TOP 10 large manufacturers of glass blocks

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  • VitraBlok, Czech Republic
  • Vetroarredo, Hotel Italy
  • CIECH Vitrosilicon, Poland
  • SOLARIS, Germany
  • HEBEI, China
  • COGIR GLASS, Hotel Italy
  • Saint-Gobain, Hotel France
  • Dezhou, China
  • Weck, Germany
  • JSC “StarSteklo”, Russia, Bryansk

Today glass blocks are in much greater demand than a couple of decades ago. Previously, they did not look very attractive and were mainly used to create blind windows in utility rooms. Now technologies allow creating glass blocks that are quite attractive in appearance. This translucent building and decorative material can vary in thickness, width and length, be square, rectangular, triangular and even round. It is used to create non-trivial exterior and interior solutions, for the construction of walls, partitions, arches, columns, etc. The quality of the material, its geometry, surface and basic performance largely depend on the manufacturer’s conscientiousness, so his name can serve as a kind of quality guarantee. Let’s dwell on the largest manufacturers of glass blocks on the domestic market.

VitraBlok, Czech Republic

VitraBlokThis plant is considered one of the world leaders in the production of glass blocks and today offers a huge range of products, optimally balanced in terms of price and quality. The Czech Republic has always been famous for its glass industry, so it is not surprising that the VitraBlok plant gained worldwide fame. The company was founded in 1912 and initially specialized in the production of bottles. Today the company is equipped with the most modern equipment, strict quality control is carried out here, so the glass blocks meet the most stringent requirements. In 1999 the company became part of the Seves concern, which also includes the well-known Italian manufacturer Vetroarredo.

VitraBlokHighly qualified specialists work on the creation of glass blocks, therefore, the company’s collections contain products that cannot be found in other manufacturers. Thanks to VitraBlok glass blocks, you can create a truly unique and interesting interior. The assortment is huge and includes glass blocks of various shades, matte and glossy glass blocks, matte inside and colorless glass blocks, as well as non-standard glass blocks and decorative glass blocks (with stars, shells and starfish inside) and with a relief surface.

Vetroarredo, Hotel Italy

Vetroarredo 2Glass blocks from Vetroarredo are somewhat more expensive than their Czech counterparts, but they are considered to be the best in the world. The centuries-old traditions of Italy in glass production, together with advanced modern technologies, make it possible to obtain glass blocks with perfect geometry. Absolute tightness allows us to speak of good heat and sound insulation qualities, and thanks to the coloring in the mass, the product is not afraid of any external influences.

VetroarredoThe company’s glass blocks should be praised not only for their exceptional quality, but also for their excellent design, as well as a huge number of different collections that allow you to choose material of any color, size and shape. In addition, here they were the first to start producing a glass block, painted from the inside, and a metallized glass block, which, thanks to a special coating, receives a mirror surface. A collection of glass bricks is also presented so that any design idea can be realized. Glass blocks of the company will become a beautiful and reliable decoration of any space.

CIECH Vitrosilicon, Poland

VitrosiliconThe company is a recognized leader in the Polish chemical and glass products market. It was founded in 1988 on the basis of the Zagan Glass Factory, which has been operating since the end of the Second World War. Among other things, glass blocks are produced here today, which are in high demand both in the local market and in Europe and Russia. The highest quality of products is due to the solid experience accumulated over the years of work, the use of modern equipment and the implementation of the production management system ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001.

Vitrosilicon 2Today the company includes three production sites, one of which produces glass blocks under the Claroglass trademark. The company produces industrial glass blocks that have shiny refractory characteristics and burglar-proof protection. Decorative glass blocks, presented in 6 collections, differ in color, shape and size, can be glossy and matte, colorless. There are also exclusive glass blocks in the assortment, which will make it possible to highlight the room and give it a zest.

SOLARIS, Germany

SOLARISGlass blocks of the SOLARIS company are not as widely represented as the products of previous manufacturers, but they are also available to the domestic buyer. The material is distinguished by the highest German quality and ideal geometry, which allows installation using modern seamless technology.

