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A floorboard is one of the best options for furnishing a home interior. Although this is not the cheapest way, it is definitely beautiful, environmentally friendly, safe and durable. Such a coating gives the house an atmosphere of coziness, warmth and comfort, but in order to enjoy the most beautiful coating, it is also necessary to choose it correctly. Often, many are faced with the fact that the purchased floorboard does not meet the declared quality parameters, there are defects on it in the form of cracks, knots and even rot. To avoid such troubles, it is better to purchase products from trusted domestic and foreign manufacturers. Which manufacturers are currently key in the floorboard market?


JunglewoodJunglewood is a company from Indonesia that has been considered the world leader in solid flooring for several years in a row. A distinctive feature of the company’s products can be considered exotic, since the local vegetation is very different from ours. In addition, the company can boast of high-quality processing and the use of modern technologies in the production of products, so in the end we get a beautiful and reliable floorboard.

The company’s products are represented by ordinary and varnished boards made of wood such as bamboo, American walnut, African wenge, dussia, ipo, merbau, gonkalo, iroko, etc. Their appearance and texture is unique, allowing you to create an original chic interior.


NOLTEA German company that has developed its own traditions over the years since 1903. Here they know about all the nuances of handling wood, they produce incredibly high-quality wood flooring, and one of the leading positions is taken by the floorboard. The manufacturer is deeply convinced that in order to achieve the highest quality result, it is necessary to use not only modern progressive technologies, but also manual work, which allows you to reveal all the main features of the tree.

Since the company approaches wood with special trepidation, uses manual work and creates exclusive products, it comes out of an elite quality, used in the most expensive and chic interiors. All products are manufactured in Germany, under strict control and in compliance with all quality standards. The company also fulfills individual orders, fully fulfilling the wishes of the client. Each time, a separate batch of raw materials is used, so wealthy customers get the opportunity to decorate their home with a completely unique material.


CoswickThe company has been on the world market since 1995, but in its production it uses the accumulated valuable German traditions of wood processing. Today the manufacturer specializes in the production of solid floorboards and parquet. The enterprise allows to carry out a full cycle of wood processing, from sawing it to packaging and sale. At each stage of production, strict control is carried out to ensure compliance with quality standards. To achieve the highest results, the company uses the most modern equipment and an innovative approach.

The range of the manufacturer today includes a solid floorboard made of oak, ash and American walnut, presented in different sizes. All materials are of the highest quality, so you can be completely sure that the floor covering will serve faithfully for a very long time.


LunawoodA Finnish company that has grown since 2002 from a small family business to a powerful innovative manufacturer. Now the assortment of the company includes not only a huge selection of wood products, but also its own patented methods of its processing. The manufacturer is considered a pioneer in the field of thermal processing of wood, so the products acquire completely new unique qualities.

Along with everything else, the company also offers a floorboard made of thermal wood. The processing of raw materials includes chamber drying, heat treatment and hardening. Heat treatment is carried out at a temperature of about 200-230 ° C, under a certain pressure and in the absence of oxygen. As a result, the floorboard gains protection from fungus, fire, microorganisms, temperature changes and high humidity. There are no worthy analogues of such products yet.

Mgk Floor

Mgk Floor“Mgk Floor” is a world-renowned company that specializes in the production of floorboards from a variety of wood species. Special attention is paid to exotic woods to make the products original, unique and able to satisfy the needs of any customer.

Today, floorboards are produced and sold from American walnut, wenge, zebrano, ipa, kempasa, kumaru, lepacho, merbau, rosewood, sucupir, tiger wood, teak and other trees that are not typical for our climatic conditions. All these breeds are distinguished not only by their exclusive appearance, color and texture, but also by a high content of essential oils, which can have a positive effect on human health. In addition, these are high-quality and durable products, which are widely used in Europe and America, and now they are conquering the domestic market.


AppaluxAppalux is a world famous company. The enterprise is located in the Krasnodar Territory, and previously exported products to the American and Canadian markets, but now it is reaching a new level, offering its products to the domestic buyer.

The company offers a floorboard manufactured in accordance with all American and Canadian standards, which means its highest quality. In production, only environmentally friendly products are used, which undergo all stages of processing here: from sawing to packaging of finished products. The company uses modern equipment and high-quality drying chambers from the world’s most famous manufacturers.

Obninsk parquet plant

Obninsk parquet plantThe company was founded in 1995, and now it is a part of SCF Bark-F CJSC. It is one of the largest domestic wood flooring companies. In addition to block and panel parquet, a huge selection of floorboards is offered, which is produced in compliance with all Russian standards on the latest German equipment.

The strong point of the company is the use of a wide variety of species for the production of floorboards. So, the assortment includes products from oak, beech, ash, maple, acacia, walnut, cherry and pear. In addition, there is also a floorboard made of such exclusive wood species as dussie and iroko, which puts this domestic manufacturer on a par with the world leaders in the field.

Real Wood

Real WoodDomestic company that produces and sells wood coatings. The central place in the company’s products is occupied by solid floor boards made of oak, ash, larch, pine and spruce. The manufacturer is independently engaged in logging, sawing and manufacturing the necessary products, as well as their marketing.

For the production of floorboards, high-quality German equipment is used, specialists in their field work in compliance with all the necessary quality standards. Product warehouses are located in different parts of Russia, and our own vehicle fleet allows us to deliver any batch of products to any locality in the shortest possible time.

SelectWood International B.V.

SelectWood International B.V.This is a famous Dutch company specializing in wood processing and the production of a wide variety of building materials. Experience since 1996 and high precision of production, compliance with all quality standards allowed the company to very quickly enter the world market and establish itself there.

In 2002, the manufacturer created a subsidiary in Ukraine, SelectWood Ukraine Limited, which now operates as an independent enterprise specializing in the production of floorboards. This decision made products of European quality much more affordable for consumers in the CIS. Thus, an enterprise in Ukraine uses proprietary Dutch equipment and German drying chambers, which ultimately allows producing a board of European quality.

Compliance with the correct production technology, the manufacture of boards with a thorn-groove fastening has already been repeatedly noted with commendable reviews from customers. Now the manufacturer’s assortment includes oak floorboards, which are offered in different sizes.

“Mozhaisky LDK”

A domestic manufacturer that has already managed to establish its name with quality products. Its assortment includes eurolining, block house, slats, imitation of a bar, as well as floorboards made of different types of wood. Timber is supplied from forest-rich regions of Russia, and larch, pine and spruce are used for the production of massive floorboards.

Today the company employs real professionals who know their job well. Quality control is carried out regularly, so you can be sure that products comply with certain standards. The floorboard is available in 28 and 36 mm thick, 3 m lengths, grades AB and C.

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