a single room.

In addition to the premises listed above, the project provides for a boiler room and, of course, a bathroom. There is only one last one in the house, which may not be very convenient, given the location of the bedrooms on two floors, but the author tried to position the bath so that it was equidistant from all bedrooms and the living room. The chip of the house is the second light, due to which the living room becomes spacious and bright. Another feature is the terrace, which you can access, incl. and from the kitchen. Both residents and guests will feel comfortable and cozy in such a house.

Pulse 120 project

There are not so many living rooms on a total area of ​​120 m2, but they are spacious, and the owners receive a lot of auxiliary rooms that will make life more comfortable. The first feature is that the bedrooms are quite remote from each other, because we are used to the fact that in many projects the house is divided into two parts, a common and a bedroom. The location of the bedrooms at different ends of the house allows for greater intimacy, each of the tenants is provided with their own personal space.

The second feature is a separate living room, a separate kitchen. The kitchen is combined with the dining room, and the living room has a phenomenally large glass area. There is an exit to the terrace between the dining room and living room. The third feature is the presence of a utility room where you can organize a laundry and store all the necessary cleaning tools. There is also a place for a dressing room. The fourth feature is two bathrooms. One of them is just a toilet, the second is a full bathroom.

If desired, the layout can be changed, having three bedrooms and a slightly smaller living room, but one of the bedrooms will have its own dressing room and bathroom.

Askola 109 project

Another option for a large family. There is certainly where to turn around and accommodate a decent company. There are three almost identical bedrooms and two full bathrooms – all households will feel comfortable. Everyone can get together in the spacious kitchen-living room, and relax in the steam room. If the latter is not needed, then a laundry and boiler room can be organized instead. This is the second option for implementing the project.

The project provides for an exit from the living room to the terrace, but the latter is not very large, therefore it is better to put the table and sun loungers in the adjacent territory. The total area of ​​the house is 109 m2.

Pass 211

Luxury and chic – that’s how you can describe the house built according to this project. It will become an ideal home for a large family, it can also be used as a country house, since a large company can stay in it at the same time. The house has four spacious bedrooms, two of them with their own toilet, one with a bathroom, one with a bath and a dressing room.

The public area is represented by a huge living room with an incredible glazing area – there are almost no blank walls, only windows. The dining table will look best in the bay window area. The kitchen-living room provides access to the terrace. The project also involves the arrangement of a storage room, a laundry room and another bathroom. The total area is 211 m2. A swimming pool will look especially good next to such a luxurious house.

Rustic Smart Project

The name of the project suggests that this is a small-sized house with a competent layout. The way it is. The project is ideal for small areas, and the house itself can be used as a country residence or even as a main residence. The peculiarity of the building is a small attic floor, where you can equip a bedroom and a rest room.

On the ground floor there will be another bedroom with its own dressing room. One bathroom and it is also located on the first floor. The center of the house is a kitchen-living room, from which there is an exit to the terrace. The latter is ideal for a cozy outdoor family meal. On an area of ​​71 m2, the author of the project was able to fit everything needed and not save on comfort.

Project “Forest”

For a snack – a project with a full second floor. In total, this house has four bedrooms, three of which are located on the second floor. One of the bedrooms has a balcony. There are two bathrooms according to the project – one on each floor. In addition, there was a place for a small storage room on the second floor, and a sauna was located on the first floor.

The kitchen and the living room are adjacent, but not combined into one room. If necessary, you can narrow the doorway and install a door to create two isolated rooms. As expected, the living room has an exit to the terrace. The total area of ​​the house is 122 m2. According to this project, you can build a cozy residence for a large family or a spacious country house for seasonal vacations.

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