Blocks are available in different colors and textures, dyed in bulk. A unique offer from the manufacturer is the “drop” texture, which occupies a worthy place in the company’s collection. Glass blocks are presented in different formats; for the convenience of the user, “halves” of blocks are produced, which can significantly simplify installation. The range includes round and corner glass blocks, as well as glass blocks for flooring.

HEBEI, China

HEBEIThe products from the Chinese company HEBEI, which offers glass blocks that are perfectly balanced in price and quality, also appear on the domestic market. The manufacturer works according to the ISO standard and the DIN 18175 standard, which convinces even the most demanding customers of the decent quality of the company’s products. Prices are much lower than for glass blocks from European manufacturers.

The range of products is pleasantly pleasing, moreover, there are even innovative products on sale. So, for example, frosted glass blocks are produced here using acid, not sand, and in terms of processing quality they even surpass some European counterparts. The manufacturer’s unique offer is tinted glass blocks, in which only the ends are painted, the rest remains transparent and as a result receives only an unobtrusive color shade. Colors and textures in a wide variety.

COGIR GLASS, Hotel Italy

COGIR GLASSThis company produces exclusive glass blocks, which have no analogues in the world. On the domestic market, the manufacturer’s products are represented only by a few design bureaus, and they are not cheap. Each block will cost the buyer approximately $ 17 to $ 49, but these pieces are worth it as they look more like works of art than regular glass blocks.

The company uses a unique production technique: the smallest colored glass balls are applied to the glass, from which the pattern is formed. Anything can be depicted: animals, paintings, landscapes, abstract drawings. Whole pictures can be added from several blocks, or you can use the elements one by one together with ordinary glass blocks – the effect will be unsurpassed.

Saint-Gobain, Hotel France

SG quadri logoIt is an international group of companies with factories located in 46 countries of the world. It all started with the founding of a mirror manufactory in France in 1665, which produced glasses and mirrors. Today, the manufacturer’s assortment is the widest and also includes glass blocks. These are unique and highly decorative pieces that are offered in different shades and shapes. Moreover, it is the only company that produces bulletproof glass bricks. True, the manufacturer’s products are not presented in domestic stores – they must be ordered from the catalog.

Dezhou, China

DezhouThis Chinese company is not as widely represented in the domestic market as, for example, HEBEI, but it also offers good products. Of course, in terms of quality, it cannot be compared with the products of European leaders, but it has an affordable price, therefore, it allows you to decorate your interior on a budget. The assortment includes glass blocks with a rather original design: different colors and textures, with floral ornaments and volumetric patterns. In addition to the standard square and rectangular, there are corner glass blocks, which are indispensable for the design of arches, columns and similar elements.

Weck, Germany

WeckThe products from this plant boast vaunted German quality. Glass blocks are distinguished by precise geometry, perfect grinding, flat ends, so it is very easy to work with them. The variety of designs is not as rich as that of the Italian Vetroarredo and other companies, but also not as scarce as that of the Grodno Glass Factory. The assortment includes colored, glossy and matte glass blocks, with different textures and different shapes.

JSC “StarSteklo”, Russia, Bryansk

Star'GlassThe products of this domestic plant are known to consumers under the Star’Glass trademark. This is the only plant that is engaged in the industrial production of glass blocks in Russia. The history of the plant dates back to 1785, when a glass plant was opened near Bryansk. Glass blocks at the enterprise began to be produced in 1999 and immediately began to enjoy increased demand in the domestic market. The company uses modern German equipment and strictly monitors all stages of production, which made it possible to achieve a good quality of glass blocks.

The plant’s products are distinguished by reasonable prices and a wide range. You can find fault only with the geometry of glass blocks, because their ends do not always have an ideal flat surface, but the design leaves only positive impressions. Glass blocks are offered, painted in the mass and inside, each color is presented in several shades. The texture can be in the form of waves, drops, lattice, crystal and diagonal wave. You can combine any of the presented shades and textures or order a colorless product. The range includes industrial glass blocks.

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