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Parquet floors are timeless classics. Such a coating captivates with its appearance, durability and environmental friendliness, but over time, the parquet can also lose its former decorative and operational qualities. Of course, you can replace it with a new one, but it is much faster and cheaper to cycle it. In the course of this process, the top thin layer of the parquet is removed, then the surface is sanded and varnished, in the presence of cracks, putty is performed. This allows you to achieve a perfectly flat and smooth floor with a natural wood pattern, and this takes a minimum of time. If you wish, you can also do the looping of the parquet yourself, but this will require tremendous effort, as well as certain knowledge and skills, and you will have to rent the necessary tools. It is easier to turn to professionals who do their job quickly and efficiently. Which of them has established itself in the best way in Moscow?

Expert Parquet

This is a company with more than 10 years of experience in the field of parquet scraping, and during this time it has managed to establish itself as a reliable performer. The company’s specialists perform all work as soon as possible, with high quality and provide a guarantee for their services. In addition, the company’s professionals are constantly improving their skills, and in their work they use only high-quality equipment and safe materials. More detailed information about the company and the range of services provided can be found on the website

Among the huge list of proposals from Expert Parquet, a special place is occupied by the scraping of parquet. The company is distinguished not only by the high quality of services, but also by affordable prices and constant promotions, which allows everyone to find the best offer for themselves. The company is ready to perform scraping of parquet, processing in hard-to-reach places, applying varnish in three layers and even partial filling of cracks at a price of 390 rubles / m2 – one of the most advantageous offers on the market. For those who want to carry out varnishing and filling of parquet on their own, there are special offers that include only scrapping. Also on the page there are tons of other rates and special offers. Experts are always ready to give competent advice and help determine the necessary list of services.

Phone +7 (495) 744 34 29

Prime Parquet

A reliable metropolitan company that has been operating since 2009 and has managed to accumulate rich experience in the field of parquet scraping. The company employs professionals who never stop improving. In their work, they use proven materials, and therefore it is not surprising that the quality of the scraping was appreciated by the Moscow City Hall, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, theaters, galleries and old estates. The company’s employees have experience working with expensive and exotic types of wood, so they can be entrusted with work of any complexity.

An agreement is signed with each client, which stipulates the warranty period – 5 years. This fact alone allows you to trust the company. You don’t have to make any prepayment – the craftsmen will buy materials and deliver the equipment at the expense of the company, and the client will pay only for the result. Experts carefully protect the premises from dust and take out all the garbage. Craftsmen can perform all work at any time convenient for the client, even on weekends and holidays. The company offers several tariff plans, among which there is definitely one that will suit you in terms of price and scope of work.

Phone 8 (495) 120-05-82

House Parket

House ParketThe company appeared several years ago, and today it employs real professionals, as evidenced by the level of work carried out and numerous positive reviews. Specialists provide a whole range of services: from laying and scraping parquet to varnishing and tinting.

For scraping parquet, the company provides a number of proposals that differ in price and list of works, but even the most economical package of services includes the necessary works, incl. scraping in hard-to-reach places, sanding and varnishing, and all consumables are included in the price – there is no need to pay extra for anything. Specialists will remove the garbage after work and take it out. Depending on the selected tariff, machines made in Germany or Russia can be used. Regardless of this, the work is done professionally and quickly.

Phone 8 (495) 668-10-18

Parquet-Rem.ruThere is a place not only for companies, but also for private craftsmen in the market of services for scraping parquet. We are talking about a specialist who has been working on the repair of parquet floors for more than 10 years, providing a guarantee of up to 3 years. One of the main advantages of a private master is a favorable price. In addition, in this case, the specialist provides high-quality services in compliance with all deadlines, and in his work he uses modern equipment and branded materials.

The prices for the services are really favorable, and the standard package for 350 rubles / m2 includes scraping the parquet, processing it in the most inaccessible places, three-layer varnish application, sanding and cleaning, all consumables are included in the price. The departure of the master and the removal of garbage are not additionally paid. In addition, a lot of other various services are provided for the repair and installation of parquet, preparation of the base for it.

