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We’ll tell you how you can move the Windows 11 taskbar up so that it is displayed at the top of the screen.

The taskbar is officially pinned to the bottom of the screen in Windows 11. The symbols can be displayed either in the middle or on the left edge, but the bar itself cannot be moved up via the settings, as was still possible in Windows 10. But it works with a little trick.

This is how you can pin the Windows 11 taskbar to the top

To do this, open the registry editor. You can do this either by typing “registry editor” into the search field or by pressing the key combination Windows + R and typing the command “regedit” into the run field.


Open the registry editor with the command “regedit”.

Now open the following folder path in the left navigation bar:


After you have opened the path, two files appear in the selection field on the right. Open the file with the name “Settings” with a double click.


Open the “Settings” file with a double click.

Look for the number “03” in the second line and mark it with a double click. Then type in the number “01” on the keyboard and confirm your entry with “Ok”.


Change the numeric value “03” to “01”.

Now open the Task Manager with the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del and look for “Windows Explorer” under “Processes”. Select this process and click the “Restart” button.


Select Windows Explorer in the Task Manager and then click on “Restart”.

After clicking on “Restart”, the taskbar should now appear at the top of the screen. By the way, you can undo the process at any time by changing the numerical value in the “Settings” file back to “03”.

Windows 11 taskbar at the top

If you were successful, the taskbar will appear at the top of the screen.

More tips on customizing the taskbar

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