TOP 10 Russian manufacturers of hand tools (companies and firms)

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In our country, there are a large number of trading enterprises that offer consumers a wide range of hand and power tools, as well as all kinds of equipment for performing construction and repair, garden and household, industrial and many other works. In almost every fairly large settlement there is a specialized store, and more than one, where you can choose and buy everything that was required to perform work activities.

Most trade enterprises sell goods at retail, as well as they carry out wholesale tool… Small, medium and large wholesale products can be purchased by specialized organizations (construction, repair), manufacturing companies or entrepreneurs who resell them at higher prices. However, it is much more profitable to make bulk purchases of tools in those companies that are their manufacturers.

Benefits of buying from the manufacturer:

  • hand tool 2optimal price (no intermediary markup);

  • guaranteed quality;
  • the possibility of delivery throughout Russia;
  • discounts for regular partners.

The key advantage of the manufacturer is the combination of a relatively low price and decent product quality. A company engaged in the production of goods is interested in increasing the sales of its products, and therefore makes every effort to attract counterparties. The easiest way to do this is to offer a high quality, reliable and efficient tool at an attractive cost.

Choosing a Russian tool manufacturer

hand toolCurrently, in Russia, you can find on sale tools of both domestic and foreign production. A large number of products are supplied to our country from abroad, especially from China. Unfortunately, Chinese goods do not always delight buyers with decent quality – on the contrary, the Chinese often offer frankly low-grade products. On the other hand, a Chinese instrument can be bought relatively cheaply, so it is in certain demand.

hand tool 3It is much safer to buy products from Western manufacturers: German, Polish, Czech, etc. European instruments, for the most part, fully comply with EU standards and are of excellent quality, but are offered to customers at inflated prices.

That is why you should give preference to trusted Russian manufacturers who supply high-quality and affordable tools in bulk (a vivid example is Santool products).

Russian manufacturers of hand tools


SANTOOLThe SANTOOL company began its activity in 2004 and then sold hand tools and small mechanization equipment. Since 2009, the company began to produce tools of its own production, and today it is one of the leaders in the field among domestic manufacturers. The range of manufactured products is constantly expanding, modernization is being carried out, and the production facilities are equipped with modern European equipment, which, together with strict control at each stage of production, allows us to produce goods of the highest quality, comparable to foreign counterparts, but at more favorable prices. Each tool is tested, so the buyer receives a reliable and durable product.

SANTOOL 2High quality raw materials and consumables are used for the production of hand tools. At the moment, the company offers a huge selection of construction, locksmith, automotive, carpentry, gardening, cutting and many other tools. They are produced under the trademarks SANTOOL, EUROTEX, EUROTEX GARDEN, NASH TOOL and some others. Along with its own products, the company also offers goods from other manufacturers, so the assortment is really wide, and the buyer can find the desired product at the most attractive price.


The company appeared more than ten years ago, and since 2009 has taken the direction of the production of hand-held construction tools. Today the company manufactures products both under its own brand and fulfills orders for the production of goods under partner brands.

Intek is a rapidly developing enterprise that constantly modernizes, expands its range and increases the volume of production. The production is carried out on the latest foreign equipment using high-quality raw materials and consumables, so the products are of the highest European level. The assortment is constantly updated and today it has several dozen items, incl. floats, spatulas, trowels, brushes, brushes, etc.

LLC “Mass Media”

The company has been on the domestic market for a long time, and today it offers wholesale and retail customers a wide range of hand tools. In production, modern equipment is used, the strictest quality control is carried out, the result of which is reliable and durable products that have won the trust of customers.

The emphasis is on the production of fitting and assembly tools, incl. hammers, sledgehammers, scissors for cutting metal and more. The company also offers construction and woodworking tools; ready-made tool kits for various purposes are also on sale. The assortment is often replenished with new products, and the company promises discounts and the most advantageous offers to regular customers.

