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Despite its small size and quite obvious simple functionality, the mixer seems to be a very important element of sanitary ware for bathrooms and kitchens. It is he who prevents water from flowing uncontrollably into the drain, providing high utility bills or the ability to flood both himself and his neighbors. Of course, in most cases, such scenarios are rare, but nothing can insure against them. Well, or practically nothing, since a good and reliable mixer is most likely able to prevent such curiosities.

It is logical that when choosing a mixer it would be best to trust the product of a popular manufacturer, since it is made from quality raw materials. The point is that, due to constant use, a serious load is placed on them, and therefore the mixers must be reliable and capable of regularly serving for a long time. As for the manufacturers, some of the ones presented below will probably already be familiar to you, because we have already examined various sanitary equipment more than once. And yet, in order to better navigate the proposals of the market, it is worth considering at least a little its best representatives.


And we will start, perhaps, with the German company Grohe, which deservedly has great popularity among users, and not only in the Russian market. The high level of German quality, which has already become a household name, is clearly traced in all products of this brand and mixers in this case are no exception. Thanks to the use of innovative equipment and modern technical solutions, the company successfully manages to raise the bar for product quality and gradually expand the range of products. Among the most practical technologies used in the brand’s faucets are GROHE EcoJoy, which almost halves the amount of water consumed, and GROHE SilkMove, which provides a smooth lever movement, which guarantees not only more accurate temperature control, but also less active wear.

  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Official website:


Not so long ago, we were looking at the best manufacturers of toilet bowls and stumbled upon Gustavsberg. This Swedish manufacturer, of course, is far from the only one whose range is not limited to the production of toilet bowls, and therefore it is not surprising that it has earned a place for itself on this list. On the contrary, the specificity of the category chosen by the company also involves the production of mixers. By the way, the company’s assortment is also not small, and they also offer various interesting design solutions with a wide palette of colors. Well, the high reliability common to all the brand’s products invariably remains their hallmark, attracting the attention of users in the Russian and other markets.

  • Country of manufacture: Sweden
  • Official site:


Despite the similarity in name to one of the previous brands, the German manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen faucets Hansgrohe is not a subsidiary, but rather a direct competitor to Grohe. And this despite the fact that the latter company was founded by one of the sons of Hans Grohe, the founder of this company of the same name. Today, both of these companies are among the leaders in the plumbing equipment market, presenting high-quality and reliable modern solutions. Nevertheless, we are now talking about the older one, and therefore it is also worth mentioning that its products are also distinguished by effective efficiency. True, in the budget segment you will not find their mixers, since they are located in the middle and high price range.

  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Official website:

Ideal Standard

Each manufacturer claims that its products are made from quality materials and components, but not everyone can boast of more than a century of development history, as well as recognition in many countries of Europe and America. One of those who can still do this is the Ideal Standard brand, which is headquartered in Belgium. Like many developing companies, this manufacturer keeps up with the times, offering modern solutions available through innovative developments. They are also presented in a very wide range, which will make it easy for those who wish to choose a mixer according to their taste. The overall picture is complemented by their reliability combined with a pleasant cost, which definitely attracts the attention of consumers.

  • Country of origin: Belgium
  • Official website:

Jacob Delafon

Next in line is a manufacturer from France, Jacob Delafon, which specializes in high quality premium sanitary ware. Yes, for some this may automatically become more of a disadvantage than an advantage, but if you want a truly reliable and durable mixer, then the products of this brand will be one of the best options. After all, it is better not to save on quality. With all the necessary quality certifications and user acclaim, their faucets truly offer the long-lasting performance you’d expect from a popular high-end product. The assortment here is also extremely wide, so in addition to options for baths and kitchens, you will find many other models and related accessories.

  • Country of manufacture: France
  • Official website:


For those of you who are looking for high-tech products even in such a category as mixers, we advise you to turn your attention to the Oras brand. This Finnish manufacturer is distinguished by high-quality mixers and is one of the European leaders in the production of sanitary products. And even considering all this, today this company has gained wide popularity in the Russian market due to its electronic contactless mixers, which are increasingly becoming fashionable. It is convenient and modern, and the mixers themselves are much less exposed to physical stress, which noticeably slows down their wear. Unless some of their models look extremely futuristic, but for lovers of simplicity, there are also more minimalistic proposals.

  • Country of origin: Finland
  • Official site:


Among Russian manufacturers, the Varion brand is widely known in the market. One of its distinctive features are reliable components manufactured in such European countries as Germany, France, Italy and others. All these parts are, of course, of high quality, as is the final product of the company. Despite a very wide selection of all kinds of mixer options, the company decided not to be limited to any specific price segment and presents effective solutions both among budget options and in the class of expensive ones. And, of course, all the manufacturer’s mixers meet modern quality and hygiene standards. In any case, you will surely be satisfied with the purchase, and your opinion about domestic products, if it has remained negative so far, will change for the better.

  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Official website:


Naturally, we would not be able to do without Roca brand products in this list, since this Spanish manufacturer is one of the more popular in the budget segment of the domestic market. And not in vain, since, regardless of the offer, be it a toilet bowl or a bathroom faucet, their products are distinguished not only by their affordable cost, but also by their high quality. Yes, such a combination is rare, but it is possible. The best part about this is also the fact that the company’s range of faucets includes many different models, from standard ones for the sink, and to more rare ones, such as models for washing sinks, etc. Moreover, they have a pleasant and laconic design.

  • Country of manufacture: Spain
  • Official site:


Teka is another European company headquartered in Spain. Since in this list we are talking about the best manufacturers of faucets, it is easy to guess that this brand is also in great demand among consumers in the domestic market and far beyond its borders. Unlike most of the companies represented here, which produce products exclusively for sanitary purposes, in the assortment of this manufacturer you can find much more than faucets and shower sets. Along the way, you can even pick up kitchen appliances, from small to large. Nevertheless, if we talk about the mixers themselves, then their assortment, although it cannot be called small, is clearly inferior to some individual competitors. But you will surely find interesting solutions from the point of view of the color palette and design.

  • Country of manufacture: Spain
  • Official website:


And since at the end we started talking about inexpensive but high-quality mixers, then it is definitely worth mentioning the Czech brand Lemark, well-known in this product category. It is nice in this case that the number of models available in the company’s assortment is not determined by their budget, and therefore everyone can choose the mixer they like most. Here you will find classic models, high-tech or futuristic options. In any case, they will serve properly and reliably, providing smooth regulation of the pressure and precise adjustment of the water temperature. Considering also the fact that we are talking about a European manufacturer, you are expected to receive products that meet all current quality standards.

  • Country of manufacture: Czech Republic
  • Official site:
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