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Wall clocks have been used to decorate rooms since ancient times. In addition to being a wonderful decor, they also show the time. An original clock can easily become an accent, a highlight of absolutely any room in the house. After all, this is not just a mechanism, but an amazing variety of cases made from a variety of materials. A large selection of models will certainly satisfy the most sophisticated requests. Literally everyone can find something that will become a real decoration and addition to the interior.

In order to choose the right clock for the wall, it is important to consider several rules:

  • It is better not to “overload” the kitchen space, so classic-shaped clocks without unnecessary decor are appropriate here.

  • For the living room, products of non-standard shapes and shades will be an ideal option. It is important that the accessory matches the overall style of the interior. Some experts, on the contrary, recommend highlighting separate zones in the living room and emphasizing the refined taste of the owners with the help of bright, expensive wall clocks. The choice is only yours.

  • For a play or nursery, something with cartoon characters is suitable. A child will like such an element of decor, and it will be easier for parents to teach their beloved child to understand the time and determine it by the clock.

Below we will take a closer look at which wall clock is suitable for each room in the house.

Types of wall clocks

First of all, you should understand the division of watches into types according to design features. Quartz is considered the most popular: ordinary batteries provide their work, they are easy to use and repair. The design of such a device is a dial, familiar to all, with hands indicating the time.
Mechanical watches are significantly inferior to quartz ones in time accuracy. Their work is provided by a mechanism of springs, the design practically does not differ from the previous type. The last type is electronic devices, which are radically different from the previous two types. They do not have a dial – it has been replaced with a digital display that perfectly complements the modern urban design. When choosing a watch, you should pay attention to:

  1. The purpose of a particular room.
  2. Design solution of the room, the presence of connecting style elements in the room.
  3. Room dimensions: a clock that is too large in a small room will look awkward.

First of all, you need to rely on your own intuition, but we hope that our advice will help you choose the perfect watch.

Wall clock in the break room

The living room is exactly the place where guests are greeted and have pleasant conversations over a cup of tea, where the whole family gathers to discuss important matters or just relax together. That is, this is a very important room in the house, which requires a special approach to interior design and selection of accessories.

Wooden version

Wooden clocks will be a good decor for a room in modern or classic style. It is stylish, beautiful and rich. In addition, these eco-friendly and very interesting elements create a special atmosphere. Products with the addition of bronze are of particular interest. It is a luxurious classic design element that will never lose its popularity.

But if the rest room adheres to the country style, then by all means pay attention to the model of the cuckoo clock. It may seem that they have long gone out of fashion, but this is not at all the case. They will successfully emphasize the general style of the room and give it comfort.

Striking clock

If you want to add an amazing rustic feel to the interior, then the chiming clock is your option. Again, here it is important to consider how the room is decorated, because such an old clock will not be at all appropriate in a modern style. But country and striking watches will be an excellent tandem.

High-tech wall clock

Today, a high-tech living room is no longer surprising. More and more people prefer the modern interior, where all items are more original and functional. And the clock on the wall in this case must also correspond to this style. Glass, wooden, metal or even plastic – the choice is very large and depends only on your personal preferences.

Modular wall clocks, which will also fit into a high-tech interior, are very popular. Such a decorative element most often occupies the entire wall, therefore it requires a lot of space. In a small room, they can cause an oversaturation effect and simply lose their uniqueness. When choosing such a watch, pay attention to the mechanism; it is best to choose a silent model.

Retro clock

Decorated the living room in an antique style and supplemented everything with antiques? Then a retro-style wall clock will come in handy. For example, a worn, worn case looks very unusual. And believe me, this decor will definitely not go unnoticed and will always attract the eyes of your guests. Retro style in the house will perfectly complement the devices made of artsy materials:

  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Bronze.

Experiment and you will certainly find what you need.

Loft wall clock

Loft is gaining momentum more and more, so many prefer it when choosing a style for the living room. And if you also like a loft, then the clock should be matched to the theme. It is very interesting that here you can decorate a room with several models at once. It will turn out very interesting. Also, look at the calendar options. It is not only beautiful but also practical.

