TOP 10 largest manufacturers of foam blocks in Russia

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ALTA BLOCKA fairly young Russian company ALTA-BLOK has been on the foam block market for only 5 years, but during its short existence it has significantly expanded its activities and occupies a prominent place among other construction manufacturers. The availability of prices for products for construction allows you to work flexibly with your clients, who appreciated the professionalism and fast work. The assortment of different building blocks includes products of various configurations. These are foam blocks with dimensions of 600 x 300 x 200 mm, 588 x 288 x 200 mm, 588 x 288 x 100 mm and other types.

Also, the manufacturer offers various densities of products, which can be used as load-bearing structures for the construction of walls, and just partitions. Delivery is carried out by vehicles of different carrying capacity with a maximum tonnage of 20 tons. The company also offers expanded clay blocks for partitions, curb stones and assembly mixtures. At the same time, the company’s specialists can develop a project for a house, which can be over 300 sq. meters and carry out its construction.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Moscow, st. Feodosiyskaya 1
  • Manufacturer’s website –


YugraBlokThe next manufacturer is a young and rapidly developing company that confidently holds high positions in the Russian market of foam blocks. During its short existence since 2013, the company has managed to significantly expand its production capacity and achieve great results. For large developers, the company provides huge discounts while releasing very high quality products that meet all Russian standards and is ready to compete with the best foreign manufacturers.

The company can fulfill any wishes of customers in terms of the size and density of foam blocks to meet all the needs of the client, including building a house from blocks… The quality of the components from which the products are made are carefully checked by experts to avoid the consequences associated with the use of low-quality building materials in construction. All raw materials are environmentally friendly and have passed all GOSTs including GOST 21520-89, while it has precise geometric shapes and meets all the parameters stated in the documentation. Moreover, all products are frost-resistant and have low thermal conductivity.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Surgut, st. Them. Glukhova, 12
  • Manufacturer’s website –

LLC “Omsk foam concrete plant”

A fairly well-known plant for the production of foam blocks from Omsk has a high quality of products, which even sometimes fraudsters falsify low-quality blocks made by handicraft, as the products of Omsk Foam Concrete Plant LLC. In order to avoid such fakes, customers should contact directly the company’s managers on the manufacturer’s official website at the specified contacts. For a long time on the market among the best manufacturers of foam blocks in Russia, the company knows exactly what the client needs.

In its work, the company adheres to several principles that help it develop successfully, creating a good reputation as a reliable and conscientious partner. It is a constant search for innovations and approaches for moving forward, an individual approach to each customer, whether it is the smallest consumer, qualified specialists who carry out the entire production process and are engaged in logistics and customer search. These three basic rules have created a truly successful and rapidly growing company.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Omsk, Prospect Mira 177
  • Manufacturer’s website –


URAL HOLDINGOne of the most reliable and time-tested suppliers of building materials, including foam blocks of the highest quality. Working with the company, the customer receives full support of services from “A to Z”, from production to final delivery to the construction site specified by the customer. The volume of production of aerated concrete blocks is 1200 cubic meters. meters per month, which is quite an impressive size that can satisfy almost any construction project. The plant’s products are used for the construction of cottages, civil, administrative and industrial buildings.

The range of products includes a rather impressive number of products in 5000 thousand items. These are products from concrete goods, foam blocks, twin blocks, bricks, roofing materials, gravel, insulation and much more. The company’s goals are quite simple – every family has a warm home, a city has a high rate of construction, and other industries have a high rate of development and use of innovations. The company’s products are delivered to any corner of immense Russia, and the customer’s needs are resolved in full, whether it is a simple client represented by one person or a whole corporation.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Yekaterinburg, st. Radischeva 6 A, office 206
  • Manufacturer’s website –


marmThe MARM plant produces non-autoclaved aerated concrete or foam concrete blocks, which are of high quality and strength, which are ensured by the use of high quality materials. These are the best cement, quartz sand, special blowing agents, as well as gypsum and lime. All components undergo a strict quality assessment and only then are they allowed to manufacture products. For the best strength, the plant uses special technologies that allow you to create high resistance.

