TOP 10 best manufacturers of interior doors on the Russian market

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BarausseThe Italian company, which was founded quite a long time ago in 1967 as a workshop for the manufacture of doors, including interior doors. The founders, the Baruss brothers, applied their family craft traditions to founding a company and investing all their time in expanding their business. In a short time, the company entered the international market and firmly established itself there, thanks to the high quality of its products, which range includes doors for residential, commercial and hotel buildings. The design of Barausse doors is distinguished by a special style inherent in Italian manufacturers.

The manufacturer uses an innovative approach to the production and creation of its doors. There have been registered 17 industrial patents for door leaf and hardware, which makes the products technologically advanced. The geography of distribution is quite wide – it is all of Europe, Russia, North America, China, Japan. The company received the UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certificate, which says that the products comply with all relevant standards and are of the highest quality.

  • Country of manufacture – Italy
  • Company address: Moscow, Novospasskiy lane, 3
  • Manufacturer’s website –

Porta Bella

Porta BellaThe Russian manufacturer, which uses the best modern equipment mainly of foreign production, produces reliable doors. The company was founded quite recently in 2008 and managed to become quite famous in the Russian market in a short time, thanks to the attentive approach to the production process. That is, it monitors the high quality of its doors and pays much attention to the development of the design, which is a distinctive feature of these products. In addition, there is a warehouse program that allows you to cooperate with clients of absolutely any level.

The manufacturer offers interior doors made of PVC, veneer and laminated coverings. A variety of textures and colors will allow you to choose the most interesting one for you. The company also manufactures solid wood doors with a beautiful texture and different design solutions. The variety of types will allow Porta Bella doors to be used in any interior. Today’s bestsellers are Dinastia 1 Bianco, Felicia Bianco and Verba DO Italian Walnut, as well as many other options.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Moscow, Projected passage N 185, ow. 8
  • Manufacturer’s website –


RuLesAnother Russian company from Ulyanovsk, which was founded in 1992 and for its rather long activity has firmly established itself in the domestic market, offering a wide range of interior doors of the highest quality level and a variety of attractive designs. Today RuLes occupies a leading position in the market and has a wide distribution network. The doors of this manufacturer have Italian sophistication and Russian practicality, therefore they will serve for a very long time.

The design and engineering bureau of the company is constantly looking for new solutions that allow us to make high-quality products. A very rich model range of doors will allow you to choose from such series as “Venice”, “Versailles”, “Rimini” and many others. Production facilities allow us to make all door elements, up to fittings and frames. Following the latest trends in the world of doors, the company’s specialists create doors that are very interesting in design and construction solutions, which the consumer will like at first sight. At the same time, environmental safety and quality are at the highest level.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Ulyanovsk region, Ulyanovsk district, s. B.Klyuchischi, st. Polevaya, 19a
  • Manufacturer’s website –


AgoprofilAn Italian company that has absorbed the best traditions in the production of doors of any configuration, among which interroom doors occupy the largest niche. These are traditions that are inherent in the Langhe region in Piedmont, Italy. Traditional handicraft technologies have been formed here since ancient times. Family skills have been passed down through generations and have come down to us. Now, together with new technologies, the company produces perfect doors. After all, Italian manufacturers are the legislators in the global production of truly beautiful and reliable doors.

The range of products includes many collections, including DOUBLE ROUND, which will suit the rounded style of your home or Passion, where high technology and sophisticated style are observed. Or the YUNA collection, which has become an expression of strict style and an indicator of excellence. All Agoprofil products have excellent design and are suitable for sophisticated people with a progressive mind. The UNI EN ISO 9001 certificate on the manufacturer’s door was obtained in order to distinguish its products and once again prove to its customers that it is one of the best.

  • Country of manufacture – Italy
  • Company address: Reg. Rossi, 1 12060 Belvedere Langhe Cn Italia
  • Manufacturer’s website –


TIM PORTERussian company that has production facilities in Yaroslavl and was founded in 1998. From a small enterprise that rented a small workshop at the Paris Commune factory, the enterprise has grown into one of the leaders in the domestic market of doors and door hardware. During its existence, the company has formed a permanent team of craftsmen, which is highly specialized and creates doors of really high quality and interesting in their design. Today the factory has grown so much that it becomes cramped in its native Yaroslav, therefore the geography of the enterprise is quite wide today. This is mainly the domestic market, but also neighboring countries.

