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Would you like to set up your new Fritzbox? We explain the most important steps for fast internet in your own four walls.

From André Gabriel

Whether fiber optics, cable or DSL: a good internet connection is not just an option in most households these days, it is a must-have. The range of fields of use is large – from media entertainment through streaming services to high-performance home offices. The Fritzbox product range from router manufacturer AVM is one of the best-known and most renowned solutions in Germany.

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Before setting up: connect the device

Before you set up your Fritzbox, you have to connect it up correctly. To do this, first disconnect the old router by disconnecting the cabling. If you want to set up a DSL device like the Fritzbox 7590, plug the gray Ethernet cable supplied into the DSL / TEL port on the router and into the DSL mains socket – for the latter, you use the same connection point as with the old router, if there is is also a DSL model.

Would you like to use the box with a modem? In that case, use the yellow cable included in the delivery and connect it to the LAN1 port on the Fritzbox and to the modem. If you are unsure, it is always a good idea to take a look at the operating instructions.

Don’t forget to also connect the Fritzbox to the power grid. Are the lights on the front of the router active? Then the box now goes up. Wait at least five minutes before continuing with the setup.

Use a LAN cable or connect to the WLAN

Another requirement to set up the Fritzbox is an existing LAN or WLAN connection. For the LAN connection you need an Ethernet cable that you can plug into your PC, for example, and connect to one of the LAN ports on the router.

Usually the connection is wireless via WLAN. The necessary information – the WLAN name and the network key – can usually be found on the underside of the router. While the WPA2 key consists of several numbers, the name is identical to the product type – for example Fritzbox 7590.

To connect the Fritzbox to the WLAN, look for the WLAN name on the PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone in the network and internet settings. As soon as you have found it, click on the name and enter the network key.

How can I set up my Fritzbox?

The Fritzbox is connected correctly? Great, then the router can be configured. In the first step you call up the address in the internet browser – for example on the PC on. Alternatively, you enter the IP address or and press “Enter”.

The backend of the Fritzbox opens, which initially requires the definition of an individual password. In the “FRITZ! Box password” field, set a secure password with which you can visit personal administration at any time in the future. Caution! This is not the WiFi password, just the password to open the administrative interface!

A setup assistant should then start for all essential basic settings. If this does not happen, you can select it directly by clicking on “Assistants” in the menu and, if necessary, on “Set up Internet access”. Many steps now happen automatically, but how long does the automatic setup of the Fritzbox take? The system normally only takes a few minutes. Wait and follow the instructions of the Fritzbox assistant, which among other things asks for the Internet provider – so you should have the access data of your provider at hand.

The access data for the wireless internet connection can be changed in the Fritzbox backend. To do this, open the menu item “WLAN” and, if necessary, adjust both the network key (under “Security”) and the WLAN name (under “Wireless network”). It is also possible to create a guest WLAN.

Up to date: update software

After setting up the Fritzbox, we recommend updating the software in order to benefit from the full range of security and functions. In the backend of the router, click on “System” in the menu and then select “Update”. With a click on “Find new Fritz! OS” you activate the automatic process.

If there is an update option, the system shows you all the relevant information: the currently installed and available firmware as well as the related innovations. If you want to install the newer version, click on “Start update”.

Better WLAN: set up a Fritzbox repeater

If you have an old AVM router, you can set it up as a Fritzbox repeater and thus strengthen the WLAN signal. The option makes perfect sense and is sustainable – especially if the alternative were disposal. At AVM you will find a list of boxes that can be used as WLAN repeaters.

In order to use a Fritzbox as a WLAN repeater, it should be in the factory settings – the reset usually works in the administration area and if there is an existing connection between the PC and the box via Ethernet cable. Then restart the setup, but in the step “Set up Internet access”, specify “Existing access via WLAN” as the Internet provider.

Then select your WiFi network from the list, follow the further instructions and finally check the box next to “Check Internet connection after saving the settings” before you click on “Next”. Now open the displayed IP address and make a note of it. After logging in, do the following:

1. Click in the menu on “WLAN” and “Wireless Network”.
2. Enter the WLAN name of the new Fritzbox in the “Name of the WLAN radio network” field.
3. Confirm the entry with “Apply”.
4. Click in the menu on “WLAN” and “Security”.
5. Enter the WLAN password of the new Fritzbox in the “WLAN network key” field.
6. Confirm the entry with “Apply”.
7. Select “WPA2 (CCMP)” under “WPA mode”.
8. Complete the setup with “Apply”.

It is important that the WPA mode of the main router used is also “WPA2 (CCMP)”.


1. The box must be connected to the mains socket or a modem.
2. A LAN or WLAN connection is also important.
3. The setup takes place in the backend under
4. The assistance takes care of many steps completely automatically.
5. Software updates offer more security and functions.
6. Some of the old boxes can function as WiFi amplifiers.


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