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With the help of fresh and painted flowers, it was always possible to create an unusually beautiful background in the interior. Only at first glance it seems that everything has been known about the design of wallpaper with flowers for a long time. After all, they have been used for several centuries. During all this time, many labels were hung on roses, cornflowers and other flowers on the wallpaper. Their appearance on the walls for some people was considered a rule of bad taste or a symbol of bourgeois life. You can argue with these erroneous statements if you learn to understand the issue of combining floral wallpaper in the interior.

The mood of the people in the room depends on the color of the walls in the room. Under its influence, a person becomes calm, cheerful. His mood may improve or vice versa becomes depressed. All this is individual. But from numerous observations it is known that flowers in the interior are the beginning of the path to a good mood. Peculiar flower ornaments, which are currently quite fashionable, always, regardless of decorative interpretations, have a positive effect on a person. Sometimes a small, cheerful little flower on the wall turns out to be the most chic element in a home.

Features of gender

From the huge selection of wallpapers with flowers offered in stores, it is difficult to stop at one thing. The opinion of people who think that only women’s rooms can be trimmed with such wallpaper is wrong. If you correctly work on the combination of colors with the help of such wallpapers, you can successfully decorate the interior of a modern man’s home. In this case, you just need to try to make sure that the wallpaper is in perfect harmony with the surrounding interior. Flowers, thanks to their versatility, can be used in any space without any problems. Undoubtedly, wallpaper with delicate watercolors is more suitable for a feminine theme. For men, dark wallpapers with a larger pattern are considered ideal. Nowadays, wallpapers of dark brown tones with large or small flowers are quite popular. Decorating a man’s interior with red wallpaper with flowers is considered creative and unusual.

A few general tips

Certain types of wallpaper are suitable for each interior. In order to understand this issue well, you need to know some of the nuances. You should pay attention to the following tips:

  1. It is important that the wallpaper blends well with the upholstery. If there is an abundance of flowers in the room, the person in it may experience a state of psychological discomfort. A good option would be to use upholstered furniture with monochromatic upholstery.
  2. You can perfectly decorate the interior if you use contrast in a combination of furniture and wallpaper. For example, if the furniture is light, then it is advisable to select the wallpaper for the room in darker tones. According to this principle, it is necessary to improve the kitchen. If you want the walls in it to be colorful, you need to make sure that the furniture is monochromatic.
  3. It should be considered when choosing floral wallpaper and the size of the furniture. For example, a small-sized sofa of light colors fits perfectly into the interior if there are wallpapers with variegated and voluminous buds on the walls in the room. While a massive bed will look great against a background of wallpaper with a small, delicate floral pattern.
  4. Please note that the size of the colors on the wallpaper should come from the size of the room. For example, if it is small, you should not glue wallpaper with large peonies, poppies, roses or orchids in it. This makes the room even smaller. In such cases, the best option would be to use wallpaper with small flowers.

How to combine floral wallpaper?

A great option is to combine bright petals with one-color walls. You can stick wallpaper with flowers on one wall, the other three are better if they are of the same tone.

An excellent and bold idea is the use of appliqués on the walls. They can be used to decorate a doorway or a place next to a bed. To do this, massive flowers are cut out of the wallpaper and glued onto a plain wallpaper. It would seem that at first glance this is not unusual. But this idea brings a touch of romance to the interior.

Do not forget that additional decor is of great importance. For example, if the wallpaper with red poppies on the walls, it is desirable to work on so that the upholstery of the pillows goes well with them. Or, if the wallpaper depicts lavender flowers, it would be appropriate to hang curtains in lilac shades.

In the kitchen

Wallpaper with flowers looks great in the kitchen too. With their help, it is possible to create coziness and a gentle atmosphere. It is important to correctly distribute the color scheme and use colorful wallpaper with flowers for plain furniture and decor. They can be white, gray or black. It is necessary to choose the wallpaper so that the atmosphere in the kitchen is light and not oppressive. It is better to use washable wallpaper, this will help you quickly and easily get rid of various dirt.

When choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, the following factors must be considered:

  • Those who prefer country or Provence style need to pay attention to wallpaper with warm colors. In this way, a sunny indoor atmosphere is achieved. These wallpapers look great in the dining area of ​​the kitchen.
  • It is better to decorate the place for preparing food with monochrome wallpaper. In addition, in this area, you can paste wallpaper with catchy colors. It is only important to repeat them in decorative elements.
  • Floral wallpapers in neutral shades are best for modern kitchens.

In the bedroom

The decision to use floral wallpaper in the bedroom should be accompanied by the assurance that after a while these flowers will not act as an annoying factor. After all, the bedroom is exactly the place where a person needs to rest, relax and reboot. Small or variegated items may irritate some people during relaxation. Wallpaper in the room should bring with it a feeling of tenderness and security.