Bedroom wall clock

Each of us understands that a completely different atmosphere reigns in the bedroom than in the living room. Therefore, the main thing to consider when choosing is a quiet ride. Loud ticking will definitely not help you relax and fall asleep quickly. And, of course, as in any other room, the clock must be matched to the overall style of the room. A loft or classic looks good in the bedroom. If you settled on the first option, then electronic models will fit perfectly here. In this case, the silence will definitely not be broken. As for the classics, they will never go out of style. Such an element of decor will always be appropriate.

Provencal style clock

Provence for a bedroom is an excellent choice, because it is very beautiful, romantic and tender. Inspired by the Mediterranean sun, lavender fields, and the freshness of the sea breeze, this provincial style entices with its unique blend of rustic simplicity and antique luxury. A wall clock will become an irreplaceable decoration of such a room. They should be made “antique” and decorated with flowers.

Backlit clock

Decorating a bedroom with LED or illuminated clocks is an original idea for active and creative people.

They look very good and can also serve as a night light. There are models where you can adjust the backlight, that is, you can choose the optimal brightness. Such watches are presented in a huge assortment using a variety of materials, so you will definitely choose a model to your taste and wallet.

Minimalist watches

The graceful simplicity of minimalism amazes with its depth and a certain silence. And here the decor in no way should violate this idyll, so choose watch models that are devoid of redundant elements. Most often they do not even have numbers, but the dial looks solid and fits into the overall style.

Wall clock in the children’s room

Decorating a children’s room is a very important process that requires a special approach. After all, every parent tries to give his child all the best, from the bed to the decor items. It is equally important to choose the right wall clock.

Such an important element of decor should correspond to the preferences and age of the child, be able to attract the attention of the baby, and also fit into the overall interior. It will not be superfluous to consult with the owner of the room what exactly he would like.

Girls will love the wall clock with characters from their favorite cartoons, animals or just funny, bright pictures. The body material may vary, but it is best to choose safe options. For example, natural wood. As for plastic, in this case the product will have less weight, which is also important.

Boys will appreciate the watch in the form of toy cars, a rocket, a robot, a soccer ball or a favorite animal. If you want to present your child with something original, then you can make a watch to order. This service is in great demand today.

Wall clock in the kitchen

The wall clock in the kitchen can be considered the main one in the house. This is because they are also needed during cooking. And also they can become a real decoration of the room and demonstrate the taste of the hostess of the house, so you need to choose them consciously.

If the kitchen is designed in the classics, then the clock should be chosen in the same design. A suitable material is wood or its imitation. As for the color, it should be natural, and the design as simple as possible. It is not recommended to choose bright and catchy models.

A minimalist wall clock will be the perfect complement to a high-tech or fusion kitchen. By the way, if you like to do needlework and you are even good at it, then you can make a clock for the kitchen yourself. The mechanism can be purchased in the store, but further the flight of your imagination is simply endless. Forks, spoons, plates, cutting boards, bottles and even pans can be used.

Finally, it should be noted that when choosing a watch, you need to take into account the climatic conditions of the room. So, products with a film dial must be hung where there is no direct sunlight. But for rooms with high humidity, it is not advisable to choose cardboard or paper models.

Where to place a clock in Feng Shui

Do you think that wall clocks are always appropriate and cannot spoil the atmosphere at home? Knowledge of feng shui proves the opposite. The most common problem is the incorrect position of the clock on the wall. Do not hang them too high: the device should be slightly above eye level. Moreover, it should be convenient to look at them without raising your head. This will help keep your home light and in control.

It is not recommended to place a clock at the entrance to the house, otherwise you and your guests will always have a feeling of lack of time. Often, visitors to the house have a desire to leave as soon as possible, they feel discomfort. Businesspeople should avoid placing their clocks in a visible place to avoid irritating customers. As for the cardinal points: in no case hang the device on the east wall – this will lead to family hardships. The west, north and northwest sides are ideal for positioning the clock. Striking clocks will help activate the energy of wealth, but it is better not to install them in the bedroom. Please note: only one time control device can be placed in the bedroom, and as many as you like in the living room or hallway. In any case, avoid oversized clocks so that time does not take the main role in your life.

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