The decoding of the first three letters of the TIM brand reveals three core values ​​of the company. The letter “T” stands for Tradition, which is the main value and has absorbed all the traditions of Russian woodworking. The letter “I” stands for innovation (Innovation), which says about the use of a modern approach in the production and development of all the company’s products. And the last third letter “M” speaks of skill (Mastery), that is, about the high professionalism of those who are directly involved in the manufacture of doors. After all, the initial result depends only on them.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Yaroslavl, Tutaevskoe sh., 18
  • Manufacturer’s website –


ROSTRUMAnother domestic Russian production, which is located in Moscow and occupies the first positions among the best manufacturers of interior doors. The company produces a fairly wide range of door leaves and molded products. The company is one of the largest in Russia and has a large selection of 300 doors of various configurations. ROSTRA was founded relatively recently in 2002 and during its rather short existence reached a production volume of 50 thousand door blocks per month.

In addition to production facilities, the enterprise has a wide network of branded stores throughout Russia. This includes cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Tver, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok and many others. And even the islands of Sakhalin and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) receive the doors of the ROSTRA company. As for the quality, high-tech production and the accumulated colossal experience will make it possible to create very good products. The many variations in design and materials and textures used allow us to offer many beautiful products at an affordable price.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Moscow region, Domodedovsky district, Rastunovo village, possession of “Portal”, building 1
  • Manufacturer’s website –


CasaporteThis enterprise is the largest manufacturer of interior doors on the Russian market and closely cooperates with Italian designers and manufacturers, adopting their experience and creating a product of a similar quality, only under domestic standards. The factory is quite large and covers an area of ​​10 hectares and has its own access railway lines, which speaks of well-organized logistics and large production capacities. The workshops are equipped with modern equipment, which allows the production of 150 thousand doors per month, which is very impressive.

For such volumes, the company has a very well-developed dealer network of distributors. Which work both in the domestic market and in the near abroad. Employees of the enterprise regularly undergo training in new skills and improvement of already acquired knowledge in order to meet the high requirements of the factory. Among the popular new products of the manufacturer, the TOSCANA or MILANO series can be noted, which are distinguished by their magnificent design using glass and traditional modern Italian decor elements.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Moscow, st. Bakovskaya, 5
  • Manufacturer’s website –

I live Doors

I live DoorsVivo Porte manufactures products of European quality and is based in Kaliningrad. The doors have an excellent design inherent to European counterparts and high quality, which is also provided by European standards. The products of this manufacturer are worthy of being in every modern home, where style and technology are appreciated. The assortment includes more than 600 types of different doors, which have an affordable price.

Professional modern equipment on which the doors are manufactured is supplied from abroad from leading German and American manufacturers. It should also highlight the environmental safety of all products. For example, a series of doors for the whole house “Versailles” will allow you to create an interesting design that will be distinguished by a special style of French theme with appropriate design and will undoubtedly please people who appreciate this style.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Kaliningrad region, Svetly, st. Zavodskaya, 1
  • Manufacturer’s website –


carpenterThis brand has a rich background. In the village of Pasha, which is located in the Leningrad region, a kind of relic is kept – a unique brand that represents the letter “T”. It has survived from the time of Peter the Great, when the ruler hired the most prominent shipbuilders from Europe to create the best fleet. Among the master carpenters there were eminent representatives who could put on their products a kind of seal in the form of the letter “T”, which means Tischler (in German carpenter).

These seals were then possessed only by true professionals in their field and not many received the opportunity to get one. When Peter the Great invited the masters to Russia, he asked them to teach Russian specialists this skill. Only a few were awarded the title of the best and were given the opportunity to affix the Tischler seal to their products. One of these hallmarks belongs to the Russian manufacturer of high-quality doors Tischler.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Leningrad region, Volkhov district, Pasha village, 53 Pavel Nechyosanov street
  • Manufacturer’s website –

“League of Doors”

Another well-known factory from the city of Ulyanov, which was founded in 2004. This young company quickly entered the market and became one of the best manufacturers of interior doors. Modern Italian equipment allows us to produce very high quality and beautiful doors. The foreign experience of legislators in the production of door products is successfully used in the domestic space.

A feature of the products of the Ulyanovsk door manufacturer is the use of pine, which is one of the best materials, which is also available. Therefore, the prices for “League of Doors” products are the most affordable on the market. The durability, style and variety of design options will be highly appreciated by consumers.

  • Country of origin – Russia
  • Company address: Ulyanovsk region, Cherdaklinsky district, Arkhangelskoe village
  • Manufacturer’s website –
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