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In most cases, residents of apartment buildings are provided with hot water from the central system, but there are exceptions. Those who live in a private house do not receive centralized hot water either. However, in any situation, you can find a way out, and in this case, the purchase of a gas water heater can be a quality solution. The great advantage of modern models is ease of use, and a wide range of the market will allow you to choose a gas water heater that suits your needs. Naturally, you should give your preference to products of well-known and proven brands. So let’s figure out which of them are those in the domestic market.


And this list opens with a sample of the highest German quality – the Bosch company, whose history began back in 1886. Today, Robert Bosch GmbH is a very large group of companies and one of the world’s leading suppliers in many areas, including construction, industrial and automotive technology, as well as various consumer products. And, indeed, today there is hardly a person who has not heard the name of this brand, especially in the field of repair and construction work. Here you have a tool, household appliances and much more. Of course, there is a place in their wide assortment for gas water heaters, which, by the way, are very popular in the Russian market.

They are ubiquitous in various stationary and online stores, offering the consumer high quality, perfectly combined with an optimal cost. Models of this brand have a wide range of advantages and excellent performance.

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No less popular are geysers of the Baxi brand, which is part of the BDR Thermea group of companies. The latter is one of the largest European manufacturers of heating systems, including hot water. Considering the fact that they initially focused their attention on this segment, it becomes clear that their quality is in no way inferior to other popular analogues. Moreover, despite the fact that the brand itself is British, most of the proposals under this name that are present on the domestic market come straight from Italy. And outside of England the company managed to expand well, having long and firmly established itself even in Russia. The representative office was opened back in 2002.

Presented in more than 70 countries around the world, the company pleases with high-quality gas water heaters, even despite the fact that in recent years it has been actively developing new, environmentally friendly methods such as using solar cells and various sources of renewable energy.

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Neva gas water heaters are in good demand among domestic manufacturers in the Russian market. This brand is the property of the BaltGaz Group company, which currently occupies a fairly high position among domestic manufacturers and suppliers of boilers and water heaters. In this, as well as in some other market segments, the company has managed to prove itself perfectly, which allows it to be one of the leaders at the moment. And this is despite the fact that it was founded not so long ago, only 1995. Given the large number of positive reviews from the owners of their products, it becomes clear that she can be trusted.

The narrow direction of production allows the company to provide a sufficient range of high-quality gas water heaters, which, moreover, are covered by a very solid guarantee for a period of 5 years.

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Another manufacturer offering popular and high-quality gas water heaters straight from Italy is Ariston. Its popularity among consumers of the Russian market (as, in fact, and the European one in general) is beyond any doubt, since the company’s products are now and then heard or in sight. Founded in 1930, the Italian corporation, now known as Ariston Thermo SpA, manufactures heating systems and other related products, selling them under several brands and, in particular, the one we are considering here today.

The main advantage of the gas water heaters of this manufacturer, in addition to excellent quality, which goes without saying, is an innovative approach and a strict control system at all stages of the production process. This allows the company to offer consumers a convenient and reliable device that meets all modern standards.

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Geysers produced by the Slovenian company Gorenje also managed to win a good share of popularity in the vastness of the domestic market. Initially specializing in mechanical engineering, it was engaged in the production of various agricultural equipment, but now it is one of the largest European brands for the production of household appliances. High quality, an interesting design approach and environmental care that has been relevant in recent years allow the products of this company to take various prizes at exhibitions and receive various awards.

The range of equipment produced by the company includes almost everything that you can imagine on a domestic and even industrial scale. However, in this case, we are interested in gas water heaters, and since you are reading this, it means they have them. And as with any other product, their quality remains high, offering reliability and durability.

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Among the young European brands, under whose names there are very good gas water heaters on the Russian market, it is worth noting the Superflame brand. It was founded in 2003, which in most cases could not leave the products with a chance of success, but the fact that they are manufactured in Spain, as well as the efforts of Tula Gas Equipment Plant LLC allowed it to gain a sufficient amount of attention from consumers. By the way, it was this Russian company that became the main certified supplier of gas water heaters of this brand, which in just 2 years allowed them to gain high popularity.

Compliance with modern quality standards, as well as the coveted combination of price and quality are the starting points for the success of Superflame gas water heaters. An equally attractive European design plays a role in this, allowing the models to look neat in almost any setting.

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Our list of popular manufacturers of gas water heaters is continued by another well-known European company, namely Electrolux. It was founded in 1919 in Sweden and today is one of the leading manufacturers of household and professional appliances in the world. It was she who became the founder of a large number of innovations on the market, among which there was a place for the world’s first absorption refrigerator, and the first compact dishwasher, and a large number of other representatives of technology with unique elements and functions. Simply put, in the field of discovery, few can compete with this manufacturer.

Of course, the merit for the invention of the gas water heater does not belong to them, but in the company’s product range you will definitely find very interesting specimens that are also on the domestic market. They are distinguished by a fairly quiet level of noise during operation, as well as a very affordable cost.

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Despite the fact that in 1984 the Italian company Zanussi was acquired by the Electrolux concern, about which we have already described the most important details, the domestic market is still full of geysers of this brand. And, of course, they have a certain level of popularity among consumers. In the middle of the last century, the great popularity of this company in Europe was ensured by their unique gas stoves, which were quite compact by the standards of those years. A distinctive feature of most of the company’s products, in addition to excellent quality, is the Italian design, which, however, is not particularly felt in the gas water heaters.

Of course, among the “faceless” white options there are proposals with various decorative elements, but the range of gas water heaters itself cannot be called particularly large. Despite this, users still prefer models from this brand, mainly because they have a low cost.

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A worthy representative of domestic manufacturers of gas water heaters is the Ladogaz company. One of the most significant achievements of LLC Ladoga, formed in 2004, is the production of Russia’s first flow-through gas water heaters with automatic electric ignition. By the way, it was established just a year later, and today the company’s products enjoy a well-deserved popularity among consumers, and not only at home, but also abroad. The use of developments of domestic and foreign manufacturers in the field of gas equipment allowed the company to provide high-quality and reliable offers with adequate price tags.

Yes, some probably may not like the design of gas water heaters, as they look rustic, but not too “modern”. However, this does not affect their work in any way. On the other hand, a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty will be a nice bonus.

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Mora Top

Well, the last in this small list by the manufacturer of gas water heaters popular in the current Russian market is the Mora Top brand. It is an ideological continuation of the traditions of the Czech company MORA, which were formed and developed over 185 years. Already in 2003, the brand became an independent enterprise, and two years later the first water heater rolled off its assembly line. At the moment, the assortment of the company seems to be not the widest, however, even among the models available for purchase, there are very interesting options that can please the majority of those who wish.

Geysers of this manufacturer are distinguished by their laconic design, efficient and reliable operation, as well as praiseworthy European quality. The truth and the price they have is European, which will not please everyone.

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