JSC “Novosibirsk Instrumental Plant”

One of the largest factories in its field was founded by Peter I, and then produced weapons and anchors. Today the company is considered one of the main enterprises for the manufacture of fitting and automotive tools: 20% of all domestic tools of this type are produced here. The company is constantly working on the modernization of production facilities, striving to keep up with the times and offer the buyer a tool manufactured in compliance with world quality standards. To do this, the plant uses Japanese and European machines. As a result – the award “One hundred best goods of Russia”.

Today, the range of the company includes construction, fitting and assembly, automotive tools, as well as sets of hand tools designed for different purposes. The products are in demand not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries, which once again confirms the high quality.


ZAO Zubr OVKThe company is well known in the domestic market as a manufacturer of a wide range of hand and power tools, and numerous users praise the products for their ergonomics and reliability. From the moment of its foundation and until now, the company has been building its strategy of success on constant renewal: here they always try to use new equipment, expand the range, improve the characteristics of already manufactured products. All this in order to always be one step ahead of the competition and meet the growing needs of customers.

Today the company confidently competes with many European companies thanks to its own scientific research. The design office of the company has developed many new solutions that have been patented. First, products created according to our own development are tested in the laboratory, thoroughly tested, and only then are they mass-produced. Moreover, there is a quality service that controls the entire production process. Products today include a huge assortment of construction and painting, fitting and assembly, automotive hand tools, as well as power tools.

PAO “Metallist”

This is a company from the Nizhny Novgorod region, whose history began in 1886. The enterprise turned from a small workshop into a large company equipped with modern equipment. Highly qualified specialists work here, who monitor every stage of production, which allows us to obtain a tool that meets the strictest standards.

The main activity is the production of hand tools, and the assortment includes files, pliers, hammers, wrenches, hacksaws for metal, screwdrivers, and other construction and locksmith tools. All products have certificates of conformity, so at an affordable price the buyer receives a tool of European quality. The manufacturer offers flexible pricing and tempting discounts for large buyers.


NakCI2The company has been operating in the domestic market since 2000 and today it manufactures products under the Tsentroinstrument trademark. Initially, the course was taken to produce high-quality hand tools for the Russian consumer, but at the same time adhere to a well-thought-out pricing policy. It was this principle that ensured the rapid growth in the popularity of the company’s products.

At the moment, the company produces a huge range of hand-held construction, gardening, winter and measuring tools, and the number of product names reaches several hundred. The manufacturer tries to respond as quickly as possible to the wishes of consumers, uses modern equipment for production, and carefully monitors quality. The result was the popularity of products not only throughout Russia, but also abroad: today there are many branches of the company throughout the country and several representative offices abroad.


SibrTechThe SibrTech company is one of the largest manufacturers of hand tools in the country. The company actively uses innovations in production and controls the entire manufacturing process, resulting in a tool that is ideally balanced in terms of price and quality.

The assortment of the enterprise is, without exaggeration, huge. It produces construction and finishing, carpentry and metalwork, fastening, measuring, as well as automotive, cutting and gardening tools. All wishes of the customer are taken into account, and a flexible system of discounts operates for regular wholesale buyers.

LLC “PROMIS – hand tools”

The manufacturer has been operating since 1995, and today the main activities are the production and wholesale of a wide range of hand tools under the brand name “888”. The company takes into account the experience of world manufacturers, uses advanced achievements to produce high-quality tools, but at the same time offers them at competitive prices. All products are certified and meet domestic standards.

Product quality, favorable price, efficient organization of work and an individual approach to each client are the key to the company’s success in the domestic market and in neighboring countries. The main part of the production is hand-made construction tools, but the assortment also includes carpentry and metalwork tools, as well as labor protection equipment.

Construction tool plant “Profbuild”

The name of the company indicates the main field of its activity. The enterprise has been operating since 2008 and specializes in the production of construction hand tools, in particular, tools for aerated concrete. In this regard, the company is the only one in the whole of Russia, it serves thousands of customers not only in the country, but also in the CIS countries and South America.

Today the assortment includes over 30 items and is constantly expanding. Products go through a full production cycle and are constantly improving, and the manufacturer strives to produce goods that best meet the needs of consumers.

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