Phone 8 (925) 511-38-77

Parquet Service

Parquet ServiceThe history of the company began in 2005 when the staff consisted of only two employees. Today the company employs 22 specialists in their field, who perform work in the field of scraping, repair and varnishing of parquet floors, as well as installing floor coverings. Employees of the company are constantly improving their qualifications by participating in seminars from German companies working in the production of equipment for scraping parquet. The company cooperated with the largest government agencies, banks and enterprises, and the mass of positive reviews speaks of a serious approach to business.

Despite working with well-known large organizations, everyone can find the best offer for themselves. The most economical tariff at a cost of 380 rubles / m2 includes all the necessary work and materials to put the parquet floor in order. If there is a need to use German equipment at all stages of work and German-made varnishes, then it is better to pay attention to more expensive offers. Parquet putty is not included in the list of services and is paid separately. All work is completed on time, and the craftsmen promise to clean up the parquet flooring with an area of ​​25 m2 in just one day.

Phone 8 (495) 120-09-50

Martin Paul

Martin PaulThe company has existed since 1998, and today it provides a huge range of services related to the installation and repair of parquet floors. Parquet scraping is carried out using modern German equipment, which allows you to minimize the amount of dust during work and speed up the execution time. In addition, the company provides services for renting a scraping machine for those who want to carry out all the work on their own, and also offers a huge selection of paints and varnishes that can be used in the restoration of parquet or purchased for self-fulfillment.

Customers can choose the most suitable parquet scraper offer for the price. The simplest option is only scraping the parquet, and the most complete one includes not only scraping, but also sanding, putty, applying a layer of primer and two layers of varnish. The company constantly holds promotions and provides lucrative offers.

Phone 8 (495) 771-18-58

The first cycle company

The first cycle companyThe company PCK LLC offers its clients very favorable prices along with a high level of service. Our specialists provide a full range of parquet services, including parquet scrapping. The company can boast of absolute honesty, because in its price lists it indicates the cost, which includes not only work, but also all the necessary consumables, there are no hidden fees. Particular attention is paid to the choice of suppliers of consumables, because the quality of the work performed largely depends on this.

Today, among the satisfied customers of the company are large enterprises, universities and banks, but also for customers with a small budget, favorable offers are provided. Moreover, consultations, a visit of a specialist to inspect the floor and determine a set of necessary works, as well as delivery of equipment are completely free. The cost of scraping parquet varies between 290-1950 rubles / m2, all work is performed equally professionally and punctually.

Phone +7 (495) 545-25-85

Parquet service

Parquet serviceThis is a company that has been on the market of parquet scraping services for a long time, and has managed to recommend itself well. The company boasts the use of modern equipment, the presence of a whole range of tariffs, which allows you to choose exactly the package of services that best suits the customer. All works are performed by masters with at least three years of experience, and all the wishes of customers are taken into account so that the result meets expectations.

The most affordable option includes scraping, leveling, grinding and varnishing, while using domestic varnishes and a domestic scraping machine. It is possible to use German varnishes and German equipment, which increases the quality of repairs and the speed of work, but this is reflected in the price. In any case, all work is carried out with high quality, and their cost includes garbage collection, delivery of equipment and all consumables.

Phone +7 (495) 150-03-96

Parquet Master

Parquet MasterLLC “Master Parketov” has been on the market since 2005, and today it provides a full cycle of parquet works, including installation, repair and maintenance. In addition, the company sells equipment and parquet care products. Specialists regularly undergo training in German companies, which are the main producers of parquet chemicals.

The company’s services are used by large business centers, boutiques, shopping centers, owners of cottages and restaurants. Despite the customer service of this level, the pricing policy allows a wide range of customers to take advantage of the company’s offer. The company is distinguished by the fact that even when ordering the most affordable package of services, all work is carried out using German equipment, while it should be noted that there are no hidden fees, and all materials are included in the cost of the selected offer.

Phone +7 (495) 797 69 09

Parquet meter

Parquet meterThe company has been operating since 2000 and specializes in wood flooring, installing and renovating them. During this time, a decent experience has been accumulated, which, along with the use of high-quality materials and equipment, allows you to get excellent results. The company employs professionals with extensive work experience, which is the key to quality work.

One of the areas of activity is parquet scraping. The company, like the others, offers different service packages, and specialists will always tell you which option best suits the wishes of the customer. The price of the cheapest option is quite high – 595 rubles / m2, but German equipment is used at all stages of work, and European-made varnish is applied. This is the option where the cost is quite consistent with the quality.

Phone 8 (495) 532-60-56

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