This is a fiber reinforcement technology, which consists in adding basalt fiber to the mixture, which significantly strengthens the structure of the frozen foam block. Shock resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, frost resistance, water resistance are increased, and cracking is significantly reduced. The monthly volume of the plant is 3000 cubic meters. meters of raw materials, which is a very good indicator even for large construction projects. The clients of the company have been convinced of the reliability of the enterprise and the honest fulfillment of all obligations assumed.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsky district, der. Lepsari
  • Manufacturer’s website –


AeroStoneThe largest enterprise in Russia for the production of aerated concrete, which can safely be called the best producer of foam blocks. Production capacities allow providing large construction projects and even more than one, since the daily production rate is an impressive 1500 cubic meters. meters of raw materials for construction. This amounts to 500 thousand cubic meters per year, which is impressive and makes the company a leading enterprise. The plant is equipped with the latest technology with the latest modern German Masa-Henke equipment and undergoes quality control of all products by specialists from Germany.

The plant is located in close proximity to Moscow and allows meeting the needs of the masses of developers who are building in this region. At the same time, the facilities of the enterprise and the logistics center work with the regions and can easily cope with all the required volumes, if necessary, increasing the daily production. The products of gas blocks have excellent resistance to frost, abrasion and crack resistance, and also have a low weight.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Moscow region, Dmitrovsky district, Selevkino village, 195
  • Manufacturer’s website –


BonolitAnother largest aerated concrete company, which performs very large production volumes, which reach 650 thousand cubic meters. meters per year. Which is one of the largest volumes in Russia. All foam blocks are produced on the best modern and technically advanced production line HESS AAC Systems BV The company has its own school where you can get training in building houses from Bonolit products while gaining the most advanced knowledge in this area. Using this knowledge, it will be possible to build a house using a special technology that will allow it to stand for 100 years.

The manufacturer works with all clients, but for privileged customers there is the Bonolit Club, which unites all corporate clients and helps to better ensure work with such a volume and level of client. The plant manufactures various types of blocks, which include conventional blocks for walls with a width of 200 to 500 mm or U-shaped blocks for the manufacture of window or door lintels. Each client is valuable to the company and will receive comprehensive information of interest about any production and other issues related to delivery or payment.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Moscow region, Old Kupavna, st. Concrete, 1
  • Manufacturer’s website –


GRASGRAS is a group of companies that has a full cycle of production, construction and distribution of its products. The company has many major construction projects that have been implemented very successfully. The name of the company is widely known and respected in the Russian market of foam blocks. The company easily implements the construction of housing of any class, whether it is an ordinary cottage or more daring projects such as global construction projects with multi-apartment buildings such as the elite complex “Alexandriysky Mayak” or huge office buildings. The company was founded quite recently in 2005, but managed to become a leader among the best manufacturers of foam blocks.

The corporation has several factories in other regions of Russia, for example, GRAS-Saratov or GRAS-Kaluga, which were created to meet construction needs in all regions of Russia. The company boasts such projects as the Zemlyanichnaya Polyana cottage settlement, the New Alexandria residential complex or the latest project of the MPI residential complex on Ostashkovskaya Street. Such volumes allow providing only the most modern production facilities.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Moscow, m. Kievskaya, st. Kievskaya, 7, entrance No. 7, 4th floor
  • Manufacturer’s website –


YtongThe name Ytong is the same name for aerated concrete, which Karl August Karlen began to produce in 1940. This building material became the ancestor of autoclaved aerated concrete or foam block. The German company has powerful production lines in Russia and is a leading enterprise not only in the domestic market, but also internationally. Modern technologies and German pedantry give high quality to all products of the manufacturer, which easily compete with Russian manufacturers, far exceeding them in strength and quality.

The Russian Ytong plant was launched quite recently in 2007 and quickly took a leading position, which is not surprising because this is a world name. Not a single large construction project in Moscow and abroad could do without products and foam blocks from this manufacturer.

  • Country of manufacture – Germany
  • Company address: Moscow, st. Rabochaya, d. 93, bldg. 2, entrance 3
  • Manufacturer’s website –


LLC HZGThis plant is a subdivision of the large association Far Eastern Energy Union LLC, which provides the construction of large facilities in various fields, whether it be energy or the defense industry. The plant’s line for the production of foam blocks allows us to provide high-quality products of various degrees of density and size, depending on the needs of the customer.

Foam blocks of this company are mostly better than simple bricks as they have a number of positive properties. This is good thermal insulation, frost resistance, fairly good strength and absolute environmental safety, which is important for the construction of residential buildings and any other structures where people work.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Khabarovsk, st. Portovaya, 1
  • Manufacturer’s website –
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