TOP 10 sellers of reinforced concrete products in Moscow and the Moscow region

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The construction of residential and industrial buildings, roads, bridges, oil and gas pipelines, runways of airfields, railway platforms and a host of other facilities is not complete without the use of reinforced concrete products. Their quality and strength play a key role in ensuring the safety and durability of the objects being built, therefore, when buying precast concrete products, it is better to trust only large and reputable sellers. Let’s dwell on those companies that operate in Moscow and the Moscow region.

LLC “Representation of concrete goods”

The company is the official representative of LLC Ryazan Reinforced Concrete Plant-3 and offers customers in Moscow and the Moscow region a full range of products manufactured by the plant. For private and industrial construction, floor slabs are offered, concrete columns, crossbars, piles, flights of stairs and other reinforced concrete products. The main office of the company is located in Domodedovo, but the customer, if desired, can get acquainted with the production facilities of the plant, making sure of the high culture of production and quality of products. Since the company is the official representative of the plant, and not an intermediary, the buyer receives the most favorable prices for all products.

Standard reinforced concrete products are always present in the warehouse, so their shipment and delivery are carried out as quickly as possible. When it is necessary to complete a large order, products from other factories can be used, the high quality of which is guaranteed by the company. It is possible to manufacture any reinforced concrete product on an individual order. Delivery is carried out to any point in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as to neighboring regions, the company has its own fleet of vehicles with specialized equipment, delivery by rail is possible.

LLC “Mosoblkomplekt”

Today the company is one of the leading suppliers of reinforced concrete products in the Moscow region. It was founded in 2008, today it cooperates with modern high-tech enterprises in the field of production of concrete products in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Leningrad, Bryansk, Ryazan and other regions of Russia. Direct deliveries from the enterprises of Belarus have been established. This allows us to offer customers a complete list of all possible reinforced concrete products, which no single plant can provide. In addition, if necessary, it is possible to manufacture products according to individual drawings.

The company cooperates only with those factories that have a control department and a laboratory in their divisions, which allows us to offer customers only high-quality and certified products. Products can be supplied to the customer directly from the manufacturing plant, which saves time and money. A well-developed network of production facilities, our own vehicle fleet and established connections with major carriers allow us to minimize the cost of delivery.

LLC “Stroy GID”

The company specializes in the supply of reinforced concrete products and other building materials to large developers and small construction companies in Moscow and the Moscow region. The company cooperates with the largest domestic manufacturers of reinforced concrete products: floor slabs, road slabs, wells, piles, stairs, fences and other products have certificates confirming their high quality. Well-established relations with manufacturers allow the company to offer customers prices close to the cost of production.

Among the main advantages of the company are the ability to pay for the order in any way, the shortest possible delivery time, the ability to make a purchase both on the base and on the Internet. The company has a fleet of trucks at its disposal, with the help of which the order is delivered directly to the construction site.

LLC “ZhBI-Market”

Since 2007, this enterprise has been producing a wide range of reinforced concrete products. In addition, the company also acts as a supplier, offering customers products from other manufacturers, thus providing the largest possible range of precast concrete products. We sell concrete blocks, road slabs, piles, steps, well rings, crossbars, heating main beams, floor slabs, support foundations and other products. All products are supplied with certificates of conformity; production according to individual drawings is possible. For the transportation of bulky goods, we use our own vehicle fleet, so the customer does not have to waste time looking for carrier services.

LLC “World of concrete goods”

The company’s office is located in Moscow, deliveries are carried out around the city, region and other regions of Russia. The company was created with the aim of assisting the buyer in finding the most advantageous offers for the purchase of reinforced concrete products. The company has assembled its own database of proven manufacturers of precast concrete products located in different parts of Russia, thanks to which supplies can be carried out to any region.

The company collects and analyzes relevant information from all manufacturing plants with which it cooperates, calculates the cost of delivery to the object, learns about the workload of the enterprise, and on this basis offers the customer the most favorable option in terms of price and delivery speed. The company cooperates with proven reliable manufacturers who provide a quality certificate for products. The assortment of reinforced concrete products includes floor slabs, beams, columns, sleepers, lintels, piles, elements of stairs and wells, supports, lift shafts, etc.

Steyer-SP LLC

Steyer-SP LLCThe enterprise is one of the largest metropolitan companies engaged in the sale of reinforced concrete products. It started with cooperation with a narrow circle of developers in the Moscow region, and today the company’s clients include large construction companies in Moscow, the region and other regions of the country. The company cooperates with the largest manufacturers of concrete products and sells a wide range of products, incl. foundation blocks and beams, well elements, floor slabs, lintels, staircase elements, road and airfield slabs. Each product has a quality certificate from the manufacturing plant. For delivery, if necessary, the company’s vehicles can be used. The company offers a system of discounts: the larger the order, the higher the discount percentage.

LLC “StroyPartner”

The company has been operating since 2009, it began its activity with the sale of aerated concrete blocks. Today it is a major supplier of a wide range of building materials, which cooperates with the best manufacturing plants. Reinforced concrete products sold by the company are represented by floor slabs, fences, stairs, lintels, foundation blocks and other products.

Delivery of the ordered products is carried out as soon as possible, if necessary, its samples can be found in the company’s office before placing an order. Each product is provided with documents confirming its high quality. Our own large vehicle fleet is used for delivery.

PK “ŽBI 24/7”

The enterprise includes a complex of production sites located in different parts of the Moscow region, and a sales office. The company produces and sells manufactured products around the clock. All products are manufactured in accordance with GOSTs, modern equipment, advanced technologies and high-quality raw materials are used, it is planned to expand the range of manufactured products.

The main and two additional sales offices of the enterprise allow you to quickly accept and process a large number of applications, and the location of four production facilities in different districts of the region allows you to deliver products to the construction site in the shortest possible time, reducing the cost of transportation services. The main advantage of the company is the ability to receive and ship orders around the clock, because the employees of the company understand that in construction it is important not to get out of the planned schedule for a minute.

LLC “ArtCom”

The company has been operating since 2001 and delivers all kinds of building materials in Moscow and the Moscow region. Its clients are construction companies, which are provided with a wide selection of various building materials, including reinforced concrete products. The latter are represented by foundation blocks, lintels, piles and floor slabs. All products are of the highest quality, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity. Well-established relations with manufacturers of concrete products allows you to change some of their technical characteristics and manufacture products according to individual drawings. The company has its own warehouse and vehicle fleet, which ensures high speed of delivery to any point in the region.

LLC “ZhBI-4”

Since 1998, the company has been producing and independently selling reinforced concrete products in the Moscow region and beyond. All products meet strict quality standards, their range is wide and growing. At the moment, the plant produces elements of wells and collector structures, pipes, floor slabs, foundation elements, stair steps, crossbars, lintels, fencing elements and more. For the highest possible speed of delivery, the company has its own fleet of vehicles designed for transportation and unloading of goods. Due to the availability of a finished goods warehouse, orders can be completed as quickly as possible.

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