Warmth, coziness and comfort in the bedroom can be created using wallpaper with flowers in rich, but easy-to-read colors. An excellent option in this case is wallpaper of pink, yellow, blue, orange and other shades.

In the hall

In the hall, floral wallpaper always looks spectacular. These can be roses, poppies, orchids or other flowers. Wallpaper for the hall is selected depending on the print. As for the interior, in this case, it is better to see severity and lightness in it. It can be modern or classic. It is important to take seriously the issue of all shades in design. The wallpaper should be in complete harmony with the general environment in the living room. It is important to remember that wallpaper with flowers goes well with linen-like materials.

Wallpaper with large roses looks gorgeous in the hall. Thanks to them, you can easily focus on the wall. But do not forget that such a wall visually approaches.

In the nursery

Wallpaper with spring flowers can be used to decorate a nursery. Thanks to them, an atmosphere of lightness, creativity and positiveness will settle in the room. A place in the nursery for a child’s play can be decorated with wallpaper with rich and bright colors. This will help him to always feel warm and cozy.

Especially flower wallpapers are suitable for girls of different ages.

Since the room for the child is divided into recreation and play areas, the choice of wallpaper should be approached more reasonably. It is better to decorate the place where the baby’s bed stands with wallpaper with a light, discreet floral pattern.

In the hall

Wallpapers with a wide variety of colors and patterns are suitable for a passer-by. To expand and increase the space, you should give preference to floral wallpaper with delicate pastel tones. You can also use wallpaper with large saturated colors, but only if the room has enough space and light. Ideally, such a wall would not be forced with furniture. Floral wallpaper is glued in a passer-by in different ways. You can decorate one wall with them, while all the others are pasted over in a solid color. If the flowers are not too flashy, it is allowed to paste over the whole room with them. In some cases, the wallpaper is combined, which also looks very effective.

Wallpaper in a small flower

Small flowers on the walls are not always a good option for interior decoration. All this looks amazing for just a few hours in such a room. But after this time, ripples in the eyes may appear. If the desire to use such wallpapers does not pass, it is necessary to learn how to combine them correctly with painted walls of the same tone or calm prints.

White floral wallpaper

Walls with light wallpaper are always a winning option. If there are small delicate flowers on such wallpapers, tenderness, romance and good mood reign in the room. If the flowers are small, the interior becomes flirty and playful. In a room with such wallpaper, it is as if spring will always rage. And even in a fierce cold it will have a warm and cozy atmosphere. It is important not to forget about the sense of proportion. If the background of the wallpaper is white, then the decor elements should be white, and the textiles should be plain.

Gray floral wallpaper

The gray color in the interior is neutral and soothing. Wallpaper of this tone with a flower is a good option in order to create a sense of calm and freshness in the room. The decor in such rooms should be more saturated and warm colors. Gray wallpapers with golden or white flowers look great. Curtains and furniture are selected to match them. If everything is correctly combined in such a room there will always be a feeling of tenderness and lightness.

Large flowers

The most suitable option for wallpapers with large flowers is to stick them on only one wall, while the rest of the walls should be monochromatic. It is important to observe a sense of proportion and harmony. Wallpaper on three walls should match the color shade, not the main background of the wallpaper. It should be borne in mind that this option requires a lot of space. Do not forget that a wall with large flowers is always visually closer.

Tropical flowers

In such colors, saturated and violent colors prevail with the most unexpected color combinations, which is not acceptable for everyone. In order to understand what the reaction will be to such experiments with wallpaper, after a while, they can be glued in the hall or in the room in which you spend a little time. Thus, tropical flowers do not get bored, and the mood rises noticeably. There will be no room for boredom with such wallpaper. It is important to select furniture in soothing colors for them.


China is the first country to start producing wallpaper. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many Chinese-style images on them. On such wallpapers around flowers you can see more butterflies, Chinese lanterns, etc. It is not at all necessary that such wallpapers have a red and black color. In most cases, the background is white in the wallpaper, and the flowers on it are bright. When choosing them for your home, you should not completely turn it into a Chinese monastery. It goes well with them, for example, Scandinavian-style furniture. Modern furniture looks contrasting and unusual against the background of wallpaper with sakura.

Photo wallpaper with flowers

There are people who do not like floral wallpaper and at the same time, they would like to see flowers in the design of their apartment. In this case, photo wallpapers come to the rescue, which recently experienced another wave of their popularity. They can effectively decorate one wall in a room. The photo wallpaper can show many beautiful large flowers or one huge one. Thus, you can decorate the living room or bedroom.

There are a huge number of options for using floral wallpaper in the interior. Each of them is interesting. People have the right to choose what they like. It is important that after the renovation the feeling of calmness and celebration in a warm, cozy home environment does not leave, and you always want to return home.

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